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15 Best Bluetooth Speaker With Lights : Buying Guide [2021]

Hate how your smartphone sounds? Then don’t worry – you can always use the best Bluetooth speaker with lights and listen to your music wherever you go directly from your phone.

Whether it is a party, a pool, the beach, or even when taking a shower – a lighted Bluetooth speaker makes it possible to enjoy it all.

There’s probably nothing better to tune up your time listening to music. But even when it’s a fantastic product to have – you need to buy the right one if you want to get the most out of it.


A Quick View Of The Best Bluetooth Speaker With Lights On The Market (Top Picks)

Anker Soundcore
JBL Pulse 3
Sony XB40
COWIN Swimmer IPX7
DOSS SoundBox Pro
VOCH 6 Color LED
Sony GTKXB90
Pyle PSUFM1035A
iSound iGlowSound
Portable PA Speaker
Altec Lansing
ION Audio
Sony XB32

That’s why we’re going to show you some of the highest-quality models available in the market and then show you how to buy the right one accordingly.

So, are you ready to discover more about these magnificent speakers? Then take a look further and find out!

15 Best Bluetooth Speakers with Lights Reviews – Smart Touch Light Speakers

So we decided to bring the best and only the best Bluetooth speakers for our reviews.

That’s why we ended with only 15 models among thousands out there. After reviewing each one in-depth, here’s what we found about them:

01. Anker Soundcore Flare Wireless Speaker



Highlighted Features:

  • Only 1.2 pounds of weight
  • 360-degree sound
  • IP67 waterproof
  • BassUp technology
  • Multiple LED phases

Simple and affordable, but still amazing well-sounding – the Soundcare Flare from Anker is designed to surpass every single one of your expectations.

One of the things that set it apart is the addition of dual drivers. Aligned back-to-back, they offer a 360-degree sound delivery. It doesn’t matter where you place the speaker, the sound will reach you without a single issue.

Despite this intricate design, the speaker still boasts an excellent bass.

The BassUp technology enhances the sound delivery so you can enjoy even the deepest bass in a pretty small speaker – no matter what you’re listening to.

Another exciting feature is the ability to connect two of these speakers at the same time. You can increase the sound reach at any place with this magnificent feature.

And that’s considering you can connect to any device with Bluetooth, going from smartphones to tablets, TVs, and laptops.

You can combine its excellent sound delivery with the LED system. The lights harmonize with the sound to add an even more enticing design to the speaker. You can make any situation a lot more amusing with it.

And sure enough, the machine is totally customizable. Thanks to the Soundcore app, tweaking the sound and light is totally possible.

It will also help you connect with additional speakers and do a lot more – directly from your smartphone.

And lastly, you get an IP67 rating that makes it work in moisty, dusty, sandy, and muddy places. You can literally take this speaker anywhere you go – and it will perform amazingly well in each.


  • Decently loud at 12 watts
  • Excellent 12-hour playtime
  • Super-small and handy design
  • Highly attractive light system


  • Battery life diminishes with BassUp feature on

02. JBL Pulse 3 Speaker



Highlighted Features:

  • 360-degree sound
  • Customizable LEDs
  • IPX7 waterproof rated
  • JBL Connect+ feature
  • 12-hour battery life

The most attractive speaker on the whole list – the JBL Pulse 3 is designed for those who like to party and bring their favorite music around in style.

You get a tower design with an enticing top lightning system that flows with the music.

This enables a more exciting experience, so you can enjoy your favorite music with lights all around. It will easily make any gathering a lot more entertaining.

Also, this speaker offers a 360-degree sound delivery thanks to its tower design. You can enjoy music all around the device without problems.

Because it is totally waterproof and well-made, you can enjoy it almost anywhere you go. It boasts an IPX7 build so you can set it up on the beach, pool, park, and just anywhere you want.

And if you want to tune up an entire room with these devices, then you can do so with the JBL Connect+ system.

It offers the chance to connect up to 100 Pulse 3 speakers at the same time, delivering exceptional convenience that no other models provide.

On top of all that, you get a noise-canceling speakerphone that increases its convenience. Take phone calls on the go directly from the speaker.

If all that wasn’t enough, the light system of the speaker is among the most attractive out there. You can sequence the lights alongside other speakers and customize them through the JBL app.

Despite everything it offers, it can still offer up to 12 hours of constant operation, making it a great choice overall.


