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10 Best 4×6 Speakers Review 2021 –Upgrade Your Ride With Hi-Fi Sound !

Trying to set up your car with a new audio system? Or want to equip new enclosures with quality speakers? Then you’ll want to take a look at the best 4×6 speakers in this article.

While small speakers can be practical and easy to install, there’s nothing like a 4-by-6 set of speakers to get your audio performance to another level.

Whether it is sound quality or volume capacity, these large speakers will quickly improve how well your car sounds. And they still manage to be easy-to-install and super reliable.


Comparison Table Of  Best 4×6 Speakers On The Market (Check Details & Availability)

Rockford Fosgate
JBL Club 6420
Kicker 43DSC4604
Polk Audio DB461P
Kenwood KFC-4675C
Polk Audio DB461
Rockford Fosgate
Polk Audio DB462
Infinity Kappa 64CFX

But if you want the right model, you’ll have to take an in-depth look into the best models out there and then learn more about them in general. In this article, we want to show you all that.

So take a look below and learn everything there’s to know about 4×6 speakers from Pyle, JBL, Kicker, Rockford Fosgate, Polk Audio, Infinity Kappa, and Kenwood.

10 Best 4×6 Car Speakers Reviews 2021

So, we decided to research the best 4×6 speakers available out there. We found hundreds of options, but few of them were genuinely worth considering.

So we decided to review only 10 of them, so you can have a better idea of what each one offers. Here’s what we found about them:

1. Rockford Fosgate Punch P1462



The first model in our list comes from Rockford Fosgate. It is a 2-way speaker for people who want decent volume capacity while still ensuring clear and pleasant delivery.

Convenient & Durable

One of the most exciting parts of this set of speakers is the PEI dome tweeter with built-in crossover. Along with the mineral-filled cone with polypropylene injection and butyl rubber surround, these speakers sound super clear.

Then you find the FlexFit basket. You can screw-in the speakers whenever you want with little effort. Yet, the advantage comes from the ability to adjust the installation however you prefer.

Superb Power Delivery

If you want a well-sounding speaker, nothing will give you a better idea of what it can offer than its power capacity. The Punch P1462 will set your standards higher thanks to a 35 watts RMS delivery.

And if you want to get the most out of it with an amplifier, then you can double that to 70 watts PEAK.

Exceptional Sound Range

Last but not least, you will get an excellent frequency response from this set of speakers. Delivering 90Hz to 22kHz of total range, that’s enough to get super-decent highs and lows.

And if you add the 90dB of sensitivity, you can be sure these speakers won’t let you down.


  • Loud & clear sound quality
  • Decent lows and highs for its cost
  • Robust build delivers noise-free sound
  • Extra-practical design for easy installation


  • The bass could be a little better
  • The extended design may not fit on all vehicles

2. Pyle PL463BL Three Way Sound Speakers



In contrast with other models in the list, the PL463BL from Pyle is a triaxial speaker set – making it a little more complete in sound delivery. Yet, it is still well-made, clear, loud, and extremely affordable.

Next-Level Triaxial Delivery

A woofer with a mid-range speaker and a quality tweeter, the ideal combination for a complete sound experience in your vehicle – that’s what you get with this set.

The tweeters are made of neodymium film with a 3/4-inch piezo tweeter build. As for the woofer, you can enjoy the blue poly injection with a 1-inch ASV voice coil. Together, they deliver next-level performance that surrounds your vehicle thoroughly.

Fantastic Frequency Response

Offering 95Hz to 20Khz, you can expect the speakers to sound undoubtedly amazing. You can combine this with the 4 Ohm of impedance plus the 89dB of sensitivity. That’s enough to get excellent delivery with anything you play.

Extra-Loud for the Cost

Even though these speakers cost less than half of other models in the list, they still manage to take performance to another level. With 240 watts of PEAK power, you can get ultra-loud music at any time without putting any stress into the speakers.


