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Top 10 Best Clarinet Case Of 2021 – 2 Way Water Resistant Foam Cotton

The life of your clarinet and its general condition depends largely on the quality of your clarinet case, So you need the best clarinet case.

These helpful bags assist in storing, protecting, and carrying your precious instruments. They actually contribute towards a more fulfilling and enjoyable clarinet playing experience.

Nowadays there are numerous varieties of clarinet cases available in the market. In fact, there seems to be quite a surge, especially on online shopping websites.


A Comparison Table Of Best Clarinet Cases On The Market (Top Rated Clarinet Cases)

ProTec BLT307
Protec Micro-Sized
Protec Bb
Protec Bb MAX
Pro Tec A307
Tosnail 600D
Protec Bb

This scenario is wonderful as it offers multiple options. But it also makes it a bit tough for busy clarinet players such as you, to find exactly the one you need.

10 Best Clarinet Case Review & Buying Guide

So, here is our list of top 10 clarinet cases, with brief analysis, to help choose the one that suits you the best:

1) ProTec BLT307 Clarinet Case – with an extra music pocket for your music sheets



 Top Features

  • Spacious interior compartment
  • Light, durable and scratch-proof ABS plastic shell
  • Extra sheet music pocket
  • Slim and sleek

Adaptable to most Bb clarinet models, 2 padded shoulder straps Retractable handle, Soft foam interiors lined with velvet. The best feature about the ProTec BLT307 Clarinet Case is its ample roominess without appearing massive.

It somehow manages to maintain a compact look while allowing most clarinets to sit well within and not spill out as soon as you open the zipper.

It sits flat when open making it easier to take the clarinet out and place back inside. Also, the zipper is of good quality and quite assuring.

This clarinet case is adaptable to most Bb clarinet models so it is a universal case for all types of players.

Its soft foam insides keep your instrument all snug and safe while the velvet material minimizes abrasion, just the way it should be.

The straps on this case are adjustable and super padded for maximum comfort while carrying on the back or over the shoulder. There are 2 in total to pick from.

The detachable sheet music pocket holds exactly that a few sheets of music. So this pocket is not the place to store bulky music folders.

There is a large interior compartment for that and your other accessories. The retractable handle merges well with the case and slips in neatly when not in use.


  • Looks sleek and attractive
  • Fits most clarinet models
  • Padded and length of straps can be altered
  • Rich interiors


No cons

2) Protec Micro-Sized Clarinet Case – with ABS Protection



 Top Features

  • Soft foam-injected interiors lined with velvet
  • Light, durable and scratch-proof ABS plastic shell
  • Well-padded shoulder strap
  • Slim and sleek

 The Protec Micro-Sized Clarinet Case is a smaller version of the ProTec BLT307 Clarinet Case. This one weighs 1.59 pounds while the ProTec BLT307 weighs 2.74 pounds.

That’s the primary difference. Like the larger one, this one too manages to adapt to most Bb clarinet models in the market.

Naturally, the interior compartment is smaller than the ProTec BLT307 but enough to keep an extra barrel and smaller accessories.

However, there is no special sheet music pocket.

The straps are adjustable and padded to make it easy to carry on the back or over the shoulder. Good for travelers and a good option for younger, beginner players for its compact size and portability.

It can be carried on slipped into a bigger bag. Plus it has that neat retractable ProTec handle.

It fairs well in sturdiness and durability while not so high in storage capacity according to online customer reviews.


  • Sleek and light
  • Fits most clarinet models
  • Adjustable padded straps
  • Attractive and well-padded interiors


No cons

3) Protec Bb Clarinet Slimline Case – professional and trendy


Top Features

  • Impact-resistant
  • Weather-proof 1680 ballistic nylon cover
  • Gusseted storage pocket
  • Thick padded shoulder straps
  • Luggage ID tag

This vibrant, sporty-looking clarinet case is available in 5 different colors of which the teal blue is the most attractive, according to us!

The Protec Bb Clarinet Slimline Pro Pac fits your clarinet in tight to avoid movement and damage during travel.

In fact, it is ideal for travel with its locking ring and luggage ID tag to keep safe and well tracked.

You may take it to rainy, windy, or snowy locations without worrying about your clarinet’s safety.