  • Gorgeous design in white & black
  • Excellent volume & quality at 20 watts
  • Ultra-convenient and portable
  • Perfect for outdoor activities


  • JBL app can be problematic

03. Sony XB40 Portable Wireless Speaker



Highlighted Features:

  • Available in 3 colors
  • EXTRA BASS feature
  • Wireless Party Chain
  • 12-inch long
  • 2 pounds

If you want quality in your speaker, then you should even overlook a Sony model. That’s why the XB40 makes it to our fourth place.

From its waterproof construction that withstands any type of use in any situation to its exceptional sound quality with the Extra BASS technology – this is not a model you want to dismiss.

It all starts with its compatibility with NFC and Bluetooth, as well as LDAC as needed. You can set it up with almost any device you want without a single problem.

This goes well with the ability to add another speaker and enjoy an even more immersive sound. You can connect 10 of these speakers at the same time thanks to the Wireless Party Chain.

To set it up, you need to get into the Fiestable app through your smartphone. It will help you control everything as well as add several other devices as necessary.

The design doesn’t disappoint either. You get a multicolored line light with flashing strobe, making it a pretty enticing speaker overall.

It will tune up your parties right away. It is also available in Black, Red, and Blue colors, each one delivering the color lights that increases its attractiveness.

You can combine this with the long-lasting battery, offering up to 24 hours of constant operation without problems.

Apart from all that, it is one of the most portable models in the market. At only 4.2 pounds of weight and a super-small 12-inch long design – you can bring it anywhere you want effortlessly.


  • Top-notch connectivity for the cost
  • Ultra-resilient construction for any use
  • High sound quality for its size
  • Good-looking design and shape


  • Slow smartphone app

04. UD MIANOVA Portable Bluetooth Speaker



Highlighted Features:

  • 2,000mAh battery
  • 4 Ohms impedance
  • 5 watts output
  • Internal amplifier
  • 10-hour battery

A budget-friendly model is never a bad choice. That’s what you get with the UD MIANOVA – a super affordable yet still highly effective sound delivery that any demanding user will enjoy.

At first sight, you’ll notice the ultra-enticing design. It boasts 6 different colors on the LED light, with a theme that changes alongside the music.

The speaker doesn’t look like a speaker, though. So when it is working, you may even confuse it with a decorative item – like a jar or something.

And that’s something you can’t dismiss, as it will make any place a lot more stylish. Let’s not forget it is also extra-small. So it fits almost anywhere you place it.

Sure enough, you can connect it via Bluetooth to any device. Yet, it also offers the chance to connect via USB or AUX as needed.

And if you want to use it with an SD card, that’s also possible, offering 64GB of storage capacity per card.

The speaker offers a total of 5 watts of audio power, and 4 Ohms of impedance. This matches with the 52mm speaker drive that sounds as clear as you can get with the ACF integrated amp.

An exciting part of the speaker is the 2,000 mAh battery. You can get up to 10 hours of constant operation – wherever you are.

Still, it all comes down to its price. With half the price of many other models in the list, you can get a similar model in both design and sound quality.

That’s truly something you don’t want to ignore.


  • Hugely attractive design all around
  • Super-small and practical
  • Straightforward controls
  • Decent sound quality for its cost


  • Has a hissing noise at low volumes

05. COWIN Swimmer IPX7 Bluetooth Speakers



Highlighted Features:

  • 32-color LED display
  • 10 watts power output
  • IPX7 waterproof rated
  • 30-feet Bluetooth range
  • 2,400mAh battery

Another brand that will always impress is Cowin. And with the Swimmer IPX7 speakers, it makes everyone clear how much they care about quality.

Once you see it, you’ll know how much thought was put into the piece. Boasting one of the most attractive designs, this speaker was entirely made for kids.

The 32 LED lights in 5 colors plus the unique playful design will make any teenager happy.

But the real advantage comes from the sound quality. Offering 10 watts of audio power, it can handle a decently loud sound that any user will appreciate.

And that matches well with the quality subwoofer, so you get an extra touch of bass in everything you listen to.

Using the speaker is a piece of cake. You get a 30-feet Bluetooth range that makes connecting as easy as you can imagine.

And with the TF card compatibility, you can set it up with as many songs as you want at once.

Yet, it is not the range or the card system that stands out – but the highly resilient IPX7 build. It is entirely resistant to water, dust, wind, sand, and more.

Thanks to its rubberized exterior, you can expect it to work in almost any situation.

