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10 Best Adjustable Piano Bench On The Market 2021 (Top Rated Piano Bench Reviews)

Want to play the piano like a master? For that, nothing will help you more than the best adjustable piano bench. Because you need to be as comfortable as possible.

The whole focus is to not be too far from the keys but also not too close. You have to be in the right posture, in a position that feels both pleasant and free of any strain. An adjustable bench offers all that.

BrandCheck Details
On-Stage KT7800
Jean Paul DKB
Flexzion X-Style
Neewer NW-009
ProRockGear PB40BK
On-Stage KB9503B
Roland RPB-500
CPS Imports

That’s why it is a must-have accessory to have. But you don’t want just any model. You want the best one possible.

We’re going to show you precisely that in this article. You’re going to learn everything there’s to know about the best adjustable piano benches, how to pick the right one, and more. So keep scrolling!


Top 10 Best Adjustable Piano Benches Reviews in 2021

After searching incessantly for the highest-quality models available, we found 10 that were impossible to dismiss. We consulted with experts, tested them, and went through customer reviews of each one. Here’s what we found about these excellent piano benches:

01. YAMAHA PKBB1 Keyboard X-Style Bench



Top 3 Features

  • Alloy steel construction
  • X-style leg design
  • 5 by 13 inches seat

We wanted to start this list with the best adjustable piano bench we could find. And that would be the PKBB1 from Yamaha. From comfort to durability, it surpasses everyone’s expectations.

Superb Padding & Size

As soon as you sit on it, you’ll realize this is an extra-padded bench to consider. It offers thick padding that lets you feel ultra-comfy even during extended playing sessions.

This works alongside an extra-wide design at 13 inches wide and 24.5 inches long. That’s enough to fit any person comfortably, especially with its excellent cushion.

Top-notch Adjustability

You’re not necessarily getting a bench with tons of different levels to choose from. But with the ability to go from 17.5 to 19.5 inches in 3 different heights, it matches almost everyone’s demands.

You won’t have any problem sitting on this bench to play any piano.

Durable & Sturdy Frame

Steel construction with an X-style frame makes it possible to last a lifetime. It can also withstand over 250 pounds of weight so almost anyone can use it.

What’s even better, it offers a foldable design, so you can fold it up and store it when not using it, making it more practical.


  • Decently comfortable cushion
  • Effortless to adjust the height
  • Super-simple design overall
  • Withstand a lot of weight for its size


  • The seat may feel small for some people

02. On-Stage KT7800+ Deluxe X-Style Bench




Top 3 Features

  • Foldable design
  • 350-pound weight capacity
  • Heavy-duty steel build

Want maximum simplicity but outstanding results? The K7800+ will let you enjoy your piano lessons to the max, without promoting discomfort or affecting your piano skills.

Next-Level Adjustments

The adjustment system on this bench is other-worldly. You get the chance to go from 19.5 inches up to 24.5 inches. That’s enough to help you play small pianos with ease, or get you to the top of tall keyboards.

Hugely Comfortable

Get rid of butt pain when sitting with this bench. It comes with a 2.5-inch padded seat boasting high-density foam. That’s the perfect combination to let you play for hours without soreness.

This goes well with the 23.5-inch long and 12.5-inch wide design. It offers enough space for any person to sit comfortably.

Incredibly Sturdiness

Heavy-duty steel with a black powder coat finish ensures excellent corrosion and scratch resistance. This works well with the 1.5-inch rectangular tubing and the all-welded build.

Together, they make it possible for the bench to withstand over 350 pounds.

Add the high-quality spring-loaded deadbolt locking system with a foldable design to make it incredibly convenient. Along with the non-slip rubber caps, it will never slide on the floor.


  • Won’t loosen up easily
  • Offers thick padding for comfort
  • Adjusts smoothly with ease
  • Folds flat for extra portability


  • Padding flats out quickly

03. Casio ARBENCH X-Style Folding Bench



Top 3 Features

  • 25 by 12 inches seat
  • Holds up to 250 pounds
  • Weighs 3.75 pounds

When you think of Casio, you think of watches and keyboards. But what about piano benches? Well, you’d be surprised by the quality it offers in this market. The ARBENCH is a perfect example of that.

Super-Small & Practical

What sets this bench apart from the competition is the small, thin, and lightweight design. At only 7.35 pounds of weight, you can bring this bench almost anywhere. This matches well with the 25-inch long and 12-inch wide design.