Within the case, the instrument fits tight and is sealed well with strong metal zippers and a case lock.

There is an inner gusseted storage pocket for valuable documents, cards, or sheet music. Plus 2 zipped pockets to organize other stuff.

The pockets have zippers, velcro, and then another velcro closing, to seal it all. Optional backpack strap.

The shoulder straps are strong and as well as reinforced. You may carry this one like a backpack or with the handle, as it weighs only 1.75 pounds.


  • Precision fit
  • Soft, durable, weather-resistant
  • Good for travel
  • Convenient organizer
  • Pen/pencil loops
  • Stands out!


  • Not big enough for sheet music or folder

4) Gator Lightweight Polyfoam Clarinet Case – with an adjustable strap and padded handle


Top Features

  • Lightweight and strong
  • Multiple pockets
  • Plush interiors
  • Suitable for students

This Gator case is designed especially for student-sized clarinets. Its exterior is hard but with an attractive nylon surface that is easy to keep clean and dry.

Its black, lavish interiors are layered with EPS foam for superior support and safety. There are internal mouthpiece holders and some well-sized front and back pockets for accessories, phones, keys, etc.

The rubber shoulder straps on this clarinet case are removable and fitted with D-rings and clips for deeper reinforcement.

There is also an interlocking rubber carry handle while the shoulder straps are dependable. It weighs 2.2 pounds and can be carried as hand luggage by travelers.


  • Compact to travel with
  • Convenient outer pockets
  • Good for students


  • Clarinet fit is not snug
  • Too small for music books or folders

5) Protec Bb Black Clarinet MAX Case – is light and easy



Top Features:

  • Lightweight and rigid
  • Nylon exteriors
  • Durable feet
  • Quick and easy locking system
  • Back-packable

Another Protec Clarinet Case that’s light and durable. Its EPS foam frame, 600D nylon outer casing, and well-molded interiors make it a good choice for beginners and experienced players, alike.

The soft lining will protect your instrument from scratches and damage, giving it the treatment it deserves. The easy quick-lock system and custom molded zippers are for maximum safety.

The feet are designed to hold the weight and are quite strong. The front storage pocket is ample for sheet music, music books, reeds, and more.

Front zipped pocket. It can be carried both as a backpack or a carry-on and weighs 2 pounds. Highly functional and long-lasting.


  • Many positive reviews online for durability
  • Multiple storage sections
  • Good investment


  • Doesn’t stand up, only on its side
  • May not fit all Bb Clarinet sizes


6) Pro Tec A307 Clarinet/Oboe Case Cover – Luxury cover for Clarinet or Oboe case


Top Features:

  • Designed for hard shell clarinet case
  • Weather-proof nylon
  • Large-sized front pocket
  • Padded carrying handle, rubberized handle & backpack option

The prominent asset of the ProTec A307 Deluxe Clarinet Case Cover (also suitable for an Oboe) is its spacious front pocket that is big enough to accommodate sheet music along with other accessories. 5mm padding

Also, it’s a case cover, not a clarinet cover. It’s a protective covering for hard shell clarinet cases that hold the instruments. So it’s meant to keep your expensive clarinet case free from scratches and marks.

It has two handles – one for carrying and another rubberized subway handle. This case cover can be carried as a backpack or slung over the shoulder.

Good for traveling due to the extra 5mm padded layer it offers and handy luggage ID tag.


  • Roomy storage compartment
  • Good for students and rough usage, protect well


  • Can’t stand up, weak feet
  • Front pocket does not accommodate bulky folders

7) Tosnail Padded Clarinet Case – the water-resistant gig bag



Top Features:

  • Dense foam padding
  • Nylon DuraGuard cover
  • Shoulder strap
  • Two storing compartments

The Tosnail 600D is a straightforward clarinet case and gig bag. Its specialty is in its simplicity.

Well padded with a heavy layer of foam, it’s distributed into just two compartments – one for the instrument and the other for your sheet music, reeds, straps, and more.

The outer covering is made of nylon with a DuraGuard coating for extra protection from the weather and general damage.

Another clever feature, in this case, is the 4 pieces of high-quality plastic attached to its base which prevent the case from harsh surfaces during transit.