The Swimmer IPX7 will work like a charm for any indoor activity, even if it involves water.

And if you want to take it to another level, then you can always get the additional floating device from Cowin. It will work like a floating speaker if you wish.


  • Ideal for moisty places
  • Easy-to-use design for children
  • Amazingly attractive colors & LEDs
  • The top-notch audio quality for the price


  • Bluetooth quality is not as high as expected

06. DOSS SoundBox Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker



Highlighted Features:

  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • 66-feet wireless range
  • 20-hour battery life
  • 6-inch long
  • 23 pounds

Want to take your party to the next level without emptying your bank account? Then the DOSS SoundBox Pro is your best bet.

With a very pretty decent cost, this 20-watts speaker can make your party much more enjoyable. You will get a decently loud sound with a 360-degree stereo capacity.

And what’s even better, you have the opportunity to increase the volume to extra levels – up to double than most other speakers.

With that sound system, you also get an exciting extra bass feature you can activate with a single press of a button. It will make your music a lot more enjoyable in almost every way.

Pairing up the speaker with your favorite device is also a piece of cake. It boasts Bluetooth 4.2 compatibility, making it possible to connect from up to 66 feet away. That’s enough to make it work in any place.

And with the ability to work with an AUX-in, TF card or Echo Dot – it becomes a go-to choice for convenience seekers.

Add the 20-hour battery life, and you will be impressed by how long it lasts playing your favorite music.

If all that wasn’t enough, you can still use it anywhere you want.

It comes with an IPX5 construction that withstands moisty places like pool or beaches without problems. You won’t be able to submerge it – but you still get decent splash resistance.

Everything above comes in a pretty small 6.6-inch long box that weighs only 1.23 pounds. Taking it anywhere you go will be a piece of cake.


  • Superb loudness at 20 watts
  • Simple yet attractive design
  • Highly compatible & easy to use
  • Resilient and waterproof build


  • Gets a little distorted at high volumes

07. VOCH Portable Bluetooth Speaker



Highlighted Features:

  • 4 watts output power
  • 6-color LED system
  • 2,000mAh battery
  • 15-inch long
  • 70Hz to 20,000Hz frequency

Cheap and super cute – that’s what makes the VOCH stand out. Not only is it available for a pretty decent sum, but it is also one of the most enticing designs out there.

It all starts with a six-color LED system that lights up like a lamp. You only need to touch it to turn it on or off as needed.

The speaker looks like no other in the list. And when you use it in dark rooms, it illuminates so cutely that you can enjoy at a party or even before sleeping as a lamp. It is a pretty versatile model.

Apart from that, you can set the light to a timer. This will make it even more convenient so you can decide whether you want to make it last longer as needed.

Another exciting feature is the TF card and FM radio capacity. You can make it work not only with Bluetooth but also many other devices – so you can play whatever you want whenever you want.

The small design is another feature you’ll love. At only 3.15-inch long, this speaker fits almost anywhere, especially when you consider its lightweight 12.3 ounces design.

That pairs up well with the 2,000mAh battery. You can get 10 hours of continuous operation without problems.

On top of that, it delivers decent sound quality. With a frequency range of 70Hz to 20,000Hz and 4 watts of output, it’s enough to get adequate volume, good lows, and exceptional highs.

You won’t have any problem playing your favorite music on it.


  • Delivers deep bass and clear highs
  • Beautiful design
  • A piece of cake to operate
  • Excellent connectivity & portability


  • Not waterproof

08. WamGra Nightlight Bluetooth Speaker



Highlighted Features:

  • 4,400mAh battery
  • 48-lights LED system
  • Sweet Night Light feature
  • Unique Bass technology
  • Alarm function

Set up your favorite music to sound decently well without spending a fortune – the WamGra Nightlight speaker offers everything you need.

Let’s start with its sound quality. You get a Unique Bass technology that sets it apart in lows performance. Even the deepest bass, you can feel it on this speaker despite its cost.

Similarly, you can play almost any music on it. It offers the chance to connect via an SD card or AUX so you can play any MP3 player you want.

This goes well with the high-quality connectivity with Bluetooth 4.0, so you won’t experience connection problems while using it.

Another excellent feature to consider is the LED light system. With 48 lights that change color consistently, it can light up an entire room without problems. It boosts up your enjoyment to the max.

