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Top 10 Best 6×9 Speakers For Bass Without Amp In 2021 (Review With Buying Guides)

Among the largest types of speakers you can get for a car, the 6×9 speakers stand out for their power and sound quality. But you don’t want only decent power and clarity – you want the best 6×9 speakers for bass without AMP.

The louder and punchier the speakers are without the need to install an amplifier or a subwoofer, the better. That’s what we want to focus on in this article.

We’re going to present the speakers you can push to the max in bass quality without having to install an extra amplifier.


Comparison Table Of Best 6×9 Speakers (Buyer’s Choice)

Rockford R169X2
Kenwood KFC-6966S
JVC CS-J6930
JBL Club 9630
Polk Audio DB691
Pioneer TS-A6990F
Jl Audio C2-690tx
Polk Audio DB692

This will save the money, the time, and the effort it takes to set up. Below, you’ll find not only reviews about the best 6×9 speakers for bass but also a buyer’s guide and a so you can pick the ideal one.

If you’re eager to learn about them – then keep reading!

10 Best 6×9 Speakers For Bass Without AMP Reviews 2021

While looking for the highest-quality 6×9 speakers, we found hundreds of models to consider.

But few of them had a really hard-hitting bass to enjoy. We analyzed these speakers and reviewed each one of their features.

Here’s what we found about them:

01. Rockford Fosgate Prime R169X2 Full Range Coaxial Speaker



Top 3 Features:

  • Up to 130 watts of PEAK power
  • Quality rubber surround
  • Decent low-frequency response

When it comes to exceptional quality for a decent cost, no other set of speakers delivered the value that the R169X2 from Rockford Fosgate provided.

Top-Notch Bass Delivery

This Prime series from one of the highest-quality brands in the market delivers a total of 65 watts RMS of power that can reach 130 watts MAX if needed.

That’s enough to deliver a surprisingly punchy bass. It gets even better when you consider the fantastic frequency response of 48Hz to 20kHz – together with the power output, they manage to deliver deep and vibrant bass.

Clear & Clean Sound

The 2-way system with coaxial performance will take your sound to another level. You will enjoy a magnificently immersive sound that doesn’t disappoint.

You can pair all of that with the quality vacuum polypropylene cones, the high-pass crossovers (ICC), a silk dome tweeter, and a rubber surround. They work together to provide ultra-clear and noise-free sound in every beat.

Good-Looking & Great Value

It gets even better when you consider the grilles system and the integrated crossover design.

This gives a cleaner look to the speakers, so they don’t only sound well but also look as neat as you can expect.

Considering how well-made and good-looking it is, plus the magnificent sound it offers – there’s no doubt it is a tremendous value for its cost.

If you don’t want anything less exceptional results for a reasonable price, then this one is your best bet.


  • Decently affordable for the quality
  • Attractive grille & speaker design
  • Crisp and noise-free sound delivery
  • Fantastic volume and bass quality


  • The grille catches a lot of dust over time

02. JBL GTO939 GTO Series 3 Way Speakers



Top 3 Features:

  • Superb power at 300 watts PEAK
  • Quality My-Ti construction
  • One Plus cone design for deep bass

Among the many brands that never let you down, JBL stands out for sure. And with the GTO939 3-way speakers, it takes performance to a whole new level. Even the most demanding users will love this set of 6×9 speakers.

Loud & Hard-Hitting Sound

The first thing you’ll notice is the ability to reach 300 watts of PEAK power.

That’s enough to make your vehicle vibrate. However, it is the combination of a low-Q woofer, and One Plus cone design, and that truly stands out.

Pair this up with a sensitivity of 94dB, a frequency range of 45Hz to 21kHz, and 2 Ohms of impedance to get high loudness with punchy bass.

Next-level Clarity

The combination of tweeters & woofer on these speakers will get the sound to another level of clarity.

It starts with a Mylar/Titanium composite tweeter, and a second Mylar/Titanium Super Tweeter. While the small tweeter is 1-inch and the super-tweeter is half an inch.

Together, they deliver a smooth and detailed sound that will surpass anyone’s expectations.

You will enjoy the most precise high frequencies, from voices to instruments, with maximum clarity.

