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Top 10 Best Headphones For Electronic Drums Review 2021 – Ensure Ultimate Entertainment

Are you into virtual drumming? These are the best headphones for electronic drums you need to know about the dynamic headphones for electronic drums that are the perfect complement for virtual drums.

These instruments have revolutionized the percussion world like never before. The headphones that stand out need to have certain features that make them special for the task.

We are about to go through 10 hand-picked models, a short, concise buying guide, and some FAQs. By the end of this article, you will know exactly what you need to start drumming silently today.


A Table of Top Headphones For Electronic Drums (Check Details & Availability)

Sony MDR7506
Beyerdynamic DT 770 (250 Ohm)
Beyerdynamic DT770 (80 Ohm )
Sennheiser HD280PRO
Roland RH-300V
Vic Firth
Shure SRH840
Alesis DRP100
KAT Percussion
CAD Audio DH100

Top 10 Best Headphones For Electronic Drums Review 2020 – For Noise Isolation & High-quality Sound

Sharing a house with a family stopped being a problem to enjoy your favorite instrument. Find the perfect headphones for electronic drums and play the night away every night!

1) Sony MDR7506 Closed-Back Headphones



Top Features

  • Neodymium magnets
  • 8-feet long cable
  • Foldable design
  • Provided soft case

When looking for the finest headphones for your electronic drum, the Sony MDR7506 is a serious contender.

The sound quality is superb. This pair produces bright highs that don´t get to shrill territory and defined low frequencies.

If you are trying to hear your own kick drum through a complete mix and your low frequencies sound muddy, you´re missing a big part of the fun.

Best electronic drum headphones need to also excel in comfort. In the case of the Sony MDR7506, they are light because of the plastic and the neodymium.

Although light can usually mean extended hours of comfort Sony should have invested in the thickness of the headband a little more.

Extended hours of sweaty playing turn out being a tad too much for these headphones at times.

Connection-wise, these contenders for the classic headphones are great. The telephone coil cable can stretch and compress accompanying your playing moves.

This feature will give you more freedom and comfort to play in every situation.

Drummers will really love the long frequency spectrum and the tight response. With an included soft case and foldable design, they make great travel companions too.

The only thing you wish they had is a detachable cable.


  • Superb sound quality
  • Light-weight construction
  • Tight low end
  • Retro look


  • The cable is not detachable

2) Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 250 Ohm Studio Headphones



Top Features

  • Durable, sturdy construction
  • Light-weight, extra comfortable headband
  • Great sound quality
  • Aimed for audiophiles and music lovers

In the race for the best headphones for electronic drums, the German giants are serious runners for the gold medal. With outstanding audio quality, they can reproduce most frequencies in the spectrum easily.

The EQ curve chosen by Beyerdynamic for the DT770 PRO is quite flat. This means that the response is closer to the source than to an FM-radio.

This small but paramount feature turned the DT770 PRO into a legend in studios around the world.

Sound engineers, audiophiles and music listeners who love to hear all nuances will be very pleased with this pair. They are not the best for casual listeners, gamers, and listeners who want explosive boosted lows and bright highs.

The flat response tends to be boring for its use outside studio endeavors. Although that is the case, hearing all the dynamics of your own playing is always a plus.

With the headphones that excel for electronic drums, you should be able to follow your crash, kick drum, and snare effortlessly.

The thing with these headphones is that they have very high impedance. Roughly speaking, higher impedance generates better sound quality and also lower volume.

If you are a loud drummer or want to hear music powerfully and loud, you need a headphones amp.


  • Velour earpads for added comfort
  • Natural, flat response for a realistic feel
  • Audiophile impedance
  • Strong construction


  • Volume can be a problem

3) Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm Studio Headphones



Top Features

  • Great sound isolation with the over-ear design
  • Comfortable for long practice sessions
  • Great sound quality
  • Comfortable velour ear pads

“German precision” is what we could say about these contenders for the best electronic drum headphones. The craftsmanship is completely flawless and the bass reflex system really stands out from the crowd.