If you want to set it as a dorm lamp, it also works that way. You can place it in a reading room, on kids’ bedroom, or anywhere to light up nights and make them more pleasant.

All of that comes from the Sweet Night Light system. It works as a night lamp but also as a digital alarm if you want. That’s enough to set it apart from the competition as one of the most convenient.

Sure enough, you get a 4,400mAh battery, which ensures no less than 6 hours of total operation up to 10 hours continuously. That’s enough to say it is one of the best batteries on the list.


  • Handy multi-functional design
  • Enticing box-like construction
  • Dim and calming LED system
  • Decent sound for its price


  • Emits a hissing sound at high volumes

09. Sony GTKXB90 High Power Bluetooth Speaker



Highlighted Features:

  • 500 watts of power
  • 29-inch high design
  • Filestable app
  • 16-hour battery
  • EXTRA BASS feature

Now we start with the large and punchiest speakers on the list. The first one is the GTKXB90 from Sony – a quality speaker for those who like clarity and deep bass.

You’ll see this is a little larger than the rest, boasting a 29-inch high and 15-inch wide design.

This large design increases overall loudness, especially with the 4 drivers – two tweeters and two subwoofers.

The speaker sounds even better when you consider the EXTRA BASS system. It increases the overall depth of every low note. You can enjoy maximum depth on every sound you listen to. And if you want, you can connect it to a MIC and use it as a karaoke speaker.

With the equalizer, you can also adjust the sound to your demands. And with the easy-to-use system, changing it will be a piece of cake – especially with the straightforward Filestable app on your smartphone.

The Bluetooth system is not to overlook, either. It offers decent reliability and compatibility.

Along with the Party Chain system, you get the chance to connect several Sony speakers at once for extra loudness.

Another excellent feature you won’t regret is the Infinity Mirror light system. It offers a wide array of visual effects that increase its overall attractiveness.

And to finish an already exceptional product, you get a total of 16 hours of battery in a single charge.


  • Ultra-loud and clear sound quality
  • Effortless operation & connectivity
  • Beautiful design with LED lights
  • A wide array of extra features


  • A little pricey

10. Pyle PSUFM1035A Portable High Powered Speaker



Highlighted Features:

  • 500 watts of power
  • 5-inch high design
  • DJ light system
  • 4 Ohm impedance
  • 6 input options

When it comes to quality audio devices, few brands meet Pyle in terms of reliability and overall performance. The PSUFM1035A speaker is a perfect example of that.

This is a 500-watt speaker system with 4 Ohm of impedance. Together ensures you can enjoy the outstanding sound quality.

And if you add the 10-inch subwoofer and the 3-inch tweeter, it becomes a go-to choice for loudness-seekers.

Alongside its excellent sound, you get the DJ light system. It offers multicolored flashing bulbs that make any gathering a lot more exciting.

On top of that, you get 6 different inputs. There’s no limit to what you can connect it – including an SD card, an USB flash drive input, an AUX, RCA, and even one for microphones and guitars.

Still, it is the quality Bluetooth system that sets it apart. Whether it is a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer – it will always deliver excellent connectivity.

Don’t forget it is 37.5 inches high – so it is not necessarily a portable model. But this size ensures quality sound every second.

And lastly, you get a top control panel. You can customize the sound as much as you want from it, including an EQ, volume, and much more.


  • Next-level connectivity & inputs
  • Super-enticing design and lights
  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Uniquely practical controls


  • Gigantic design can be problematic

11. iSound iGlowSound Tower



Highlighted Features:

  • 100-feet wireless range
  • 2,600mAh battery
  • IPX4 waterproof rating
  • 4 Ohm impedance
  • Gravity-Sensor LEDs

A tower speaker is one of the types with the broadest range. And with the iglowsound from iSound, you get that both in sound and overall looks.

As a portable model, you can expect it to have some sort of waterproof build. And sure, you get an IPX4 rating – offering the chance to splash and even get a little moisty without getting damaged.

You can add the excellent Bluetooth range, offering over 100 feet of capacity from the device. That’s enough to work on almost any place you can imagine.

Still, the best feature of this speaker is the lightning system. You get 5 modes that match depending on the mood of the music. That’s enough to make any gathering a lot more entertaining.

But that’s not all. You also get an excellent 2,600mAh battery. It can offer up to 8 hours of constant music reproduction, so you can enjoy almost non-stop.

And it powers up a unique sound system with deep bass – so no audio eventually gets lost while it works.