Sure enough, it folds down to a flat piece. That’s enough to bring it around with total comfort, every time.

Sturdy Construction

Boasting a steel construction with black powder coating, it will undoubtedly withstand the weight of time.

Yet, it is the ability to support people of up to 250 pounds that make it such an excellent piece. The sturdiness and stability it offers are surprising for its size.

Exceptional Comfort

A decently thick cushioned seat works with a two-height adjustment system. You can set it to your desired height and enjoy several hours of playing without any discomfort.

Sure enough, you’ll also be at the right height to get the most out of your piano skills.


  • Small and practical design for portability
  • Large and comfortable seat design
  • Very low price for its quality
  • Easy to store and unfold as needed


  • Only offers two height levels

04. Jean Paul DKB-1 Reprize Extra Wide Piano Bench



Top 3 Features

  • 5-inch padding thickness
  • 24 by 12 inches seat
  • 4 height adjustments

For anyone looking for a premium bench, the DKB-1 Reprize from Jean Paul should be more than enough. It is a high-end model for demanding users who want nothing less than exceptional quality.

Ultra-Practical Adjustments

In contrast with other models in the list, the DKB-1 comes with 4 height adjustments.

That’s enough to meet any player’s needs, going from 18.75 to 20.75, 22.5, and up to 23.5 inches. Either the shortest or tallest players, they will all enjoy this bench to the max.

This is only possible with a high-quality locking mechanism. It offers a quick-released double deadbolt system that offers the stability and rigidity to work like a charm in any position.

Even then, it folds down to a flat piece and makes it easy to store for maximum convenience.

Sturdy & Stable Build Quality

Everything this bench offers comes almost directly from the quality build it provides. The all-welded construction made of steel will support over 300 pounds easily.

Along with the rubber end caps on the feet to prevent any slippage, it becomes a super-sturdy and solid bench to have.

Amazingly Comfy

Want to play your piano for several hours without feeling any pain? Then you’ll want to consider a bench with 2.5 inches of padding, and a 24-inch long plus 12-inch wide seat.

That will make even the most demanding user sit for hours without afflictions.


  • Handy and smooth height adjustments
  • Can hold a lot of weight for its size
  • The ultra-thick cushion feels soft for long
  • Folds and unfolds effortlessly


  • A bit expensive for its size

05. Flexzion X-Style Piano Bench



Top 3 Features

  • 176 pounds weight limit
  • 5 to 19.3 inches adjustments
  • Alloy steel construction

In case you’re looking for a cheap alternative for children, then the X-Style piano bench from Flexzion won’t let you down.

Top-Notch Adjustments

It doesn’t matter how tall the child is, it will manage to put her in the right position.

Boasting a 3-height adjustment system, it can go from 15.5 up to 19.3 inches in height. No matter the piano size, the child won’t have any issue playing it.

This goes incredibly well with its efficient folding system. If you want to store it away, the X-style system makes it possible to fold it down flat and place it away.

High Comfort for the Money

At 24 inches long and 12 inches wide, this bench is large enough to fit any person. But the comfort actually comes from the highly-padded seat.

Whether the child is sitting for a few minutes or several hours, she’ll feel incredibly comfortable with it.

Decent Build for its Cost

If there’s something you want, it is a bench to offer is excellent sturdiness. That’s precisely what this one does, capable of supporting children of up to 176 pounds without problems.

Thanks to its high-quality steel construction with braced tubing, it prevents any breakdown or instability while playing.


  • Ultra-low height adjustments for small pianos
  • Convenient X-style design for portability
  • Offers a stable & resilient build for children
  • Excellent padding feels comfy for long


  • Folding & unfolding can be tricky

06. Neewer NW-009 Deluxe Padded Piano Bench



Top 3 Features

  • High-density PU cushion
  • 250 pounds weight capacity
  • Hard-rubber wood legs

A combination of high-quality construction with a simplistic design, the NW-009 is the best adjustable bench for keyboard piano for people who want something different. Neewer makes it possible for a reasonable price.

Quality Build All-Around

Let’s say you’re looking for a wooden bench that feels comfortable but also ensures proper height adjustments. In that case, the construction of this bench makes it all possible.

It combines faux leather with PU cushion top, hard-rubber wood legs, and steel metal stent. You get the chance to enjoy a decently durable, stable, and comfortable product with the best materials you can get.