Ultra-Durable & Good-Looking

Despite the exceptional power and sound quality, the speakers still manage to be decently durable and attractive.

It all starts with a UV-light resistant poly construction that also withstands shocks and humidity. You can use these speakers in harsh environments with no problem.

This matches well with the built-in crossovers, adding extra durability but also helping to create a smoother look.

With an enticing front grille and design, plus a tool-less installation – you won’t have any problem enjoying these speakers in almost every way.


  • Long-lasting & reliable array of materials
  • Superb volume delivery for loudness
  • Low noise & distortion at high volume
  • Exquisite-looking grille design


  • Mids could be a little better

03. Kenwood KFC-6966S 3-Way Automotive Speaker



Top 3 Features:

  • 400-watt PEAK power handling
  • 35Hz low-frequency range limit
  • Sound Field Enhancer feature

If there’s a brand you should never overlook, Kenwood is up there for sure. With the KFC-6966S set of 6×9 speakers, you can see why this brand is such an excellent choice.

Deep & Clean Bass

As soon as you set them up and put the first song, you’ll realize how well-made they are.

With a total power handling of 400-watts in PEAK and 45-watts in RMS, these speakers will undoubtedly handle enough power. Add the 91 dB of sensitivity, and they will go decently loud.

But it is not the loudness that stands out the most, but the frequency response of 35Hz to 20kHz. You get the deepest bass a set of 6×9 speakers can offer.

Along with the 4 Ohms of impedance, the sound quality will go through the roof of your car – making everything vibrate.

The sound gets even better with the Sound Field Enhancer feature that increases overall clearness. Your vehicle will sound amazing, to say the least.

Quality Build for Clarity

A combination of a polypropylene subwoofer cone with a cloth surround will make it possible to deliver one of the cleanest bass delivery.

Add the tweeter cone with ferrite magnet, along with the ceramic super-tweeter cone – and it gets even better. This ensures a noise-free quality for any sound.

Easy-to-Install & Attractive

Despite a simple design, the KFC-6966S from Kenwood is a pretty good-looking set of speakers.

They will look good on almost any car with effortless installation. You can set them up as quickly as you can guess. And your vehicle will look neat.


  • Deep & hard-hitting bass
  • Pretty loud without an amplifier
  • Lack of noise and distortion at any level
  • Enticing yet straightforward design


  • Bass only hits well at high volume

04. JVC CS-J6930 J Series Coaxial Car Speakers



Top 3 Features:

  • Up to 400 watts of PEAK power
  • 30Hz of the low-frequency range
  • Fantastic 92dB of sensitivity

The cheapest 6×9 car speakers on the list, the CS-J6930 from JVC deliver everything you want without breaking your wallet. From deep bass to a precise array of highs and an attractive look – you get everything with this pair.

Decently Loud& Deep

Boasting 45 watts of RMS power handling and up to 400 watts PEAK – you can expect excellent sound delivery at all times.

When you include the 92dB of sensitivity, there’s no doubt it can meet your volume needs.

But it is not the power handling that takes it apart, but the frequency response that reaches as low as 30Hz and as high as 22kHz of frequency response.

This frequency ensures hard-hitting bass and super-clear highs even at low volumes.

Next-Level Durability

Even though the J Series from JVC is a super-cheap set – it is also one of the most durable.

It boasts a mica cone construction with Poly-Ether Imide for the Mid-Range cone. Along with a Hybrid (rubber & cloth) surround on the woofer, and a ferrite magnet – the speakers are made to withstand heavy use.

Enticing Design

One of the speakers boasts a super-attractive grille system that adds an elegant look to the piece. The other has a simpler grille-free design that still looks spotless.

This combination will look good on almost any car, even when the speakers are among the cheapest you can find.


  • Amazingly cheap for the quality
  • Durable & distortion-free build
  • Fantastic power & volume capacity
  • Good-looking design for extra style


  • May rattle at high volume

05. JBL Club 9630 Coaxial Speaker System



Top 3 Features:

  • Incredible 480 watts of PEAK power
  • Plus One woofer for quality
  • Impressive 93dB of sensitivity

As soon as you set your eyes on the Club 9630 pair of coaxial speakers from JBL – you’ll know this is a set not to dismiss.