You get the chance to boost up even the quietest of sounds with this one. Any gathering will become a total blast despite its small size.

There’s almost nothing to hate about it. If you want an excellent speaker, this one offers a dynamic lighting and decent sound will not let you down.


  • Outstanding sound for the price
  • Good-looking multi-mode light system
  • The long-lasting battery doesn’t disappoint
  • Practical tower design for portability


  • Not as loud as expected

12. Pyle PylePro PWMKRDJ84BT PA Speaker



Highlighted Features:

  • 500-watt power output
  • 4,000mAh battery power.
  • MIC & wireless control
  • DJ LED Lights
  • Digital LCD screen

Coming back with another Pyle speaker, we now have the PylePRO PWMKRDJ84BT – a high-quality model for demanding users.

What sets it apart? Well, you’ll find the 500-watt system to be amazing. You can power up parties with loud music without a single problem.

This pairs up with the wide frequency range, offering deep bass and exquisite treble. That’s enough to enjoy any kind of music to the max.

Apart from its sound, you also get a highly compatible speaker. You can make it work with a wide array of devices without problems – including Android and iOS smartphones, tablets, and even computers.

Still, it offers the chance to connect via USB port – providing the opportunity to connect DJ systems if needed.

And if you want, a single micro SD or AUX cable can power up the party. For those who like karaoke, there’s also a mic port and the capacity to receive FM radio signals.

The top lights are among the most enticing you can get. And with the control system with an LCD display, it becomes a go-to choice for anyone who wants an easy-to-use and ultra-enticing speaker.

Last but not least, it offers 4,000mAh of battery power. That’s enough to handle over 8 hours of continuous music delivery.

For anyone in search of a quality, speaker to enjoy the loud and clear sound without any connectivity problem – the PWMKRDJ84BT won’t let them down.


  • Fantastic design for portability and loudness
  • Compatible with almost any device
  • Effortless operation and setup
  • Superb light system


  • The microphone is not the best

13. Altec Lansing ALP-XP400 Xpedition 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker



Highlighted Features:

  • IP67 waterproof rated
  • Multicolored LED lights
  • 200-watt output power
  • 16-inch long design
  • Rubberized exterior

Another brand you shouldn’t dismiss when looking for audio equipment is Altec Lansing. They make it clear why with the ALP-XP400 Xpedition 4 speaker.

What makes it such an excellent choice? It all starts with an IP67 rated build. You can get it anywhere you want, including sandy, dusty, dirty, and moisty places without a single worry.

And that’s without mentioning the shockproof build that withstands hard impacts without breaking.

But it is not about its build, but the vibrant 200-watt speaker power. Boasting two 4-inch woofers and two 1-inch tweeters, it manages to deliver exceptional sound quality at a decent volume.

With this, it means you get one of the deepest basses on the list. And that’s without even mentioning how loud it can get – delivering enough volume so you can enjoy anywhere you want.

It is only 16 inches in length and 7 inches in height. That’s enough to say it is totally portable – you can transport it on your baggage without any issue.

But it’s also large enough to boost up your sound delivery for any gathering.

And when you add the 12 dynamic LED lights, it becomes a pretty enticing choice. Every light is multicolored, meaning you get a wide array of looks from the piece when using it.

Sure enough, it offers a decent battery that can last up to 24 hours without problems. That’s enough so you can take it anywhere you go.


  • Quality build withstand any use
  • Lasts up to 24 hours easily
  • Extra-easy to pair and use
  • Decently good-looking design


  • The Bluetooth range could be better

14. ION Audio Party Rocker Max Speaker



Highlighted Features:

  • 65Hz to 20,000Hz frequency
  • 100 watts power output
  • 75-hour battery life
  • Dual MIC system
  • 6 pounds

For anyone who wants a next-level piece to take anywhere – the portable Audio Party Rocker MAX from ION will surely come like a charm.

While it looks gigantic, the speaker is barely 20.4 inches high and 11 inches long. Weighing 24.6 pounds, it is portable enough for any purpose.

Yet, you won’t enjoy its design as much as you will delight in its audio quality. Being decently loud with 100 watts of power output,

it can handle a wide array of sounds without disappointing. And with its dynamic power system, it pumps up the bass and overall quality like nothing else.

The real advantage of this model is the exquisite design. You get a lightning system that powers up an entire room without problems.

Not only it looks super cool, but it also makes sure the whole environment pumps to the rhythm of the music through the LED grille.

