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Top 10 Best Drum Mic Kit 2021 – Review And Buying Guide

Attention drummers! Are you looking for the best drum mic kit? Is your snare not being picked up, kick drum too dull, or are your drum recordings sounding weak? Perhaps, you just got yourself a new drum kit and the cymbals are drowning out everything else? These are signs, among many, to go online and grab a spanking new mic set for your drums.

Check out the latest features in our list of Shure beauties and some nice surprises from Dynamic, Heimu, Audix, and more…


Comparison Table Of Best Drum Mic Kits (Top Rated Drum Mic Kits)

Shure DMK57
Audix DP7
Pyle PDKM12

We’ve done the research and presented you with the facts so you don’t miss a beat. You will find below a list of features along with all the necessary details.

Here it is, loud and clear!


10 Best Drum Mic Kit Sets Review -A Complete Microphone Package For Reinforcing Kick Drums & Recording

1) Shure DMK57-52 Microphone – All-rounder mic




  • Right for snare, toms and kick drum
  • Good reliable sound
  • Integral locking stand mount
  • Stage and studio usage

Right off the bat, it is a Shure! But let’s find out more… This drum mic kit is designed to pick up every little (and big!) sound you make on the snare, kick drum, toms, you name it!

So, if you are looking for a well-rounded sound from your drum kit, this is definitely the mic set for you.

The frequent problem faced by drummers is the inaccuracy to capture a sound fully, and thus they have to spend long hours mixing the sound.

But with the DMK57-52 you will not only get a crisp sound but one that will hardly require mixing on your part.

Give power to your kick drum

One of the best features of this mic set is the contoured frequency response, especially on the kick drum.

It allows the sound to cut through and reproduces beautifully. This also skillfully controls its punch and sonic presence.

So, even if you are playing with complete power, the kick drum will retain its loudness but at the same never overpower the rest of the kit.

Even the smallest of venues will be able to hear each unique tone clearly, and not be drowned by the sound of the overpowering bass.

Ready to deploy

The Shure DMK57-52 has its own pneumatic internal pumping shock mount and a locking stand mount. So, if you are looking to set up a quick gig then this mic set will do the job perfectly well.

Additionally, you get to wrap-up quickly too. Moreover, you can place this system anywhere around the drum kit, with no fuss, whether at a show or in the studio, thanks to the compact A56D.

A great set, overall for all drummers out there.


  • Perfect of live music and recordings
  • Solid, well built
  • Accurate and clear sound


  • Poor clamps quality

2) Shure PGADRUMKIT7 7-Piece Drum Microphone Kit – Strong and reliable




  • 7 pieces in all
  • Zipped carrying case
  • Professional quality set
  • Well designed and durable

Another brilliant mic set from the house of Shure. This one features the complete set of mics that you would need for setting up a professional gig.

You have 1 mic for the kick drum, 3 for snare/toms, 1 for the instrument, and 2 for condenser instruments.

This is a great packet for the drummers to consider. However, there is a 5 piece one available in the market as well, but we recommend this one, especially for full-scale professional set-ups.

Control every aspect

If you are using a Shure drum kit mic set, then you know that you are using the tools of professionals.

But an added advantage of this particular product is the availability of multiple applications with which you can have a wide range of sonic attributes into the drum sound.

Since this set has many components, these applications can be used together to create an epic sound.

Play it loud

This is a tried and tested mic set in all kinds of rock ‘n roll environments. Play as loud as you want and as freely as possible, and your entire dynamic range of sounds will still be captured perfectly.

Most drum mics can capture the sound, but it gets distorted once the instrument gets too loud. This a problem you will never face with this product.

This is truly a professional product!


  • Durable metal
  • Easy and steady
  • Worth the money


  • Carrying case has no place for cables
  • The sound may require EQ adjustment

3) Audix DP7 7- piece Drum Mic Package – High-quality sound 




  • 7 percussion and drum mics
  • Overhead condensers
  • Aluminum case

This Audix drum mic kit contains 7 high-quality mics designed especially for percussion instruments.