Superb Height Adjustments

The construction of the bench is enough to ensure super-smooth adjustments. It allows you to go from 18.11 inches up to 22.04 inches in total height as needed.

The exciting part about this system is the knob. You won’t have to pull a lever or move the legs. Instead, turn the knob to reach your desired level smoothly and accurately.

Gorgeous Design

Even though it comes with sturdy wooden legs that can handle over 250 pounds with ease, the bench is still one of the most attractive you can get.

The tufted PU cushion with the elegant wooden legs will give you a classical style that matches any piano environment.


  • Boasts a highly attractive finish
  • Very sturdy wooden build
  • Has a long-lasting metal stench mechanism
  • Goes from 18 to 22 inches in height


  • A bit difficult to assemble

07. ProRockGear PB40BK Piano Bench



Top 3 Features

  • 19 to 23 inches adjustments
  • Holds up to 250 pounds
  • Wooden leg build

Gorgeous, practical, and long-lasting – the PB40BK from ProRockGear is a bench that you don’t want to overlook.

Highly Attractive Design

You’ll get in love with this bench at first sight. Thanks to the high-gloss black matte frame and the amazingly soft faux leather top, this bench stand out anywhere you place it.

But it is also the small details, like the unique shape of the cushion and the stake-like legs that truly highlight its classy attractiveness. Along with a glossy knob for height adjustments, it looks like a gem

Superb Comfort & Adjustments

The soft faux leather and the supportive padding come together to deliver excellent comfort that any person can enjoy.

Add the opportunity to go from 19 to 23 inches in height with the knob adjustment system, and using this bench will become a full pleasure.

Stable & Sturdy Construction

A high-quality wooden frame ensures sufficient stability and sturdiness to hold any user. This one is not an exception.

It can withstand any person of over 250 pounds with ease. And that’s even for several hours, making it a top-notch choice for any user who wants maximum safety.


  • Looks gorgeous all around
  • The ultra-durable array of materials
  • Decently comfortable & large seat
  • Easy to clean and move around


  • The cushion flattens after a few hours


08. On-Stage KB9503B Adjustable Piano Bench



Top 3 Features

  • Hydraulic lever mechanism
  • Goes from 17 to 22 inches
  • High-density tufted cushion

One of the most expensive but easily the most comfortable and long-lasting, the KB9503B from On-Stage is an excellent piano bench you’ll want to consider.

Smooth & Practical Adjustments

The best feature about this bench is the ability to take you from 17 to 22 inches using a hydraulic lever system. You won’t have to make much of an effort to change heights.

This long-range gets even better when you consider the smoothness of the system. You can set it up to play on any piano in most pleasant of ways.

Outstandingly Gorgeous Design

The tufted top, elegant base, and a black glossy finish – everything comes together to ensure an exquisite design overall.

If you want to pair it up with a high-end piano, then you’ll love the classy style it offers, making the bench a go-to choice for grace seekers.

Amazingly Comfy

High-density padding in a tufted cushion makes it possible to enjoy several hours of playing without pain. In contrast with low-quality and thin seats, this one will let you focus entirely on the piano and the notes.


  • Feels comfortable at all times
  • Makes it easy to adjust the height
  • Has a classy design for good looks
  • Offers excellent stability and durability


  • It’s a pretty heavy bench

09. Roland RPB-500 Adjustable Keyboard Bench



Top 3 Features

  • 3 leg colors to pick from
  • Thick tufted cushion
  • Up to 23.2 inches of height

Another expensive but completely worth-having bench is the RPB-500 from Roland. Coming from one o the most prestigious brands in the market, this bench becomes an instant must-have for enthusiasts.

Maximum Elegance

If there’s something Roland knows how to do is make products that look amazing. The RPB-500 is not an exception.

Boasting a tufted thick cushion with wooden legs, it is designed to stand out wherever you place.

This matches well with the different wooden colors to go for, including Rosewood, Satin Black, and Polished Ebony. Pairing it with your piano won’t be too difficult.

Super Height-Adjustment Options

Another exceptional feature of this bench is the different height options you can pick.

There’s a model that goes from 17.9 to 21.8 inches, another that goes from 18.9 to 22.8 inches, and the tallest one going from 19.3 to 23.2 inches. You’ll have the chance to pick exactly what you need.