The Tosnail 600D uses Oxford cloth which is durable, in its own way. It also has a sturdy carry handle and is secured with strong zippers and velcro.


  • Plastic-lined accessory compartment
  • Good stitching and finish


  • Can’t carry music books
  • Not designed for rough usage

8) Gator Lightweight Molded Clarinet Case – secured with locking Latch


Top Features:

  • Lightweight, strong aluminum
  • Chrome-plated latches
  • Regal interiors
  • Made for students

This Gator Case has a classic look and vintage appeal. Though its lightweight, it’s a strong piece with an even stronger locking system. It has ABS Construction and fits the instrument in tight for extra protection.

It comes with a D-link to attach a shoulder strap but its innate style comes forth better when carried like a smart briefcase.

On opening, there are dedicated cut-out compartments for instrument components but none for accessories or sheet music.

This is an ideal case for a beginner or student as it fits only student-sized models of clarinets.


  • Good quality metal hardware
  • Sturdy and well-lined
  • Good looking
  • Easy to pack and unpack, everything visible at one glance


  • Bad lock quality
  • Not weather-proof

9) Gator Clarinet Case – from the Lightweight Spirit Series collection



Top Features:

  • Nylon exteriors
  • EPS foam lining
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Comfort-grip handle

Cute, compact, and sporty, this Gator GL-CLARINET-RB Clarinet Case is from the Lightweight Spirit series. It comes in various two color combinations, from which we have chosen red and blue.

The outside looks like a gym/activity bag but the inside is lined and a cut-out to protect your instrument. The rubber shoulder pad has a no-slip feature while even the handle is comfortable to grasp.

And yes, there are external pockets for accessories. This case can be carried in one hand or slung over the shoulder, thanks to a removable shoulder strap.


  • Bright and appealing to students
  • Compact and secure


  • Too small for experienced players

10) Protec Clarinet Carry-All Case – with music and accessories sections


Top Features:

  • Weather-proof 1680 ballistic nylon
  • 2 extra spacious compartments for music, accessories, etc.
  • Convenient QuickLock
  • Rubber runners and rubber feet

The Protec Bb Clarinet Carry-All PRO PAC Case has it all! It’s designed for experienced or professional players and caters to their every need. Suited for most Bb clarinets, Impact resistant

Ample room to store sheet music, accessories, and straps. It is also weather-resistant and ideal for traveling over long distances.

Strong straps and a subway handle allow this case to be carried in one hand, slung over the shoulder, and even as a backpack.

The special QuickLock mechanism is a neat way to quickly enclose the case without waiting to pull on any zippers.

The durable metal zippers have a locking ring. The padded straps are adjustable to carrying over the shoulder or on the back. There is also a luggage ID tag for safe traveling.

It is also well reinforced at the base with rubber runners to protect its corners and rubber feet to keep the bottom safe.


  • Well designed and complete
  • Good protection
  • Suitable for musicians with a lot of accessories
  • Many compartments


  • Little heavy and bulky
  • Doesn’t accommodate music binders, only sheets

Buying Consideration: How Will You Pickup Your Best Clarinet Case?

If you’re thinking of purchasing a clarinet case, you are either moving up from a hard, heavy old fashioned type or you’re completely new to the modern styles.

In any case, the contemporary clarinet case or clarinet case cover is designed to be lightweight yet strong, well lined, easy to carry, and accommodating.

Within these, there are a beginner or student varieties and the bigger, layered professional kinds.But to understand the true criterion on which to base your decision, let’s consider these points in detail:

1) Brand

The most prominent brands offering an impressive variety of clarinet cases include Protec, Gator, Tosnail, and others such as Buffet and Crampton.

In our list, we’ve included 6 Protec cases purely due to the brand loyalty that this name enjoys Plus most online customer reviews for Protec are favorable with a few minor glitches mentioned once in a while.

Protec is the company that provides everything musical and is therefore a go-to brand for most musicians.

Even Gator has its own fan following for its sporty, student-centric clarinet case range. If you’re looking for a classic or vintage style, the Protec series has varieties to choose from.

In case, you’re brand new to the world of instrument cases and accessories, we recommend you choose a tried and tested brand over a random newbie.

Plus with the more established brands, customer support is better in case of any issues with the purchased case.