The DVICE gooseneck clips allow safe and secure mounting on rims while the overhead condenser mics give that essential depth to the sound quality.

The primary use of this mic set is to reduce any unwanted sound or distortion from your drum kit. This is another option that has created a sensation in the market that every drummer would like to have.

Safe and secure

It comes with a cool and pretty sturdy aluminum road case for all the valuable components.

So, if you are in a band or a sound engineer and need to do an overseas show, this case will be the perfect travel equipment for your mic set.

Trusted by professionals

Audix has set industry standards for many aspects of live sound recording, so you can be assured of its superior quality.

Furthermore, some of the components of this mic set are preferred by topmost professionals while recording a drum kit.

Overall, it is a great piece of recording equipment that you can use in a home studio, a pro recording studio, or even live.


  • Built-in EQ
  • Many mounting options
  • Small and convenient
  • Warm, crisp sound
  • Good for live performance and recordings


  • Missing a high-hat mic
  • D6 may not catch the low end of the kick drum

4) PYLE-PRO Pyle 7-Piece – Complete Ensemble




  • Compatible with various mic stands and rims
  • Complete high-performance set
  • Neat carry case

The 7 pieces in the Pyle-Pro include 1 big drum mic, 4 smaller drum mics, and 2 condenser mics. These allow a complete performance set-up including drums, vocals, and other instruments like keyboards or piano.

Moreover, this will be the last piece of recording equipment you will need to have your live sound ready.

Special mics for recording low frequency

Don’t let your cymbals overpower and cut off the boom of your kick drum. With this 7 piece setup, you will be able to record the low end of your drum kit perfectly.

On the other hand, you also get a set of flat mics that will capture the cymbal sound and other high frequencies in a crisp manner.

No extra component required

With this set, you also get a threaded clip, inserts, mic holders, and the classy silver case. The briefcase designed case is good for traveling with a secure locking system.

It is an all in one kit for professionals who want to get the true sound of the kit.

Ideal for all situations

Suitable for all drum rims and with high compatibility with many audio instruments, the PYLE-Pro sounds like a gig mic set, but its equally ideal for intimate studio recordings.

Get the best sound out of your kit anywhere with this mic set.

One-stop mic shop for all your drumbeats!


  • High-quality snare/tom mics
  • Good for recording
  • Worth the money


  • Delicate condensers
  • The lock has a master key; can be opened by other Pyle Pro owners!


5) Heimu Professional Condenser Microphone (Condenser Mic) – Single and effective




  • Single unidirectional mic
  • Integrated pop filter
  • Strong metal structure
  • Zinc die-cast case
  • For stage and recording

This solitary condenser mic may not look powerful, but it has the uncanny ability to single outsource signal from amplified and block out background sounds and interference.

It can be used to record and control any instrument, but it works best when used for a drum kit. This is definitely one of the best condenser mics out there, and its features make it perfect for recording percussive sounds.

Long term usage guaranteed

Equipped with a moisture-resistant cover, this mic displays amazing clarity in sounds and delivers the necessary punch.

Moreover, its wide frequency response creates a clear, uncluttered sound. The zinc case is not all, it also has a steel mesh screen that keeps this mic safe and running for long.

Perfect for stage usage

While used by professionals to record, this condenser mic can handle the stage sounds like a pro.

Many of its features such as the pop filter allow it to be a highly responsive piece of recording equipment, and the mesh screen allows for dynamic recording in all situations


  • Well built and compact
  • Full-bodied sound
  • Good for studio application


  • Not a very effective condenser
  • Could pick up some background hum

6) Ammoon TAKSTAR DMS-7AS Wired Microphone Mic Kit for Drum Set – High and low frequencies




  • Durable, sturdy metal
  • Wired set
  • XLR connectors
  • Aluminum case

Each mic in this kit has its specialized task, thereby allowing for capturing each sound in its uniqueness.