A combination of next-level construction with high-quality audio delivery will make your car sound amazing.

Pushing Performance

Because you want to get the most out of the speakers without an amp – you can expect the 80 watts of RMS power handling to deliver precisely what you need.

You can push the speakers to 240 watts PEAK and get even better bass quality.

The real advantage comes from the 50Hz to 20kHz frequency. It allows excellent low-note handling and increases your high-note clarity.

Add the 93dB of sensitivity, and your car will reach high volumes for a deeper bass a lot more easily.

Cleanest Sound Delivery

The construction of these speakers includes the Plus One woofer architecture.

That means you get a unique design with acoustically-damped polypropylene construction, ideal for increasing the low-frequency output that increases bass exponentially.

With PEI dome tweeters, the speakers sound even better, preventing unwanted noise and keeping everything as clear as possible.

Durable & Resilient Build

The woofer cone on the speakers boasts a UV-resistant polypropylene cone that withstands almost any situation.

From UV rays to constant hard-hitting bass for hours, you get the chance to enjoy the speakers for years without a single drawback.


  • Super-clean sound delivery
  • Weather-resistant speaker build
  • Outstanding lows & mids
  • Distortion-free performance


  • A little hard to install

06. Polk Audio DB691 3-Way Speakers



Top 3 Features:

  • 125 watts of RMS power
  • Quality rubber surround
  • Exceptional 93dB of sensitivity

Among the few brands that will never disappoint you, Polk Audio is easily up there among the best. And with the DB691 6×9 speakers – they make it clear why.

Outstanding Audio Delivery

As soon as you put some music on the speakers, you’ll enjoy how magnificently clear and punchy they are.

And it all comes down to a combination of silk and polymer for the tweeter dome, with a mica cone woofer.

You can get outstanding sound quality, increasing the depth of the bass and the punchiness of the highs.

This matches well with the butyl rubber surround, making the sound even clearer and ensuring the bass vibrates as you expect.

High Volume & Bass Depth

Want a bass delivery that makes your bones vibrate? Then you’ll have to look for a set of speakers with 125 watts of RMS – just like the DB691 from Polk Audio.

When you pair this up with the 4 Ohms of impedance and 93 dB of sensitivity – the volume level gets outstandingly high.

You can get even more volume and depth when you consider the frequency response of 35Hz to 22kHz and the peak power handling of 300 watts.

That’s enough to break your vehicle’s windows.

Long-Lasting Quality

The materials used on these speakers are simply fantastic. Starting with a rubber surround on the woofer, you can expect an adequate bass but also a super-resilient part.

This goes well with the mica cone woofer, well-made to last several years.

But it is the 1-inch liquid-cooled polymer dome with silk that truly withstands the test of time. Along with the neodymium magnet, you’re set to enjoy up to decades out of the speakers.


  • Reaches high volume & deep bass
  • Good-looking design overall
  • Sturdy internal & external build
  • Amazingly well-made & resilient


  • Boasts flimsy mounting hardware

07. Pioneer TS-A6990F A-Series 5-Way Car Speakers



Top 3 Features:

  • Unbeatable 22Hz of low frequency
  • 5-way speakers sound
  • Unique IMPP woofer

When it comes to quality brands, few can match the overall reliability and sound delivery Pioneer offers.

For that reason, we couldn’t leave the TS-A6990F A-Series out of the article. Especially for a 5-way speaker – this was a must-have model for the list.

Magnificent Bass

If you want extreme bass performance, the Pioneer TS-A6990F is the one you should go for.

With an excellent frequency response that goes as low as 22Hz, you can expect this set of speakers to deliver an amazingly hard-hitting bass.

This gets even better when you pair it up with the unbeatable 120 watts of RMS performance and 700 watts of PEAK handling.

Adding the 90dB of sensitivity will ensure maximum volume and an ultra-deep bass in any song you put on.

High-Quality Build

Apart from the fantastic electrical features, the construction of the speakers will make it sound even better.

That’s why Pioneer put a lot of work into the Carbon & MICA-Reinforced (IMPP) woofer. Along with an elastic polymer surround – these speakers will deliver a remarkable bass every time.