2) Protection

If you’re buying for a student or child, know exactly how many layers of protection are adequate to keep the instrument safe at all times.

Most clarinet cases are well padded with foam and inner linings. If you are truly worried, there is the option of a double protective layer in the form of a clarinet case cover that fits over the case that the clarinet comes in.

Remember, a clarinet case needs to bear it all and come out shining. So, bumps and crashes are one thing but dropping from a height or falling onto the case is another!

And it happens more often than you may think. So, choose well considering all possibilities and circumstances.

Protection includes the quality and number of locks, zippers, and velcro plus zipper combinations. How easy is it for your child to lock and unlock?

If you live or play in locations with a lot of rain or snow, a high-quality nylon exterior is preferable for this kind of weather

3) Carrying

Every clarinet player knows the importance of carrying ease when it comes to their clarinet and its case. The challenge is in finding one that is well insulated but not too heavy.

Most clarinet cases in our list come with straps to convert into a backpack. Since the clarinet is long, most cases are elongated with one strong handle to lift with.

Needless to say, these handles need to be well padded and many also offer the option of a subway handle.

The kind of handles and straps that suit you depend on how far you need to carry your instrument and via which mode of transport

Large bulky cases prove to be a hindrance and nuisance, even to others, on crowded trains or buses. However, smaller ones seem flimsy and not designed for rough usage.

The trick is to find the middle-path that fits your needs best.

Choose a case with padded handles and straps that make it easier to carry your case in whichever way you please.

4) Storage

The general rule is that the more experienced you are, the more music and accessories you may tend to carry.

The exception to this rule is of course beginner music books and fat music binders. But most students carry around a school bag which can hold bigger items.

It’s handy to be able to store your reeds, straps, etc along with the instrument.

Hence, even if you don’t require a lot of storage right now, choose a case with at least some space for accessories that may be needed 6 months or a year down the line.

Ideally, even the storage compartments should be padded and weatherproof for ultimate security.

5) Base

Not many people consider this point till its too late. The base of the case includes its ability to stand without support and the feet that protect the case from getting damaged.

Many cases are not able to stand on their sides and need to be laid down flat when needed. This occupies more space.

But if you can find one that stands upright, especially during busy commutes, you’ll appreciate this tip!

Weak or bad quality feet can also be a problem so check their durability before buying.

The Protec BB Clarinet Carry-All Pro Pac from our list has rubber runners and feet for extra cushioning and safety, so it might be worth a try.

6) Travel-Safe

Many clarinetists travel for performances or workshops to different locations. The smaller cases tend to fit into the overhead compartment and are easy to keep an eye on.

But the bigger cases utilized by most professionals may need to get checked in or stored in the luggage compartment in hotels or at airports.

If your clarinet case requirement involves a lot of traveling, look for strong well-padded straps, good quality nylon, and a heavy locking mechanism.

Even if your case is padded, you may need to provide some extra padding so find a case that allows that. You will also get travel clarinet cases with a luggage ID tag.

It also helps if your clarinet case has multiple pockets that can be individually locked and secured to take care of your wallet, boarding ticket, etc. if needed.

FAQs About The Clarinet Case

We’ve included some FAQ’s to cover any other questions that you may have on choosing the best clarinet case:

01.Clarinet case or clarinet case cover? Which one is better?

This depends on your requirement.

A clarinet case is a protective covering or bag in which the instrument is directly placed. There usually are cut-out compartments to accommodate the clarinet components and its accessories.

A clarinet case cover, on the other hand, is to protect the clarinet in its original, mostly, leather case. If you wish to keep using your leather case, then a clarinet case cover is what you need.

But if you need well insulated and padded protection for your instrument, without the leather case, a clarinet case is recommended.

Removing and packing the clarinet into and out of two different cases or covers, can be a hassle and take more time than just one case. Students or beginners may find it difficult to manage.