It also offers the chance to pair up with microphones and make a karaoke duel. That increases its overall usability and sets it apart from the competition.

Still, there’s a lot more to consider. One feature you can’t dismiss is the built-in echo. Whether it is music or microphone, you can enjoy a unique effect system that increases its appeal.

And if all that wasn’t enough, you can enjoy up to 75 hours of continuous operation. Setting up the speaker to power up a party for hours is totally possible with this one.

Considering its quality and exquisite design, there’s almost nothing to hate about it. You will simply love it at first sight.


  • Superb sound quality
  • Amazingly exciting lighting grille
  • Unique sound effects for convenience
  • Next-level battery life for music


  • Not the easiest to pair with


15. Sony SRS-XB32 Portable Wireless Speaker



Highlighted Features:

  • 20Hz to 20,000Hz frequency
  • 5 colors available
  • DSP sound technology
  • 24-hour battery
  • IP67 rating

Quality sound and extremely resilient build – the SRS-XB32 from Sony is not a speaker you want to overlook.

The first thing you’ll love about it is the IP67 waterproof rating. This means you don’t only get the chance to use it in moisty places like pools and beaches, but it also withstands dust, sand, and even mud.

And if that wasn’t enough, the speaker has a shockproof build – making even more durable.

Still, it is the Extra Bass technology that truly sets it apart. Boasting a small design, the speaker manages to sound excitingly loud.

Offering a frequency range of 20Hz to 20,000Hz – you can enjoy decent sound quality for both lows and highs.

This matches with the low-end tones capacity. You can enjoy the unique driver build that increases its sound quality. Even in the least ideal of environments, this speaker will sound fantastic.

Making it even more entertaining to use, the speaker comes with a party booster system. You can set it to make sounds like cowbells, scratches, snares, and even kick drums. It will heat up any party to the max.

This goes well with the wide-area sound coverage with the DSP technology. Along with the colorful lights on the borders, the speaker looks and sounds better than most.

Another exciting feature is the battery system. It offers up to 24 hours of constant operate per charge. You only need to connect it via USB, and that’s it.

Last but not least, you get a compatible NFC and Bluetooth system – no problem setting it up with your favorite music device.


  • Deep bass & clear highs
  • Easy-to-use and responsive
  • Enticing line & strobe lights
  • Highly portable and practical


  • Only charges through USB

What to Consider Before Buying a Bluetooth Speaker with LED Lights

Getting the best Bluetooth speaker with lights will not be easy. There are so many factors to consider that you may end up confused and tired after reading our reviews.

That’s why it’s vital to learn more about them in-depth. And for that reason, we decided to bring a comprehensive yet clear buying guide for you to follow.

Read it up and learn what factors to consider before making your final choice:

·        Sound Quality

There’s nothing more important when picking a speaker than how well it sounds. And for that, you’ll have to consider three significant aspects:

Frequency Response

The frequency response refers to the range of sound the speaker can handle. This frequency is measured in Hertz. The wider the range you get, the better the speaker will probably sound. But that’s still not precise.

To give you a better idea, we can say that the low Hertz (between 15 to 30Hz) refers to how well it can handle the bass and similar sounds.

And the high Hertz measures (2,000 to 30,000Hz) refer to how well it perceives the treble. Mid frequencies (like 250Hz to 4,000Hz), handle things like vocals and instruments.

So, what do you want? You should pick according to your desired sound quality. If you prefer a deep bass, then you should go no higher than 25Hz. If you prefer a treble-rich sound, then make sure it offers at least 10,000Hz.

And the mid-range is usually there if both the high and low notes are met.

Watts (Power)

This is another aspect that affects sound quality. It mostly refers to the amount of power the speaker uses to reproduce a sound.

Because Bluetooth speakers don’t rely on consistent electricity (from an outlet or amplifier, etc.), they usually produce less power than other speakers.

But even then, you should go no lower than 5 watts of output power. That will be enough to produce around 70 decibels of sound.

If you want a loudspeaker, then you should look for at least 15 watts of output power. That should reach 80 decibels without problems.


Lastly, you should consider the impedance. This measurement comes in Ohms, and it tells you how much power the speaker can use.

The more impedance it has, the lower the power output it delivers. So you should go for models with not more than 4 Ohms of impedance if you want decent sound quality.