The condenser mic’s wide frequency response is even able to detect and carry cymbal and high hat sounds, which is quite refreshing.

Very few drum mic sets hold that ability, but with this mic set, you can depend on it to get the job done every time. We can call this an excellent set with a brilliant performance.

The big bass sound

The big drum mic does its job well of transporting the low and dynamic bass drum sounds while the small drum mic carries the low plus mid-leveled sounds, like the snare and tom-toms.

So, if you are looking to record a rock n roll or modern pop sound, one where the bass takes the front seat, this is the perfect mic set for the job.

Achieve recording brilliance

So, overall, it is a good set that covers every sound and connects well to audio instruments. It also has an aluminum carry case reinforced with foam. So, you can carry it to a gig or set up a home studio, and this mic set is all you will need for recording percussions.

High or low, Ammoon has what it takes.


  • Solid construction
  • Safe case
  • Good sound


  • Clamps may not fit all drum sets
  • Average bass mic

7) Neewer 7 Piece Wired Dynamic Drum Mic Kit  – Cardiod pick up




  • All-rounder kit
  • Superior sound reproduction
  • Cardiod pick up
  • XLR female jack with every mic

This pro-level Neewer mic set features 1 bass drum mic, 2 condenser mics, and 4 tabor mics. They all come with holders and clamps in a snug aluminum case.

It is a set designed for instrumental sounds rather than vocals so it is ideal for all kinds of drums. You can also use it to record other low-frequency instruments and even Pianos.

A good mix of highs and lows

The bass mic takes care of low frequencies, tabors handle the snare/tom-toms and the condenser works well for the cymbals and even keyboard.

The versatility of this set is owing to its cardioid microphone system that picks up the right sounds and leaves out the rest.

So, when you finally hit the monitor you get each sound in its clarity, but all mixed together to form a classic sound.

Easy to use

The mounting components include 7 mic holders and 4 drum clamps. They’ve included an XLR female jack with every mic to make life easier.

This was clearly made keeping in mind the versatile requirements of recording a drum kit. So, if you are looking for a quick yet pro-sounding setup, then this mic set will do the trick.

The carry case is light and does the job.


  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Durable
  • Good clamps and holder quality


  • Kick drum mic could sound dull
  • May not last long according to users


8) XTUGA New MI7 7-Piece Wired Dynamic Drum Mic Kit – Loud and versatile




  • Super cardioid quality
  • Designed for professional use and studio recording
  • Built-in dynamic stand adapter
  • Supports drums, brass, woodwind, etc

If Neewer has a cardiod mic, XTUGA boasts of a super cardiod one! And it is not a mere claim,  it truly does deliver exceptional output, attack and punch even under extreme pressure conditions.

Over time XTUGA has become one of the most trusted Chinese brands when it comes to sound recording and is frequently used by professionals worldwide.

All the equipment you need

This set has 1 big drum mic, 4 small drum mics, and 2 condenser mics. Accessories include the usual holders, thread clips, thread inserts, clamps but also 2 condenser windscreens.

The built-in dynamic locking stand adapter protects getaway drumsticks. All presented and protected in a neat aluminum case.

Get the pro sound hassle-free

It is recommended for professional sound recording due to its superior sound quality. And the usage of this set is not limited to drums.

While it quite easily supports vocals, guitars, wind, and brass instruments, the design of it is meant for studio recording drum kits.

So, if you want to take this mic set to a live setup, it will function equally well and serve as good as any professional live drum mic set. All you need is just have it and perform like a star.

A must-have for those looking to build a pro studio.


  • Compact
  • Good sound quality


  • Average sound according to a few users

9) Dynamic Condenser Drum Microphone Kit – Universal connector




  • 7 mics
  • Suitable to any drum set and percussion
  • Lightweight case

This drum mic set from Dynamic covers it all, low to flat sounds, cymbals, and vocals. Not only that, but it covers them well and can record the true sound of each instrument while rejecting the others.

It is also versatile and quite accommodating for any set of drums or percussion instruments.