You get the perfect mix between carefully-designed low-frequency response and a flat EQ. This flat equalization, especially in the mids, will give you much more clarity and punch.

Instruments like guitars and keyboards as well as the snare on your drum kit will appear front-row in every mix.

Beyerdynamic created the Legendary DT770 PRO a long time ago. During that time, these headphones have seen the mixing board of many famous studios in their 250-ohm version.

For this rundown to the headphones that perform exceptionally well for electronic drums, although it sounds amazing, it is a little lacking on volume.

The 80-ohm version is for those musicians who want to go around just listening to music sounding terrific and also hit the studio.

Walking around with 250-ohm headphones requires a headphone amp which makes the experience quite different.

Finally, it is important that, regardless of the version you choose, you´re buying a timeless classic.

Thousands of studio hours and chart hits back this decision up; buying a known studio player makes matters easier.

If you show up with a pair of Beyerdynamic DT700 Plus, sound engineers will nod and know what to do right away.


  • A perfect mix between high-end sound quality and volume
  • Bass reflex system emphasizes the low end
  • Clear response to hearing musical details
  • A known-player for studio musicians


  • The cable is not detachable

4) Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphones



Top Features

  • 32db of outside noise isolation
  • Coiled cable
  • Replaceable headband and earpads
  • Adaptors included in the box

Speaking about German giants, Sennheiser couldn´t be out. The first thing that strikes you is the sound isolation which goes up to 32db. Moreover, the equalization curve that the company presents is quite plain.

This fact makes them suitable for studio work since they don´t bleed through monitoring sessions.

When engineers push up faders on some quiet drum parts and hear the loud click noise from the headphones know it is a problem in the mixing sessions.

Another great aspect to talk about in the race for the high performance of headphones for electronic drums is the coil cable.

The flexibility of an extendable cable is uncanny and when you are hitting those high cymbals Grohl-style, you need to be on it. Playing your instrument while being uncomfortable is not what you invest your money for.

Finally, the build and sound quality make this pair a serious contester for high-quality headphones.

With a good and flat response on all frequencies and a tiny boost on bass, these headphones excel for drummers.

Tight lows, defined mids and bright highs without being shrill allow you to enjoy each drum fill as if it was Wembley Stadium.


  • Sound quality is superb
  • Build quality is rock-solid
  • Flat audio response with improved lows
  • Very comfortable for long sessions


  • A little too tight on the skull of the listener

5) Roland RH-300V V-Drums Stereo Headphones



Top Features

  • Specially designed for drummers
  • Crisp and clear response on all frequencies
  • Quiet, noiseless-like operation
  • Finely tuned frequencies for Roland drums

Roland is one of the biggest virtual drum manufacturers in the world. As such, their clients demand the finest headphones work with their virtual drum products.

The Japanese giant responded in style and the Roland RH-300V is wonderful in all frequencies.

For example, the round definition on the low frequencies works perfectly with the deep drum kick of the entire line.

Let´s not forget about other virtual drum clients that work with the AIRA line.

The finger-drumming audience will also benefit largely from the flat response. Instruments such as snare drums and claps cut the mix while kick drums are deep and rich.

The fact that Roland created the RH300V especially for drummers is a noticeable feature. Although they are not clearly over the rest, they are a great choice for the best electronic drum.

A note apart is for comfort because the cups and the headband are great for long sessions. Roland knew that sitting on a Virtual Drum is not a matter of minutes but a matter of hours.

Although their construction is not as sturdy as other brands with lots of plastic parts; they are great for the job.


  • They sound perfect with drums
  • Comfortable in long sessions
  • Foldable design
  • Included gold-plated adapter


  • Many plastic parts, not as sturdy as the competition

6) Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones V2



Top Features

  • 25db of noise reduction
  • Designed specifically for drummers
  • Extra sturdy construction
  • Extra-long durability

If Roland is a Japanese giant when it comes to virtual drums, Vic Firth is its parallel in the drum sticks world. You can see a pair of Vic Firth in the hands of most drummers in the world.