·        Number & Size of Drivers

Another vital part of the sound, as well as a clear measurement of quality in the speaker, is the number and size of drivers you have. Drivers are the pieces that produce the sound.

Here, you’ll want something with a size between 40mm and 58mm. The bigger they are, the more likely the speaker is to produce quality and loud sounds.

But even then, we recommend models that are at least 50mm for the best experience. While lower than that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad – higher is always louder and better quality.

At the same time, you want as many drivers as possible. Most quality Bluetooth speakers have at least two drivers so you can get maximum sound quality.

These dual-drive systems are usually the clearest and loudest. If the speaker boasts a passive driver (subwoofer), it is even better.

·        Connectivity (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC)

Another vital factor will be the connectivity of the speaker. Because you’re looking for a model with Bluetooth, then you’ll want it to be as reliable as possible.

For that, we recommend a speaker with Bluetooth 4 or newer. Anything less than that will not be compatible or too unstable for most devices.

At the same time, you want a proper range. An excellent range would be at least 20 feet between the device and speaker.

But you can go as low as 10 feet if you want. The best ranges can go up to 60 feet or even more.

Like Bluetooth, other wireless connections can also be helpful. Wi-Fi and NFC are excellent ways to connect your music as well. If you get any of those, then you’re set to enjoy an even more practical speaker.

·        Inputs

Apart from the wireless connectivity, it is also worth considering the wired ones. And for that, you’ll want to consider anything from USB to AUX, LDAC, and whatever else is available.

A mini AUX connection, for example, can help you connect other small sound-making devices. And if it has a micro USB connection, then you’ll have an even more extensive array of compatible devices to work with.

If you want even more practical experience, then consider those models with TF or SD card compatibility. That will make it an undoubtedly convenient model.

·        Controls & Ease of Use

A portable speaker not only needs to sound well and be compatible with as many devices as possible, but it should also be easy to use.

That’s why it is worth it to think about its controls and overall learning curve. Practical buttons to play, pause, and stop, as well as volume, are always essential.

Extra buttons for playback can be helpful in most models. And sure enough, you can’t miss the Bluetooth pairing button.

The more buttons it has, the more likely the speaker is easy to use. So choose with that mind.

·        Battery Life

Once you’ve considered everything that relates to the device is used, you can look for a durable product as well.

Here, you need to start with the battery. Because you’re getting a Bluetooth speaker with lights, you’ll want the battery to last as much as possible so you can get the most out of the device.

We usually recommend at least 2,000mAh of battery power. That should be enough to handle about 8 hours of operation in a mid-powered speaker.

But if you want the best experience, go for batteries of at least 3,000mAh that offer no less than 12 hours of continuous operation.

Some models can reach up to 24 hours at once. That should be more than ideal for most people.

·        Waterproof Rating

Durability on a Bluetooth speaker is as outstanding as its sound. That’s why we couldn’t leave it out either.

Some models will be able to work on beaches and pools. Others will work even if submerged a few feet underwater. It is up to you to pick something that meets your standards.

Here, we recommend speakers with an IPX7 waterproof rating. But IP67 and similar ratings are also worth considering. Just be sure it is resistant enough for your demands – or you may end up with a damaged speaker sooner than later.

·        Design & Lights

Once you’ve figured out everything related to its performance and build, then you can consider the design. Here, you should start with what type of shape you’re looking for.

Some models look like a small loudspeaker, while others are more like a tower speaker. It’s up to you to pick the one that best meets your desires.

At the same time, you should consider the light system. A set of LED lights is undoubtedly your best bet. But don’t forget to pick the right colors and customization if possible. That could add a touch of enjoyment to the device.

·        Size & Weight

Last but not least, consider the size of the speaker and its weight. This is mostly about how much you care about portability.

For example, most Bluetooth speakers tend to be portable. That means they’re usually not larger than 15 inches long or high, and will probably not weigh more than 10 pounds. The smallest ones may be as light as 4 pounds or less.

But a large normal-sized Bluetooth speaker can be 2 feet in length/height and weight over 15 pounds easily. In that case, taking it wherever you go can be a little more problematic.

So don’t hesitate to take a look at the size and weight of the speaker, either. It will be vital.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)- About Bluetooth Speakers

Even after reading our reviews and buying guide, you’re probably still confused about certain things from Bluetooth speakers. In that case, don’t worry. We’re going to help you out pick the ideal one:

01. How do Bluetooth speakers work?

While we often take them for granted, speakers have a complex mechanism. And it gets even more complicated and exciting when you consider they receive the audio via Bluetooth.