Don’t forget you also get dual dome tweeters and a super-tweeter with a rubber cover and a ferrite magnet motor. This overall construction increases sound quality and durability at the same time.

Straightforward Installation

One of the most enticing parts of this set of speakers is how easy they are to install.

The front face comes with easy-to-mount holes that fit in almost any car. Even if you’re a beginner, setting these speakers will be a piece of cake.


  • Outstandingly hard-hitting bass
  • Next-level power handling at 700 watts
  • Loud but distortion-free
  • Gorgeous design


  • Does not come with grills

08. JL Audio C2-690TX 3 Way Speakers



Top 3 Features:

  • 93 dB of sensitivity
  • 2-inch Mylar-sealed cone driver
  • Ferro-fluid tweeters

Easily the loudest 6×9 speakers in the list, with a more-than-decent bass delivery – the C2 Series 690TX from JL Audio won’t let you down.

Amazing Sound Delivery

It all starts with the combination of top-notch power handling with an excellent frequency range. You can get up to 125 watts of RMS output.

That’s enough to reach next-level volume with ease. And when you add the 53Hz to 22kHz of frequency response, you can enjoy a quality bass delivery.

Both of these measurements wouldn’t be able to deliver the quality you’re expectations without the sensitivity of 93dB.

That’s enough to increase volume capacity exponentially, rattling everything in your car while the music goes.

Maximum Sound Clarity

While you won’t find the best bass or the loudest performance out of these speakers, the clarity is just unmatchable.

The quality build, including a poly-ether foam surround on a polypropylene woofer, will make every bass hit sound superb.

Add the mica-filled cone with an injection-molded design, and there’s nothing it won’t do.

This matches well with the 2-inch mylar sealed cone driver on the damped tweeters. And with the silk dome, it all gets even better.

Your sound clarity will be so amazing that you won’t believe it.

Gorgeous & Long-Lasting Build

If there’s something these speakers don’t fail at is durability. Considering the PP body, the mica-filled cone, and the poly-ether foam surround – there’s no doubt the woofer is designed to last.

You can add the silk dome tweeter with ferrofluid-cooled construction on the tweeters for extra durability.

And if you consider the neodymium magnet, there’s no chance these speakers will stop working out of nowhere.

Despite all that, the speakers look superb with a simple yet highly stylish grill.


  • Super-clear & noise-free sound
  • Beautiful construction for extra style
  • Decent bass and loudness
  • Unbeatably durable


  • Extremely expensive

09. Polk Audio DB692 DB+ Series Three-Way Coaxial Speakers



Top 3 Features:

  • Marine construction
  • Low 30Hz frequencies for bass
  • Up to 450 watts of PEAK power

We had to come back to Polk Audio and review the DB692 DB+ Series speakers. As 6×9 speakers from a quality brand, there’s almost nothing wrong about them. And that makes them a go-to choice in every way.

Outstanding Audio Quality

The most crucial feature from the DB692 speakers is their audio delivery – both in volume and overall appeal.

At first, you can enjoy the 150-watts RMS of power output. That’s enough to rattle away your car’s windows and make everyone out of the car feel the bass on their heart.

Yet, it is the frequency response at 30Hz to 22kHz that genuinely stands out. This will ensure a super hard-hitting bass delivery that surpasses even the highest expectations.

Even then, you get 93dB of sensitivity so you can achieve maximum volume and 450 watts of PEAK power handling if you want to push them even more with an amp.

Straightforward Setup

Another fantastic advantage that couldn’t overlook was the magnificently easy-to-install design.

It boasts a drop-in installation system that reduces the time and effort necessary to set the speakers up

It all comes down to a zero-tweeter protrusion design that lets even a beginner install the speaker with ease.

And that’s possible not only on cars, but also on ATVs, boats, and a wide array of other vehicles.

Ultra-Durable Construction

Probably the most exciting part of the DB692 speakers from Polk Audio – they’re built to withstand almost any situation.

They boast an IP55 rated construction, delivering water and dirt resistance. T

his matches with the anti-salt & fog capacity, and the chance to tolerate UV rays and extreme humidity for a long.