The brand took that huge heritage and set out to manufacture headphones with high performance. Arguably, these are a new standard; Vic Firth managed to redesign the benchmark for drummer´s headphones.

The only bad news in that is that they are not for everyone. Moreover, they don´t even look like headphones; they are closer to hearing isolation devices used in manual work.

If the definition for the leading headphones for electronic drums in your mind is super rugged and isolated, this might be it. On the other hand, they are a one-trick pony that you won´t likely encounter people in public transport.

The frequency range of the response is so perfectly tuned that it doesn´t work in other fields. Plus, they don´t really look very well or are foldable like other headphones from the competition.

If you are looking for a pair exclusively to bang your drums with, this might be it.


  • Isolation at its best
  • Comfortable, strong and durable
  • Built like a rock
  • Balanced frequencies with an extra push in the lows.


  • Not fully adjustable cups

7) Shure SRH840 Professional Monitoring Headphones



Top Features

  • Closed headphones for critical listening
  • Created specifically for the studio performance
  • Flat frequency response
  • Collapsible design with carrying bag included

Shure is a brand known for bringing some of the best-known microphones in the history of music.

What many people don´t know is that they make serious contestants for the headphones that perform well for electronic drums as well.

The SRH line includes headphones for most professional applications in and out of the studio. The SRH840 is not their top-tier model but represents all that the company stands for.

Although they are not specifically made for drums like Vic Firth´s, these headphones can make anything sound great.

The frequency response is flat enough to be good for mixing and bold enough to be great for listening to drums.

Isolation is also another great factor along with the folding design and the classic Shure carrying bag. They are great for long trips as well as the studio.

A characteristic worth noting is the detachable coil cable that makes them safer and also more durable. Best Earbuds definitely need to be all about the ease of use and sound.

Although these Shure headphones are a tad too heavy for long sessions they sound terrific. Taking breaks every hour these could get the job done and take you back home listening to the tracks on the bus.


  • Foldable for comfortably carrying them around
  • Included carrying bag
  • Detachable coil cable
  • Flat frequency response specially tailored for the studio


  • A tad too heavy for long sessions

8) Alesis DRP100 Audio-Isolation Electronic Drum Headphones



Top Features

  • Sweat-proof silicone headband
  • Specially designed for virtual drumming
  • Full-range 40mm drivers
  • Carrying bag included

The fact that Alesis thought about drummers sweating more than other musicians is a good start. Alesis is a brand that although being fairly unknown to the wide audience has a flawless reputation for audiophiles and music lovers.

These headphones are manufactured thinking of drummers and should be a serious consideration for the high-quality headphones enhanced with high fidelity sound.

The upper silicone band is sweat proof and so are the cushions for the cups. Speaking of which, they do a great job at isolating outside noises and preventing noise bleeding.

Nothing is more harmful to a slow ballad than hearing that background click going at it while you hit the rim. That will never happen to you with this pair of Alesis.

The company decided to take the road that Vic Firth took and go deep into drummer-land. The Alesis DRP100 is a one-trick pony with a flat frequency response and a touch of a boost in the lows.

They might be the outstanding ear cups for electronic drums but do not compete in any other category for music listening.

If you are looking for super sturdy, durable, and accurate headphones for drumming only, these might be it.


  • Specially designed for drumming
  • Extra stable and super flexible
  • Prevents sweat from piling up on rubber parts
  • Sound isolation is great


  • Too special for drumming, don´t work great with music

9) KAT Percussion KTUI26 Ultra Isolation Headphones



Top Features

  • Padded headband
  • 26db sound isolation
  • Extra-wide frequency response
  • Rugged construction

The external protection and sound isolation for the KAT Percussion KTUI26 are superb. The sound is not up to the standards of other brands although they cover an extra-wide frequency range.

Having 26db of sound isolation makes up for any fault in the sound because being so isolated, your drums sound as if you were in a stadium.

It is very easy to lose track of time and continue playing with these headphones on your head.

If what you are looking for is to hear yourself amazingly when playing your virtual drums; these might be the pair you´ve been looking for.

On the other hand, in their run for the outstanding headphone pieces for electronic drums, they lose some points for being too tight.