First, we can say that Bluetooth is an array of airwaves that go from one device to the other. When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, the airwaves come out of the smartphone or computer.

The speaker receives these airwaves and transforms them into sound.

This only happens after synchronizing the device that sends the airwaves with the device that receives them. The network used for the connection is called a Piconet.

It is how two devices can synchronize their protocols to send and receive data between them.

Once they’re synchronized, the speaker can receive the airwaves and reproduce the sound accordingly. It is through this synchronization using the Piconet network that data travels seamlessly from one side to the other.

02. Can Bluetooth go through walls?

Yes, most wireless signals that travel through airwaves, like Bluetooth, can pass through objects without problems. But it is still safe to say that solid objects like walls, floors, and similar ones can always reduce the range a little.

For example, someone at 10 feet in the same room will have a slightly better signal than someone in another place but at the same distance. Yet, the difference is barely noticeable.

03. What are the advantages of using a Bluetooth speaker?

When you set up a Bluetooth speaker, you instantly get some benefits that other types of speakers don’t offer. Among them, you’ll find that they’re:

Easy to Use

No need to set up a wide array of cables and other equipment to make them work. Simply synchronize the speaker via Bluetooth with your favorite device, and you can start listening to music right away.

Extra Portability

Most Bluetooth speakers fit in a small room without problems. They take little space anywhere they are, from purses to bathrooms, and more – you can take a Bluetooth speaker almost anywhere.

More Resilience

They’re made for being portable, but also for being durable. A quality speaker can not only be brought anywhere. It will also withstand harsh use and environments, like beaches, rain, sand, wind, and so on.

Highly Practical

Last but not least, you can set them up with a wide array of devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and sometimes even smartwatches, microphones, and many more.

04. How do you use a Bluetooth speaker?

Using a lighted speaker is not difficult in any way. But it’s still worth revising how you can set them up when needed. Here’s a small set of steps to take:

  • Start by going into settings of your device
  • Then look for Bluetooth options. Turn it ON if it is deactivated.
  • Now you need to look for available devices around. The name of the speaker should show (model or brand name typically).
  • Click the name of the speaker, and wait for the synchronization to happen. This should take 1-5 seconds.
  • Once they synchronize, you should be ready to play any song on your device. Then, you should hear it coming off the speaker.

As you see, using a Bluetooth speaker is not rocket science. So anyone can set it up without problems.

05. Can you connect more than one Bluetooth speaker?

Yes, most Bluetooth speakers offer the chance to work alongside other speakers. But most of the time, you can only use them if they’re the same model or from the same brand.

For example, you can’t use a Sony speaker with a JBL speaker. But you can use them safely and seamlessly if they’re from the same brand.

06. Do Bluetooth speakers need Wi-Fi?

No, Bluetooth speakers work without Wi-Fi. In fact, only a small percentage of Bluetooth speakers use Wi-Fi as an alternative connection with devices. You only need the smartphone or computer to send the music from and the speaker – nothing else.

07. Do LED lights on speakers consume electricity?

Yes, a lighted speaker will consume more electricity than a speaker without lights.

So it is common to find that Bluetooth speakers with lights drain the battery out faster than those wireless speakers without lights. If you want excellent battery performance, then a non-lighted speaker is your best bet.

08. Are lights from a Bluetooth speaker harmful?

No, they aren’t, by any chance. The lights coming off a Bluetooth speaker are usually LED lights that don’t cause any damage to eyes or other parts of the body.

And sure enough, they consume little electricity and produce no harmful gases (even if broken). So you’re totally safe with them.

09. Can you change the light colors on the speaker?

It depends. Most speakers offer the chance to customize the lights coming off the device. But this mostly happens when you’re working with a

10. How do I troubleshoot a Bluetooth speaker?

In most cases, when a Bluetooth speaker doesn’t work, it is because the connection from the music device was lost.

In that case, the best solution is to reset the Bluetooth on the speaker by pushing the button on the device and pair them up again. On the other hand, powering the speaker off and on will suffice.


Getting the best Bluetooth speaker with lights won’t be easy. But if you follow our reviews and buying guide, then it should become a lot easier.

Just remember to focus on getting a quality model that meets your standards. That should be enough to ensure the speaker will make you happy – and that’s what truly matters.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the party started with one of these speakers right away. You won’t regret it.

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