Plug-in anywhere

Its compatibility extends to even its thread which connects to most mike stands. Plus a universal XLR connector.

A good portable case for its 1 bass drum mic, 4 small drum dynamic mics, and 2 snare/tom-tom mics.

Regardless of the setup that you have in your studio, this mic set will be able to match its requirements and give you an energetic sound.

Bring home the big sound

If you are looking to record a song with drums that sound big and pound hard, this mic set is the perfect equipment.

It connects to everything possible and is a very pro-level gear overall. So, if you choose to go for it, this can prove to be a perfect pick.


  • Strong clamps
  • Compact case
  • Value for money


  • Average customer service for replacements


10) Sabian Sound Kit Drum Mic and Mixer Pack, (SSKIT) – Mixer and headphones




  • Mic and mixer
  • Kick drum and cymbal mics
  • Live audio set

This one differs from the lot in our list with an added personal drum mixer (PDMR). The entire set up is designed for ultimate drum sounds.

Though there are only 3 mics, Sabian has provided a short tutorial to get the max out of them, with ideal placement. This pro mic set will take up the least amount of space yet deliver uniquely on its recording quality.

Position them right

You can achieve the best sound by positioning the overhead mic above the snare drum and the second overhead mic above the kick drum beater.

They provide a clever calibration chord that attaches to the kick beater, stretches up till the first overhead mic.

Thirdly, the placement of the kick drum mic is normally. And there you have it! Sabian’s 3 mic technique to get the best sound from your drums.

Multipurpose usage

There is also a headphone amp and a line-out for any live audio sessions you may conduct. This product is perfect for all types of drummers and sound engineers.

Get your recording done in a highly professional way with the help of this Sabian drum mic set.


  • Easy to use
  • Headphones help improve play
  • Perfect for recording


  • No stands or chords (except calibration chord)
  • EQ in kick drum mic may seem off

You Need To Consider For Picking Up The Best Drum Mic Kits On The Market


This point refers to whether a particular drum mic set possesses enough mics to completely cover your drum performing or recording requirements.

Most of the best drum mic kits have 7 mics, each one dedicated to a particular drum section. But a few are either solitary, like the Heimu or limited to a 3 mic system by Sabian.

Some drummers may be able to get adequate results using specific placement. But others may feel the need to add extra mics.

So, if you currently have no drum mics, a 7 piece may be preferable to a single or 3 mics set to cover all your bases.


Beginner drum set mics differ from professional ones. Added to which, some drum mics are better suited for live shows, others for studio recordings and then some can handle both.

The Shure DMK57-52 Microphone and the Shure PGADRUMKIT7 7-Piece Drum Microphone Kit are applicable to both live and studio set-ups.

Added to these are the Audix DP7 7-piece Drum Mic Package, Dynamic Condenser Drum Microphone Kit – Universal connector, PYLE-PRO Pyle 7-Piece,

XTUGA New MI7 7-Piece Wired Dynamic Drum Mic Kit, and Heimu Professional Condenser Microphone.

The Sabian Sound Kit Drum Mic and Mixer Pack is more of a beginners or practice drum mic set or just for small live gigs, but not for professional recordings.

So, to find the right drum mic set, it is better to know what you want from them specifically.


Some of the better brands for audio equipment such as drum mic sets are Shure, Audix, Sennheiser, and Samson. We included a mix of established brands and new ones with good pieces.

The bigger brands even cater to more than just carrying or recording the drum beat sounds. They are more versatile and equally effective for keyboards, vocals, and other percussion instruments.

However, some of the newer brands like XTUGA show promise and can achieve a sound quality as well as the bigger names.

The Newer, Ammoon, and Audix are all rated high on sound quality and are brands worth checking out.


A drum mic set is not only about the mics but also the clasps and connectors that contribute to its performance.

The Ammoon, Pyre Pro and Sabian sets either don’t come with mike stands, clasps and chords or then may need replacements.