After playing with them for up to one hour you start feeling they squeeze your skull. That being said, the best ones should always apply pressure to your ears to obtain that isolation.

In the category “for drummers only” this pair of headphones get a very high rank.

That being said, they are not voiced like Shure or Beyerdynamic and are not suitable for any kind of critical listening.


  • Super sturdy and durable
  • 20 to 20,000Hz extra-wide frequency response
  • Padded and adjustable headband and cups
  • Included adapter from 1/8” to 1/4”


  • Tend to be a tad too tight for the skull

10) CAD Audio DH100 Drummer Isolation Headphones



Top Features

  • Neodymium drivers
  • Ambient sound isolation of 19db
  • Extended low-frequency response
  • Reduces sound pressure in the studio and the stage

While some of the mentioned ones in the list for the high-quality headphones excel at the sound quality, these headphones excel at noise isolation.

You will notice a big difference when you put these on in comparison with multi-purpose headphones.

These don´t sound nearly as good as Shure or others that work great at critical listening. These are a pair of budget-oriented cans are for one thing only which is playing drums.

If the best electronic drum headphones in your dictionary are light-weight and block outside noise; these might be the ones. If you are looking for a do-it-all pair, this might not cover so much ground.


  • Amazing sound isolation properties
  • Light-weight neodymium drivers reduce overall weight
  • Great lows with no shrill highs
  • Padded headband for comfort


  • High frequencies tend to get lost

Buying Consideration guide

Buying the best electronic drum headphones involves a certain scouting process.

Although we gave you 10 options to choose from already in order to buy the best ones for your electronic drum, we want to share with you the criteria we used.

This buying guide will go step by step through what makes a specific pair of headphones the best for your electronic drum.

Let´s take a look at the categories for the best headphones for electronic drums.


Your option for the comfortable electronic drum headphones has to be comfortable. As a drummer, you not only move a lot but also need to play for long periods of time. Thus, checking on the comfort of the earbuds and headband is paramount.

Moreover, you can also check on carrying cases/bags and folding designs that make for carrying comfort as well. Some models even have sweat-proof material on certain parts of the headphone like the headband.

Drummers sweat, move, and work a lot and that has to echo the design of the best headphones for electronic drums.

Sound isolation

One step after comfort it is important that your headphones isolate sound. This isolation has two purposes:

  • Prevent sound bleeding – Sound bleeding is a term used for unwanted sounds being captured by a microphone in the studio. Playing with headphones that have good isolation can prevent that from happening. Out of the studio, this is great to avoid awakening others in your family with your instrument sounds.
  • Isolating outside noises – Drumming can be a beautiful one-way ticket to the fun as long as you can get lost in the task. Quotidian sounds can do a lot to break that spell. Having good isolation on your pair of headphones will keep the magic intact.


The part of the headphone that touches your skin needs to be especially comfy and durable. The quality electronic drum headphones need to have good earbuds that fit perfectly with your ears.

If you feel any kind of annoying disturbance when you are trying them out, the safest bet is to keep looking.

Bear in mind that after a whole session of playing what is annoying at the beginning becomes unbearable. Always pay extra attention to the earbud’s material and fit.


Together with the earbuds, this is the most important part of the headphones comfort-wise. The high-quality headphones for electronic drums need to be comfortable from the beginning and stay that way all their life.

Some examples above feature anti-sweat material or replacement parts inside the box. Bear this in mind before making the purchase because if the headband is not a serviceable part, your headphones won´t last as long.


A good cable for the best headphones is always a coiled cable. The ability to stretch without unplugging is paramount for a worry-free performance. There are few things worse than sitting down to enjoy your instrument and fighting with a cable instead.

Moreover, if that coil cable can be detached from the can, it will improve the natural life of your headphones drastically.

Models like the Shure SRH840 that are great for use in all situations can extend its usable life a lot just changing the cable.