  • Top-notch power for loudness
  • Ideal frequency & sensitivity for quality sound
  • Fantastic build ensures perfect sound delivery
  • Unbeatable triaxial design for decent bass


  • The bulky design may not be easy to install
  • Not the cutest design

3. JBL Club 6420 Series 2-Way Coaxial Speakers



Another top-notch array of speakers you can’t dismiss is the Club 6420 Series from JBL. It combines exceptional frequency response with ideal power handling, so you can enjoy the most precise sound possible.

Outstanding Sound Quality

Do you love an extra-clear-sounding speaker? Then you’ll like the Club 6420 speakers. They mix a frequency response of 75Hz to 20kHz with a superb 70 watts of RMS power.

This can go up to 105 watts of PEAK power, using 91dB of sensitivity and 3 Ohms of impedance.

When you piece these values together, you get one of the most pleasant sound qualities you can get. From the bass to the high notes – everything sounds amazingly well.

Super-Clear Sound Delivery

Another exceptional feature from this set of speakers is the build quality. It combines a Plus One woofer cone, using a patented design that increases sensitivity and lower frequencies.

This matches with the PEI-balanced dome tweeters that improve the dispersion and smooth out the sound in every beat.

Durable & Noise-Free

Lastly, you can enjoy the acoustically-damped polypropylene cone in the speakers.

Along with a UV-resistant construction, you can expect the speakers not only to sound noise-free for years but also withstand sun rays and other exterior factors with ease.


  • Quality build for extra durability & noise-free sound
  • Extra clear and smooth sound delivery
  • Magnificent loudness for the cost
  • Outstanding impedance for extra responsiveness


  • Lack of grille makes them a little fragile
  • May distort with an amplifier

4. Kicker 43DSC4604 2-way Speakers



You won’t believe how far a set of speakers can go until you try the Kicker DS 4×6 – a high-quality pair that sounds loud, clear, and deep.

Superb Depth of Sound

It all starts with an outstanding frequency range going from 50Hz to 20kHz – enough to deliver exceptional bass without leaving high notes behind.

You get one of the widest ranges, so your sound is always clear and mostly deep when the bass hits.

When you pair this frequency response with the 88dB of sensitivity, you get an extra touch of quality – delivering the clearest sound you can expect.

Loud & Noise-Free

Want to get your sound quality to another level, them the Kicker 43DSC4604 won’t let you down. You get an excellent 120 watts of PEAK power output.

That’s enough to deliver a thunderous system. But when you match it with the 4 Ohms of impedance is when you get the extra level of loudness with little noise.

Top-notch Build

Everything these speakers offer comes directly from the combination of polypropylene woofers with PEI domes.

Considering the polyester foam surround on the woofers and the neodymium magnets on the tweeters, there’s almost no chance your sound will not be fantastic.


  • The fantastic frequency for bass depth & punchy highs
  • Completely noise-free performance
  • Long-lasting and resilient construction
  • Excellent sound delivery despite its low cost


  • Could be a little louder
  • Lack of hardware makes them tricky to install

5. Polk Audio DB461P Coaxial Plate-Style Speakers



If we had to pick among the best brands in the market, we wouldn’t hesitate to pick Polk as one of them. That’s why the DB461P coaxial plate-style set of speakers made it into our list – because it doesn’t disappoint in the slightest.

Marine Certified

The first and most exciting feature of these speakers is quality construction. They’re marine-certified, meaning you can use them on vehicles like boats and all-terrain cars.

These speakers boast a liquid silk polymer composite tweeter dome as well as a butyl rubber surround that withstand any kind of environment.

And when you add the dynamic balance polymer and mica composite mineral-filled cone, they get even better – providing excellent sound in any situation.

Magnificent Durability

Even though the marine certification ensures a durable product overall, we didn’t talk about the quality of its plate-style build.

Here, you find an acoustically-inert steel basket with a stamped design, reducing noise and ensuring a rustproof experience for long. Along with a heat-dissipation plate, these speakers are designed to last a lifetime.