From the polypropylene cone to the rubber surrounds, the stainless steel hardware, and non-corrosive grille – everything is carefully chosen to make this set of speakers awfully durable.


  • Waterproof build for resilience
  • Ultra-easy installation in any vehicle
  • Delivers decently deep bass
  • Loud and distortion-free performance


  • May rattle with an amplifier

10. CERWIN VEGA XED693 3-Way Coaxial Speaker Set



Top 3 Features:

  • Curvilinear cone construction
  • Superb 94dB of sensitivity
  • 350 watts of MAX power

The last 6×9 speakers on the list come from Cerwin Vega. While not the most recognizable brand, it is decently popular – and for a reason.

Every product (especially audio-related) that it makes will easily surpass all your expectations. The XED693 speakers are a perfect example of that.

Great Power & Sound

As soon as you set these speakers in your car, you’ll realize these aren’t like any others. They will provide quality sound and enough loudness to shake your car.

It all starts with the 50 watts of RMS handling. That may not seem like much, but when you add them to the 350 watts of PEAK power – it certainly changes its face.

This gets better when you consider the 94dB of total sensitivity – delivering a fantastic volume capacity that no other model on the list can meet.

And lastly, you can enjoy a decent frequency response of 50Hz to 18kHz, perfect for neat bass and clear highs. Your car will sound amazing after installing these.

Next-Level Construction

The sound quality doesn’t come only from their specifications. A lot of it also comes from the construction of the speakers.

One of these build features is the curvilinear polypropylene cone. It works like a charm with the butyl rubber surround and the linear-woven red spider. They increase bass power exponentially.

Don’t forget about the 1-inch balanced metal-dome tweeter, ideal for super-clear highs.

Exquisitely Affordable

If there’s something the XED Series 6×9 speakers from Cerwin Vega stand out for is their cost. You won’t have to worry about their cost despite their amazing quality – these speakers are among the cheapest you can find.


  • Extremely cheap and accessible
  • Loud for the cost
  • Good-looking grille design
  • Effortless setup


  • Not the best bass

What to Consider Before Buying 6×9 Speakers for Bass without AMP

If you’re trying to get the best pair of 6×9 speakers, then you’ll have to know what to look for.

Luckily, you don’t have to search for the right speakers blindfolded. Instead, you can learn about the different factors that separate the quality models from the bad ones and pick accordingly.

Here are some of these factors:

·        Power Handling

This is the most critical aspect to consider before making your final choice. Power handling will tell you how much electricity the speakers can transform into sound.

Sure enough, the more power handling the speakers have, the louder and deeper the speakers will sound. So it is vital to go for the highest measurement possible.

But it is not so straightforward. Most speakers come with two types of power handling – the RMS or constant power handling, and the PEAK or maximum power handling.

The RMS power refers to the continuous wattage the speakers will use to create sound. As the regular wattage, this is the most important.

If you want a set of 6×9 speakers that deliver decent bass, you should strive for no less than 40 watts of RMS power.

When it comes to PEAK power, it mostly refers to how far the speakers can go at maximum power output. This is usually achievable with an amplifier.

So you won’t care that much about this one. Yet, we still recommend going over 120 watts of PEAK power for the best results.

·        Frequency Response

The second most important thing to think about if you want 6×9 speakers that deliver decent bass without an amplifier would be the frequency response.

This frequency will tell you how well the speakers can handle low, mid, and high frequencies.

Low frequencies go from 20Hz to 500Hz – these make the bass (strive for less than 60Hz for a deeper bass).

Mid frequencies go from 500Hz to 2,000Hz (2 kHz). These frequencies handle instruments, percussion, and vocals.

And high frequencies go from 2 kHz up to 30 kHz (some can go higher). These give the sound a presence, defining and detailing the music or whatever you’re listening to.

Because you want bass over everything else, you’ll have to look for the lowest of the low frequencies. For example, 30Hz is way better than 100Hz on the low end.

So be sure a decently low-frequency response on the low end for a better bass delivery.

Still, don’t forget about picking an ideal mids and highs.

You can get away with better sound quality if you get a speaker that can reach decent highs and deliver clear mids.