Included accessories

Inside the box with the headphones for electronic drums, you should be able to find some accessories such as:

  • Adaptor – This is something that virtually every company includes. Going from 1/4” to 1/8” or vice versa is a must in some situations.
  • Carrying bag – Some of the best models in this list feature a carrying bag to take them safely everywhere you go. This is an important accessory if you are planning on taking them everywhere with you.
  • Extra foams – Some brands include extra earbuds and headbands inside the box. This is a great addition for extending the usable life of the headphones.

Sound quality

Some people don´t check this category when looking for headphones that perform well for electronic drums.

When you are drumming the night away over complete tracks, you might not be noticing the nuances of the music you´re playing to.

If that is the case then perhaps it shouldn´t be your first consideration. On the other hand, if you want them as a one-for-all, you should really worry that they work great for critical listening.

This would be the exact difference between the Vic Firth ones and the Beyerdynamic, for example.


Do you have any questions still open about how to choose the best headphones for electronic drums? Here is the FAQ section to clear out all your doubts and make a wise decision over the comfortable headphones for electronic drums.

Do I need a headphone amp?

If the choicest headphones for you are the Beyerdynamic 250 ohms ones, the answer is yes. Headphone amps work lifting the volume of the audio before reaching your cups.

The higher the impedance, the more detailed the quality, the more you´ll need a headphone amp.

In other cases, you´ll just be fine going straight to the drum set. Always ask for impedance ohms.

Anything below 64ohms is good without a headphone amp (unless you´ve developed tinnitus, in that case, you should visit a health professional).

Can I plug my headphones to my electronic drums?

Yes, you should plug the best headphone pair for electronic drums in the drum kit’s main control console. In the case that you have some great monitors, you can plug them there and enjoy the flat EQ response.

What instruments should I listen to in the mix when I play drums?

Having the best headphones for your drums won´t make you a better drummer unless you practice. Some frequencies like the ones used on bass are great to practice your kick drum.

On the other hand, guitars, vocals, and keyboards are great for you to practice the use of your arms. Whenever you have the chance, you should play over full-band tracks to recreate that feel.

Can I record a track of what I play on the virtual drum?

Most of the time the headphones that perform exceptionally well for your electronic drum get used for this endeavor: recording a track.

You can trigger drum sounds with your electronic drum kit to make a record if you like. Recording drums via midi is very common nowadays; the answer is a definite yes.

How can I connect my electronic drums to my computer?

Virtual drums might be midi compatible and/or USB compatible. You should use either of them to go straight to the computer and then use the good quality headphones for electronic drums to monitor your playing.

Another option is to use the audio exit and going to a sound interface to record drums as a regular instrument (even being virtual).

Laptop or cellphone for playback while playing electronic drums?

The benefit of using a laptop when playing with electronic drums is that you have more options to choose from. Sound libraries on some DAWs go for ages allowing you to sound as whatever you like.

On the other hand, you can plug the headphones to your cellphone and just play along with anything. Each approach has its pros and cons; it might all come down to availability in the given moment.

Does headphone impedance make a difference when choosing headphones for electronic drums?

The higher the impedance level of an audio piece of gear, the higher the sound quality it will generate. For example, audiophiles use headphones going up to 350ohms.

This allows them to enjoy every nuance of the music with deep lows, bright highs, and powerful mids.

Although that is the case, the best headphones for electronic drums might need more volume than detail. Going for lower impedance might be the best option in this case scenario.

Should I buy over the head or in-ear headphones for electronic drums?

Both in-ear and over-ear headphones have their pros and cons. The best headphones are the ones that are more comfortable for you. Nowadays most professional musicians choose the second due to comfort and sound quality.

Truth is it depends on your comfort; you might not like having headphones inside your ears. In fact, some major artists find them too invasive and rely on traditional floor monitoring even today.


The list above surely contains the best headphones for electronic drums for you. It is important that you bear in mind that the best pair of headphones for your drum will only be the one that suits your needs most adequately.

There are no one-size-fits-all because all drummers are different. Virtual drums made the instrument available to a much larger audience overcoming space and sound issues from other times.

Enjoy your instrument sounding better than ever with these exceptionally good headphones for electric drums.

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