02. Which case should I choose for my beginner level child?

From our list, all of these are suitable for younger students or beginner players of any age:

  1. Micro-Sized pro-tec ABS Protection Silver Clarinet Case,
  2. Gator Cases Lightweight Polyfoam Clarinet Case with Removable Strap and Rubber Interlocking Carry Handle
  3. Gator Cases Lightweight Molded Clarinet Case with Locking Latch and Plush Lined Interior; Stackable
  4. Gator GL-CLARINET-RB Lightweight Spirit Series Clarinet Case, Red, and Blue
  5. Tosnail 600D Water-resistant Foam Cotton Padded Clarinet Case, Clarinet Gig Bag

The Gator Case Lightweight Polyfoam Clarinet Case is, in fact, designed for student-sized clarinets so it is ideal for beginners.

All other cases in our list are compact, easy to carry, and with smaller compartments for sheet music and accessories than the professional ones.

03. Is one case enough or should I buy two for longevity?

One good quality clarinet case should be enough for your clarinet storing and traveling needs. It is also more convenient to keep the instrument and its accessories in one place to avoid misplacement.

You may choose to purchase two clarinet cases for your use. One for local use and the other for when you travel. Some clarinet cases are better designed for travel than others.

If a clarinet case is well maintained it will last longer and eliminate the need for a back-up.

04. Should I choose nylon or aluminum exteriors?

Most modern clarinet cases have nylon covering that makes these cases easy to clean and gives them a weatherproof covering.

The nylon used for clarinet cases is of superior quality and sometimes, reinforced with DuraGuard, an additional layer of protection.

The Gator Case Lightweight Molded Clarinet Case with Locking Latch and Plush Lined Interior from our list is one with an aluminum cover and has a more traditional look.

Though it’s sturdy, it does not offer the same level of weather resistance as nylon.

So your choice in nylon and aluminum depends on the kind of weather you live and store your clarinet in.

05. How much storage space do beginner players need?

Usually, a beginner clarinet player does not need a lot of storage space as he or she probably has not collected a lot of sheet music or does not own many accessories.

The instrument storing compartment requires five parts for the mouthpiece, barrel, upper and lower joint, and the bell.

Another small compartment is needed for a couple of pages of sheet music and a few spare parts.

Always plan for a little more space than you currently need as a beginner, with scope to store more than you currently own.

06. Can I keep the clarinet in its case for long periods of time?

It is recommended that you keep your clarinet in a case when not in use. This will keep it safe and moisture-free. Avoid leaving your clarinet out on a stand for long periods of time to collect dust.

Before packing up your clarinet, wipe off the moisture from each joint as you dismantle. Store the clarinet and its case, in a cool, dry place to avoid molding and rusting.

07. Do I need a heavy lock on my clarinet case?

Yes, it is advisable to lock your clarinet case to be on the safe side.

If you are required to keep your clarinet separate from you for a class or during travel, opt for a good quality locking mechanism that includes zippers and locks. For younger students, find a system that is easy to fasten and unlock.

The Gator Cases Lightweight Molded Clarinet Case from our list has an efficient locking latch that serves this purpose well.

08. How long does an average clarinet case last?

Most clarinet cases last for around two years if maintained well. Some good quality ones could even last longer.

If purchasing for a student or beginner player, choose one that will fit his or her needs one or even two years down the line.

Maintaining a clarinet case is important. You may use a vacuum cleaner to clean the insides once a week or wipe it down on the outside with a microfibre cloth.

9) Can I store other instruments in my clarinet case?

You may be able to fit an Oboe, Flute, or Recorder into a Clarinet Case. However, every instrument has its own specific case cut to its exact shape and size, which ensures a more snug and safer fit.

Unless it is like the Pro-Tec A307 Deluxe Clarinet/Oboe Case Cover from our list, which is designed to fit both, Clarinet and Oboe cases.

10)  Is it easier to carry a clarinet case on the back, on one shoulder, or in one hand?

It’s not only easier but also better for your back and neck, to carry your clarinet case on your back or across both shoulders.

If you’re traveling long distances by train or bus, a subway handle is useful but not if you plan to walk for long distances, carrying your instrument.

Get a clarinet case that gives you the option of slinging over one shoulder or carrying it like a backpack.


As you can see, there is a wide range of clarinet case brands in the market, with a few that dominate due to their superior product line and goodwill.

Purchasing from more established brands is a safer decision. However, due to the wide choices available, you have the freedom to select exactly what suits you.

Whether a beginner, intermediate, or experienced clarinetist, there is a perfect clarinet case, for everyone. We hope our guide will help you to find yours.

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