·        Sensitivity

Another super-essential part of a speaker is how high its sensitivity rating is. Let’s explain what it means.

Sensitivity refers to the amount of sound the speakers can produce with just a single watt of power. This sound or volume is measured in decibels (dB).

The higher the sensitivity rating (volume per watt of power), the louder the speakers will be.

That’s why it is usually recommended to go for speakers with sensitivity ratings of no less than 82dB (decibels). This should be enough to sound loud enough and deliver decent bass.

Because you want a speaker to use in your car, you may want nothing less than 87dB, though.

That should be enough to dampen road and engine noises while delivering a more-than-decent bass supply.

For the best results, go for anything over 92dB. That should be enough to break your windows and make your car vibrate in every bass hit.

·        Impedance

The most confusing of all factors to think about is the impedance level. You could describe impedance as the resistance the speakers produce against the watts that come in.

This resistance is measured in Ohms. And in contrast with other measurements, you’ll want to strive for the least amount of Ohms possible.

Here, you will often find speakers with 4 Ohms of impedance. That’s the typical measurement, and a decent one if you want a good bass.

But if the impedance goes higher than that, you’ll probably need something to surpass that resistance (like an amplifier).

That’s why we often recommend going for the lowest impedance possible if you want the loudest and hardest-hitting bass out there.

Impedance levels of about 3 to 1 Ohms are your best bet. However, these aren’t pretty common and can be pretty expensive. But still, 4 Ohms is enough (not the best) but can handle bass well.

·        Speakers Construction

The best 6×9 speakers not only come with exceptional electrical and power features, but they also provide quality construction.

When you get a set of speakers with proper materials, it is more likely to achieve deeper bass, cleaner highs, and more years of use.

However, you’ll have to consider the build of the speakers depending on their components:


For deep and hard-hitting bass, you want the highest-quality woofer on your speakers. Here, you’ll have to look for stiff materials like mica and polypropylene.

Metal synthetics are also excellent. And woven fabrics are not the deepest-hitting, but also deliver excellent bass.

Woofer material combinations like Mylar and Titanium are also fantastic. They deliver extra stiffness and increase overall bass delivery.


Then you’ll have to think about the surround. This part surrounds the woofer, making it easier to move and increasing its sound delivery.

So, the higher the quality of the surrounding material, the boldest the bass will be.

That’s why you should consider stiff, elastic, but durable materials. And for that, nothing meets rubber when it comes to surround quality.

Cloth and foam are also suitable materials, but not as durable or effective for the bass.


While not exactly related to the bass, tweeters will help deliver a cleaner and more balanced sound. That’s why you should also consider their overall construction.

We recommend ceramic models over all others. But polypropylene and other synthetic materials also do the job well.

Dome-shaped and unique cone designs may also help to deliver neater melodies and more enticing highs.

·        Setup & Looks

Last but not least, you’ll have to go over the overall design and shape of the speakers, how easy they are to install, whether they will fit in your car, and how well they will look.

First off, remember these are 6×9 speakers – so they won’t fit in just any installation point on any car.

Be sure your vehicle is compatible with these (or else you will have to configure the setup points accordingly).

Also, look for mounting plates that match with your car. The position of the screws, hooks, clamps, or whatever comes with the speakers should fit with how your vehicle is designed.

And lastly, remember to look for good-looking speakers that are protected.

A nice-looking and secured grill will increase your car’s style. Even more so if you pick a speaker color that combines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Even after reading our best 6×9 speakers for bass reviews and learning a ton with your buying guide – you will probably have a few doubts to relieve.

This section is precisely for that. We want to help you get rid of those questions you may have by explaining some of the most common misconceptions and doubts buyers tend to worry about.

Want to learn deeply about 6×9 speakers? Then read up:

Why should I buy 6 by 9 car speakers?

If you’re somewhat worried about 6×9 speakers not fitting your car or being truly the type of speakers to go for – then don’t worry anymore. Here are a few reasons a nice set of 6×9 speakers for bass are an excellent idea:

  • They perform well on low frequencies for bass and high frequencies for instruments
  • Most vehicles have standard 6×9 speaker ports to install them with ease
  • Don’t require a subwoofer to produce decently punchy bass & loud sound
  • Most 6×9 speakers are decently affordable, so you won’t need to spend a fortune

Getting a set of 6×9 speakers for bass will be an investment you won’t regret.