Long-Lasting & Handy Build

A faux-leather top, solid wood frame, and metal height mechanism come together to make a product that lasts. And if a quality build isn’t enough, then you can always enjoy the under-seat storage compartment, making it an ultra-handy option to consider.


  • Comes in several height options
  • Lovely faux leather & wooden legs
  • Under-seat storage makes it more practical
  • Ultra-wide and comfortable seat


  • Very expensive

10. CPS Imports Genuine Leather Artist Piano Bench



Top 3 Features

  • 22 by 13 inches seat
  • Under-seat storage
  • Glossy ebony legs

The last model in our best adjustable piano bench review list comes from CPS Imports. It is designed for piano artists who take their job seriously. So it is designed to make that easy.

 Next-Level Build Quality

Probably the most crucial part of this bench is the quality of its construction. It boasts solid hardwood legs that don’t wear down quickly.

This matches well with the heavy-duty height-adjustment mechanism made of metal. And with the genuine leather top, it will offer exceptional comfort for long.

People who want maximum durability and stability while playing the piano will find this one a perfect choice.

Highly Attractive Design

The classical style of the bench is another feature you’ll love. Thanks to the high-gloss painting on the legs with excellent diamond tufted cushion, it manages to look fantastic.

If you want to match it with gorgeous pianos, then you’ll have no problem doing so.

Extremely Practical & Comfy

Lastly, you can enjoy an excellent adjustment system that goes from 19 to 21 inches in height. That matches well with the dense, soft seat.

And with the under-seat storage compartment, it becomes super-handy. Don’t overlook the large 22 inches long and 13.5 inches wide design, perfect to fit any person.


  • Uniquely elegant design
  • Lasts a long time with wooden legs
  • Takes you from 19 to 21 inches
  • Smooth height adjustments


  • Tends to make squeaking sounds22

Aspects to Consider Before Buying an Adjustable Piano Bench

Want the best adjustable piano bench? Then focus on knowing what you need. For that, though, you need to learn what factors matter the most to you.

Here, we want to teach you all about these factors. So take a look below and learn it all:

Frame or Leg Material

To get a quality bench, you need quality materials. That’s why the frame build is such an essential factor to think about.

We recommend materials going from metals to woods. But sure enough, you want to consider steel over all others. Especially if it is powder-coated, it will probably last a lot longer than most benches and withstand much more weight.

Wood is not a bad option, though. They can also withstand a lot of weight. And what’s even more critical, wood gives a classical and more stylish look to the bench. However, wood can be less resistant to exterior factors and wear.

In case you don’t care that much about the build, then going for an aluminum or MDF bench won’t be a bad choice. These materials are less sturdy than steel or wood, but can also get the job done.

Top Material

Another essential factor to ponder about is the material of the fabric on top. This will make a difference not only in comfort level but also in softness and durability.

A low-quality top material like polyester fabric won’t last as long as a high-end leather adjustable piano bench.

That’s why we recommend natural leather or faux leather as the go-to options for benches. They are sufficiently soft to prevent any discomfort while ensuring a durable product overall.

At the same time, leather tends to be stain-resistant and withstand sunlight more effectively. If you don’t want the bench to wear down over time, then leather will be an excellent choice.

Faux leather doesn’t stay behind. It is an artificial alternative, yet it also offers excellent stain and sun resistance. The only problem is that faux tends to wear out faster.

Height Adjustments & Mechanism

If you’re looking for an adjustable height piano bench, then you need to have handy height adjustments.

This is probably the most important factor to consider. Especially if you want to be as comfortable as you can be when playing on your piano, the right height adjustment will be a critical factor to think about.

Here, we usually recommend going for as many adjustments as possible that take you from the lowest point possible to the highest one.

If you aren’t well-versed with the height range, then look for something that has changes of over 2 inches, anything lower than that will probably not be too useful.

For the best experience, go for seats that can go as low as 16 inches but can also reach 24 inches in height. Those will be the perfect ones if you want to be always comfortable, no matter the piano you’re playing.

But enough height range is not enough. You also want to consider the mechanism for the height changes.

Here, you will find X-style frames. These can be pretty easy to use but may limit the overall height range. Go for deadbolt locking mechanisms for extra reliability.

In case you don’t mind paying a little more but getting a better range, then a thumbscrew or knob system will be your best bet. They are more stable and usually go extra high.