Outstanding Sound Quality

Another exciting feature is the quality of the sound you get. With a total of 50 watts of RMS power and up to 150 watts of PEAK output, you can enjoy decently loud sound at any time.

This matches well with the 71Hz to 22kHz of the frequency range, plus the 91dB of sensitivity, for extra clearness.


  • Next-level construction for extra durability
  • Ideal for all-terrain environments & vehicles
  • Decently loud & clear sound for the price
  • Practical plate-style design for easy setup


  • Not the deepest bass out there
  • The paint doesn’t hold up for long

6. Kenwood KFC-4675C Two-Way Speaker System



Among the many brands you can pick, few can compete with Kenwood. That’s why we couldn’t leave it out of the list – especially when it comes to the KFC-4675C two-way speakers.

Superb Sound Performance

Because Kenwood never disappoints, you can expect this set of speakers to surpass your expectations. And it all comes down to a combination of 90dB of sensitivity with a PEAK power capacity of 120 watts in total.

The speakers will perform at 60 watts each in RMS.

What makes this such a fantastic feature is the capacity to get extra loud, especially with the 4 Ohms of impedance. You won’t have a single problem getting the volume to your desired level.

Ideal Clarity & Depth

It doesn’t matter how loud the speakers are if you don’t get a matching frequency response. That’s why you also get an outstanding 50Hz to 25kHz frequency range with this set.

That’s enough to handle decently deep bass but still deliver extra-punchy highs with any sound you reproduce.

Noise-Free & Resilient

Everything these speakers offer is possible because their construction is terrific. You get a 1-inch polyamide balanced tweeter dome alongside an injection-molded polypropylene woofer cone.

Together, they deliver one of the most consistent sounds out there. And still, they manage to last.


  • Excellent loud performance for the cost
  • Decently deep bass & bright highs
  • Quality construction for extra durability
  • Delivers little distortion at any volume


  • Not the most resilient electrical components
  • A bit tricky to install

7. Polk Audio DB461 Coaxial Speakers



When it comes to quality audio at a decent cost, you won’t find many brands as useful as Polk Audio. With the DB461 coaxial speakers, it is clear why this brand is such a fantastic choice.

Outstanding Durability

These plate-style speakers stand out for their marine certification build. Yes, you can install them on vehicles that go through the harshest of environments.

A stainless steel mounting system with pole plate heat sink and acoustically-inert sturdy steel basket makes these speakers amazing.

It all comes down to the combination of Dynamic Balance polymer/mica mineral with 19mm liquid-cooled silk/polymer on the tweeter.

Add the neodymium magnet for extra quality on the tweeter. Along with the butyl rubber surround that withstands sunlight and moisture – these speakers are made to last.

Detailed & Loud Sound

The construction of the speakers also helps to deliver a super-detailed quality every time. This matches with the flat spider, the Kapton voice coil, and the 91dB of sensitivity.

Let’s not forget the speakers also get up to 120 watts in PEAK power and 40 watts in RMS.

Outstanding Sound Range

Considering how durable and loud these speakers can be, you may not expect too much from its highs and lows. But you would be wrong as these speakers can reach 75Hz for the lows and up to 22kHz for the highs.

That’s enough to get decently deep bass and excellently bright highs.


  • Exceptional build for extra sound quality
  • Long-lasting and good-looking construction
  • The top-notch frequency for a deep & punchy sound
  • Clear and loud performance at all times


  • Not the best bass out there
  • Plate design may be hard to setup

8. Rockford Fosgate Power T1462 2-Way Full-Range Speaker



There’s no way to leave the Power T1462 from Rockford Fosgate out of the list. It does not only come from a high-quality brand, but it is also one of the neatest and punchiest models you’ll find.

Unbeatable Cone & Dome Build

These speakers mix the quality of a carbon fiber PP injection-molded cone with an aluminum dome tweeter with PU suspension. Together, they deliver not only maximum durability but also an utterly noise-free experience.