Will 6×9 speakers produce good bass?

The oval shape of 6×9 speakers may seem like an instrument-only product that doesn’t deliver the bass depth you expect. But in reality, they can achieve excellent bass quality without problems.

This happens because their cone surface is usually wider than the standard speaker.

That allows the mid-bass (frequencies between 50 and 100 Hz) to hit harder. So your car is likely to vibrate if you install the right 6×9 speakers.

While you won’t get a commercial-level performance that will rattle your brains out, 6×9 speakers are more than enough for a vehicle.

And still, it is not the bass they stand out more for, but their overall sound quality. The clarity and volume level you can achieve with them is just outstanding.

Are 6×9 speakers better than 6.5-inch speakers?

While this depends on many different things, it is safe to say that 6×9 speakers are indeed better than 6.5-inch models.

This happens because the oval-shaped design tends to increase overall mid-bass frequency delivery, helping to harness a deeper bass from every bit of audio.

Apart from that, 6×9 speakers tend to have a higher average sensitivity (about 90dB) than 6.5-inch speakers (88dB). So you get much better bass and often higher volume capacity.

Which is better between 2-way and 3-way speakers?

The “ways” refer to how many drivers the speakers produce sound from. With more drivers on a speaker, it can provide frequencies more evenly, usually reaching lower and higher frequencies alike.

Having said that, it is safe to say that 3-way speakers are better than 2-way ones. This happens for the sole reason that the former can handle a better frequency range.

Apart from that, 3-way speakers tend to heat up a lot less and work more efficiently, usually needing less energy to produce the same amount of sound.

However, 3-way speakers are more prone to distortion because the frequency fluctuates a lot more. But with the right set of speakers, this is unlikely to happen.

How to install 6×9 speakers?

Setting up your new 6×9 speakers won’t be much of a hassle. But you should still be careful when doing so. That’s why the following steps will help you enormously:

  1. Start by gathering all the tools for the job. You will usually need Phillips/Flat-head screwdrivers, wire cutters, a Dremel or utility knife, and protective equipment like a dust mask, work gloves, and safety glasses.
  2. Before starting, make sure the car is completely off. Get the keys off the vehicle to make sure it can’t turn on by mistake. Otherwise, just get the battery out.
  3. Once you have all the tools, then you need to get the factory speakers off. We recommend writing down the removal process of the factory speakers so you can reverse it when putting the new speakers. If your car doesn’t have speakers, then skip this step.
  4. Now check that the 6×9 speakers fit in place. Just place them over the installation hole without securing them. Check that they fit tightly without screwing them down.
  5. In case the speakers don’t fit, you will have to cut the entrance accordingly. Use the Dremel or utility knife as necessary.
  6. If the speakers fit or you’ve already fixed the entrance, then proceed to set them up. Here, start by checking the electric wires first. Cut them and replace them as necessary. Then, you can connect them to your speakers as needed.
  7. Tighten the speakers up in place after connecting the wires. Use the screws as needed. You can always add a dampening material behind to prevent them from loosening up over time.
  8. Once they’re tightened and connected, you can test them up by turning the car on. Select some music and listen to how your car sounds now.

Finish by reassembling the rest of the car, and that’s it. You’re ready to enjoy your new 6×9 speakers.

How can I get more bass out of 6×9 speakers?

While getting the ideal set of 6×9 speakers should be enough to deliver a compelling enough bass, there are a few things you can to improve the bass delivery. These include:

  • Setting up the 6×9 speakers inside an MDF or wooden enclosure. This increases the bass hit exponentially.
  • Add an inductor to create an LPF filter. This will filter high frequencies and clean out the lower ones, which improves bass delivery.
  • Installing the speakers in parallel to reduce their impedance. You will achieve higher volume, thus way better bass.
  • Pairing up an amplifier with the system. This is the most expensive way to do so, so we don’t recommend it.

All of these methods will help you achieve more bass from your 6×9 speakers.


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