And lastly, you may find lever-style hydraulic mechanisms. These work like most chairs where you pull a lever to unlock the system and then adjust the height as needed.

When it comes to the mechanism, it’s all about a personal decision.

Seat Width & Length

Once you’ve picked the ideal height adjustments, then you’re ready to consider whether the seat is right for you.

Here, you’ll have to focus on width and length over all else. The longer and broader the seat, the more likely it will be comfortable to sit on. Otherwise, you may end up in an utterly annoying seat where you can’t play.

That’s why you should think about the total length first. We usually recommend seats between 20 and 25 inches in length.

This should be enough to let you sit comfortably, no matter how big you are. Sure enough, if you’re a bulky person, then go for the highest possible length.

Similarly, you’ll want to consider the width. You could also say this refers to the depth of the seat. And sure enough, the more you can get, the better.

So we typically go for no less than 10 inches in width. If you want enough space to sit super-comfortably, then go for at least 12 inches to 15 inches.

Support & Padding

Sure, the size of the seat is vital for comfort. But the factor that actually has the most impact is the padding.

The more padding you get on the seat, the more likely you’ll feel comfortable while sitting on it. That’s why you must strive to get no less than 2 inches of total padding. That should be enough to give you enough comfort.

But if you want to take it to another level of comfort and support, then consider 3 inches of padding as your go-to alternative.

Apart from the thickness of the padding, don’t overlook the material. Most benches come with standard foam on the seat.

If you can get something dense like memory foam with unique properties, then that’s a huge advantage that will boost support and comfort exponentially.

Style & Colors

Not many people tend to consider the style and color of their benches. But if you do, then you’ll probably want something stylish that matches with your piano.

This is mostly about personal taste, though. So we can’t really tell you what to consider and what to overlook.

But we can tell you that wooden benches are usually better-looking and tend to provide way better style overall. In fact, if you’re playing on a high-end piano, then nothing will match better than a quality wooden bench with a classical look.

Storage & Folding

Last but not least, you’ll want to go for an adjustable piano bench that doesn’t take much effort to store when necessary.

Of course, this is only possible with unique designs like X-style legs. Benches with this design will be a piece of cake to fold down and store flat behind a cupboard or in a closet.

They will save a lot of space that non-foldable benches can’t.

But don’t worry. If you want a bench that doesn’t have this folding system, then it may come with other features like built-in storage.

This can be extra helpful to save up music papers and other useful items that you wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Even after finding the best adjustable piano bench from our reviews and getting prepared with our buying guide, you may still have some doubts.

The purpose of this FAQ section is to remove those doubts before you make a final choice. We hope the following questions and answers help you with that:

What’s the difference between a bench and a stool for piano?

The main difference is that stools are designed to be moved around. So they’re usually thin, short, and don’t offer many height adjustments. Suffice to say, they’re rarely comfortable.

A bench is the opposite. It tends to be larger, higher, and more cushioned. So it is usually comfier and tends to stay in one place only.

Some stools look and work like benches, while some benches look and work like stools. But overall, the size and comfort levels will always be different.

How to adjust the piano bench?

If you get a piano bench with adjustable height, then you’ll need to use the mechanism of the piece. Usually, this is a knob on the side that you can turn.

Other models come with X-style legs. You need to unlock it into the right height. And in other cases, you’ll find a hydraulic lever mechanism to pull.

What height should a piano bench be?

It truly depends on the size of the piano as well as the height of the player. But the general recommendation is to be no less than 16 inches and no more than 25 inches high. Anything within that range is typically good for most people.

Do I need an adjustable piano bench?

We recommend adjustable benches if you’re always playing in different pianos.

However, they get super-valuable if the player is taller than 6.2 feet or smaller than 4.6 feet. This will help the player adjust the chair to the desired height as needed.

How much weight can a piano bench hold?

It depends on the construction of the bench. Most models can withstand anywhere from 180 pounds (if made for children), up to 400 pounds (if built to last).

Metal is usually more reliable than wood, in case you’re looking for the most resistant material.


After surfing through our reviews and reading everything there’s to know about adjustable benches, then you should be ready to make your last pick.

If you want to get all your money’s worth with the best adjustable piano bench possible, then don’t hesitate to pick something that matches your needs and desires.

With so many quality options to go for, this may take a while. But it’s completely worth it.

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