This matches well with the vertically-attached surround made of butyl rubber, increasing the efficiency and overall power output.

Excellent Sound Quality

The sound quality is unmatched for the cost. It comes down to the 45 watts RMS and 90 watts PEAK output that works like a charm with the 4 Ohms of impedance.

When you add the 75Hz to 22kHz frequency range and the 85.5dB of sensitivity, there’s no doubt these speakers were designed to sound amazing.

Neat-Looking & Clear

If all the previous features weren’t enough, you could still enjoy an integrated crossover – giving a clean look to the speakers.

The Butterworth tweeter crossover also prevents unwanted vibrations, providing an even better noise-free sound.


  • Completely noise-free sound delivery
  • Perfect woofer & tweeter build for durability
  • Decent loudness and bass delivery
  • Fantastic integrated crossover for extra clarity


  • A bit expensive
  • Tricky to install

9. Polk Audio DB462 DB+ Series Coaxial Speakers



Coming back with yet another Polk Audio set of speakers, we now find the DB462 DB+ Series. It delivers exceptional sound quality, so you get decently deep bass and clear highs every time.

Durable & Resilient Build

One thing Polk Audio stands out for is the quality of its speakers. And this one comes with one of the sturdiest builds you can expect.

It offers an IP65 waterproof rating, so it is resistant to fog, salt, UV, moisture, and even dirt. So you can use it in boats and off-road vehicles with no problem.

This is possible thanks to the polypropylene woofer cone with a UV-tolerant build. Alongside a waterproof surround made of rubber, the speakers will easily surpass any of your expectations.

Top-notch Sound Quality

Another thing Polk speakers do amazingly well is audio quality. And this one, boasting 50Hz to 22kHz of frequency range plus 40 watts of RMS and 80 watts of PEAK, will easily make your sound fantastic.

Add the 4 Ohms of impedance and 90dB of sensitivity for extra loudness.

Straightforward Installation

The plate-style design with a drop-in system makes the installation a piece of cake. Whether you want to install it on an ATV, a boat, a car, or a truck – this design will save you tons of effort.

No need to have a complete set of hardware when the drop-in system makes it such an easy endeavor.


  • Superb marine build for extra resilience
  • Extra-deep bass and precise highs delivery
  • Easy and time-saving installation
  • Pretty good sound quality with no noise


  • May distort at very high volumes
  • The wiring could be a lot more reliable

10. Infinity Kappa 64CFX 2-Way Plate Speaker System



The last set of speakers on the list comes from Infinity Kappa. And despite being a relatively less popular brand than the rest on the article, the 64CFX 2-way speaker makes it an exciting choice not to dismiss.

Next-Level Speaker Build

Every speaker in this set comes with audiophile-grade capacitors and inductors. They offer maximum detail on the sound while increasing accuracy on every beat.

When combined with the hardcore testing process they go through, these speakers are easily one of the most resilient you can get.

The Plus One woofers come with an Infinity glass fiber construction that makes them stiff but light. This makes the bass sound outstandingly deep.

It goes well with the edge-driven textile dome tweeters, ensuring a smooth high-frequency delivery in every sound.

Maximum Audio Quality

The construction of the speakers doesn’t work alone. You also get a power handling capacity of 60 watts at RMS and up to 180 watts at PEAK performance. T

his matches with the 94dB of sensitivity and an outstanding 75Hz to 25kHz of frequency response.

Superb Sound Delivery

Every single note of sound that comes off these speakers will pass through an outstanding impedance of 2.5 Ohms.

Yes, that’s right – you get an exceptional performance that gets every watt from the speakers and transforms it into sound. You won’t be disappointed by the clarity and loudness of this set.


  • Outstanding volume capacity for the size
  • Extra-resilient and long-lasting fiber build
  • Fantastic impedance for unbeatable sound delivery
  • Decent bass and highs performance


  • Bulky construction can be hard to install
  • A little overpriced

What to Consider before Buying 4×6 Speakers

Setting up your vehicle with quality sound won’t be easy – especially if you’re looking for the best 4×6 speakers.