A good set of accessories includes holders, thread clips, thread inserts, clamps, condenser windscreens, XLR connectors, built-in dynamic locking stand adapter, and of course, a good case.

Incidentally, this is all available with the XTUGA New MI7 7-Piece Wired Dynamic Drum Mic Kit.

The case carrying the drum mike set needs to be sturdy and light at the same time. Plus it would be better with dedicated compartments for all the accessories.

The Sabian Sound Kit Drum Mic and Mixer Pack have a headphones amplifier attachment which is an accessory that you may need if you’re learning to play and wish to hear what you truly sound like.


Versatility refers to the ability of the drum mic set to connect to a variety of drum sets and other instruments if required.

Some best drum mike kits are designed for the instrumental sound like the Audix DP7 7-piece Drum Mic Package that is meant for percussion and the Neewer 7 Piece Wired Dynamic

Drum Mic Kit which works better with any instrument over vocal frequencies.

The XTUGA New MI7 7-Piece Wired Dynamic Drum Mic Kit also supports brass and woodwind.

The creation of many of the 7 mic systems is to fulfill the need for a variety of placements, uses, and instruments and has more versatile characteristics.

FAQ’s About Drum Mic Kit Set In The Market

Can I mix my new drum mic set with older mics?

Yes absolutely! You can mix your old mics with the new ones to capture a wider sound. For example, the snare can be caught from 3 different directions, some close, some further away.

Depending on your requirement for a recording or live show, you may try out various permutations and combinations with all your available mics to get the perfect sound.

Each drummer and sound engineer has their unique requirements, so use your imagination and knowledge to get the right mix.

What is the best placement for the 7 drum mic set for live shows?

Good placement for a live show with 7 mics set is 1/2 mic on the kick drum, 1 short body above and another mic below the snare, 1 small-diaphragm condenser

on the high-hat, 1 mic for each tom, and a pair of small-diaphragm condenser mics for the overhead cymbals. Use a dynamic mic for the lower frequency/kick drum.

What is the best placement for the 7 drum mic set for studio recordings?

Good placement for studio sessions with 7 mics set is 1 mic on the kick drum, 1/2 on the snare (one above and one below), 1 on the high-hat, 1 for each tom, and a pair of mics for the overhead cymbals. Use a dynamic mic for the lower frequency/kick drum.

Where do I place the single condenser mic for the best sound quality?

Sometimes single mics can get much better results than a set of 7, 5 or 3 mics. The trick is in a balanced placement which is in the center, not too high and not too low.

The place where every component is picked up easily with none overpowering the others.

How do I ensure the longevity of my drum mics?

You can store condenser mics in a plastic bag when not in use. Even before placing into your drum mic set case, cover in plastic to avoid dust and moisture collection.

Also, condenser mics are more sensitive than other mics so make sure not to expose them to very loud sounds.

You can clean dynamic mics by removing the grille and lightly brushed or rinsed with water. Dry thoroughly before replacing the grille.

How can I record drums with a drum mic set at home?

To record in a home you need the same mic system as in a studio, to get the best results. 2 overhead condenser mics and one for each component of the drum set.

Small mics that can be clamped on to the sides of the toms work best. You will need 7 mics in all. You will also need to have a good set of mic cables.

To enable the recording you need a multi-channel audio interface to send the sound to your computer and back. A headphone amp and some headphones will assist you well.

A computer with a lot of space and a digital audio workstation will help you master and store your recordings.


There is a huge range of drum mic sets available with a variety of mic combinations, under multiple brands.

With many drummers playing and recording from home these days, home studios are becoming popular. So, if you’re one such musician, research well before you invest in a drum mic set.

And, if you’re part of a band or play multiple instruments, find one that serves multiple purposes.

We hope this guide will help you find the best drum mic kit for your needs. Remember to choose as per your needs and not simply go by the big brand names.

The newer brands also have equally good equipment to offer, as long as you use them for their intended purposes.

Now go out there and record your drums in a pro way like never before!

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