However, if you learn about the different factors that make them unique, then you can pick the ideal model more easily. Here are some of these factors you should not overlook:

·        Power Handling

The first and probably most important part of speakers for vehicles that everyone should think about is power handling. This refers to how much power the speakers use to produce sound, and it is measured in watts.

It is important to note that this power handling has two types: the RMS or continuous power handling, and the PEAK or short-burst power the speakers can handle from time to time.

Both are important because the PEAK will tell you how far the speakers can go with an amplifier. If you like extra loudness and depth,

you should go for a set of speakers with a high PEAK value (no less than 100 watts and up to 400 watts in the loudest ones).

But if you prefer something decent that focuses on overall quality and clarity, then a high RMS will be your best bet.

We recommend RMS wattages of 30 to 100 watts for a decent experience. If you can get more than that for RMS, it won’t be a bad choice.

·        Frequency Range

Once you have the power figured out, then you should consider the frequency response. This refers to the range of frequencies the speakers can handle.

For example, low frequencies of about 50Hz refer to the depth of the sound, like bass and similar ones.

In contrast, high frequencies refer to 5kHz or more, which tells you how far the speaker can handle highs like voices and guitars.

The wider the difference in the frequency range, the more likely the speakers will deliver an excellent experience. As an example, you can say a 50Hz to 20kHz speaker is better than a 70Hz to 18kHz set.

·        Sensitivity

This goes hand-in-hand with the frequency response and the power of the speakers. And it refers to the overall loudness the speakers can offer at 1 meter of distance.

To put it in simpler words, you can say that a 50 watts speaker that offers 90dB of sensitivity can go as loud as 90 decibels per 1 meter of distance.

But because sensitivity also works alongside frequency, you also want something that is not too high either. High sensitivity with deficient frequency would be prone to distort.

So we recommend staying within 80dB and 90dB for a decent sensitivity. This will ensure enough loudness and clarity of sound.

·        Impedance

Then, you will find the impedance. This factor also works alongside the power output of the machine. However, this is even trickier to get right and often doesn’t make much of a difference.

You will find that impedance is measured in Ohms. And it refers to the resistance the speaker will put to the electricity that comes in to create the sound.

So you can say the fewer Ohms the speaker has, the clearer and louder the speaker will be. Luckily, most 4×6 speakers offer 4 Ohms – so you may not have much choice here. Just remember that the lower the number, the better.

·        Cone Materials

While power handling, frequency response, sensitivity, and impedance make a big difference in the sound, the materials of the cones are probably a little more critical.

Not only they impact sound quality, but the materials will also make a difference in how durable and reliable the speakers are.


The woofer is the part of the speaker that produces low notes. That’s why most woofers need a stiff but light material to work properly.

For that, we recommend polypropylene over any other material. Yet, if you can mix PP with things like synthetics, mica, and other similar materials, then the woofers are likely to sound even better.

The coating or cover, like fabrics or metals (aluminum or titanium), can also make a substantial difference in sound. But they will mainly affect overall durability.

In short, go for woofer cones that can both deliver precise sound with little distortion while lasting a lot longer.


After the woofer itself, you’ll want to consider the surround (the material that surrounds the woofer) as well.

It works like a suspension system to prevent the constant movement of the cone to damage the rest of the piece. That’s why you need a material that’s both resilient and flexible.

In that case, you will find three primary materials to consider: textiles like fabric, which offer a super-light experience. Fabric surrounds are also super affordable and resilient in the right conditions.

Then you’ll find foam surrounds. They work similarly to fabrics, delivering neat and clear sound from the woofer, and they are a little more resilient over time.

But they can also be a bit more expensive than fabrics.

And lastly, the material we always recommend for surrounds is rubber. They offer the best overall performance, providing a punchier sound from the woofer and increasing durability exponentially.

However, they tend to be more expensive than fabric and foam surrounds.


The quality of the tweeter cone also makes a huge difference. This one makes the majority of the sound that comes out of the speaker, so it will need to withstand the constant vibrations.

That’s why tweeter domes work better with light materials like textile blends and fabrics for a soft sound delivery that’s clear but not bright enough.

But they can still be stiff in case you prefer snappier highs, which make metals, graphite, and ceramics a much better choice for tweeters.

Be aware that tweeters also last longer when they’re made with quality metals instead of textiles – yet that may increase their price exponentially.

·        Shape & Design

The last factor you may want to think about is the shape and the design of the speakers. This won’t affect the quality of the sound, but it will tell you how easy they are to install and how well they’ll look on your car.

A 4×6 speaker is obviously oval-shaped. But that’s only the cone itself. When it comes to the shape of the speaker,

you may find plate-style models that have a rectangular design. Similarly, you may also find square plates as well as circular plates

Others have the same rectangular design, but instead of being horizontal, they’re supposed to be installed vertically.

The focus is to pick something that looks good but also install easily in your car. That will be your best bet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Even after learning with our reviews and buying guide, you could be a little confused as to whether a 4×6 speaker is genuinely worth your money. Well, you may relieve some of that confusion with the following questions and answers:

What is a 4×6 speaker?

A 4×6 speaker is a small yet clear-sounding type of speaker that goes in the front of vehicles. In normal-sized cars, for example, a 4×6 speaker goes on the dashboard or on the doors.

This kind of speaker is used mainly to increase the surround quality of a sound. You won’t find vehicles coming with 4×6 speakers as a rule.

Instead, they replace the small and ineffective dashboard/door speakers to add a little more bass and volume to the vehicle.

Will 4×6 speakers improve my car audio quality?

A set of 4×6 speakers usually goes on the front part of a vehicle. That means they’re not necessarily the loudest or the deepest – but will bring vocals and instrument to another level.

Sure enough, it also depends on the entire system you have – but they still improve sound quality exponentially.

If you invest in a quality set of 4×6 speakers, you will undoubtedly get a more vibrant and brighter sound delivery in your vehicle than with standard speakers.

Are 4×6 speakers good for bass?

While 4×6 speakers are not necessarily made to deliver deep bass, they will undoubtedly improve the bass quality from factory speakers.

Of course, you can get even better bass if you invest in a high-end set of 4×6 speakers with excellent low-frequency response and stiff cones.

Who makes the best 4×6 speakers?

There’s no brand we could name as the best maker for 4×6 speakers. As long as you go from brands like Kenwood, Kicker, Rockford Fosgate, Polk, JBL, Pyle, or Infinity, you’re likely to get an excellent product.

What should I pick between 2-way and 3-way 4×6 speakers?

A 2-way or coaxial set of speakers consists of a tweeter and a subwoofer inside the cone. This delivers decent sound quality for almost anything.

In contrast, a triaxial or 3-way pair of speakers consists of the woofer, the tweeter, and a mid-range speaker in the same cone.

That means you get a little better sound quality with a 3-way speaker, as it can handle lows, highs, and mid notes a lot better.

How hard is it to install 4×6 speakers?

There’s almost nothing to worry about when it comes to installing 4×6 speakers. Because they’re small and come with specific shapes and designs for different purposes, you only need to get the right one, and the installation will be a piece of cake.

Are 4×6 speakers durable?

Yes, even the cheapest 4×6 speaker is durable enough to handle most situations inside a car. And if you get a marine-certified set, you will get an even more durable and resilient product.

It will handle even harshest environments like ATVs, boats, and similar vehicles.


If you made it this far, it means you’re genuinely looking for the best 4×6 speakers to install in your vehicle.

In that case, consider each one of our recommendations and buying advice. Then relieve any of your doubts with our FAQ section.

You’ll have enough info on your head to pick the ideal model for your needs, so don’t waste this invaluable info and put it into good use. You won’t regret it!

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