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11 Best Lighted Keyboard Piano Reviews 2021 -Light Up Piano Premium Keyboards

Want to learn how to play the digital piano with little effort? Then you need the best lighted keyboard piano. What sets a key-lighted piano apart is the ability to show where to put fingers even in the dark.

And where you’re starting, this can be an amazingly helpful feature to have. And that wasn’t enough, a key-lighted piano also offers tons of interactive features so you can get the most out of the lights in the keys.

Despite all, the best key-lighted digital pianos still offer exceptional sound, smooth action, and tons of other functions to enjoy. So there’s almost no downside to getting one of these.


A smart View Of The Best Lighted Keyboard Piano (Check Availability)

Casio LK-265
Yamaha EZ-220
Casio LK-190
The ONE Smart Music
Joy 61-Key
Joy 61-Key
Best Choice Products
RockJam RJ761
Casio LK-S250
The ONE Smart Music

If you’re looking for one to push your learning curve or just get more visibility in dark places – below, you’ll find a few excellent models to consider! Take a look!

11 Best Lighted Keyboard Pianos Reviews 2021

Not only is it hard to find lighted keyboards out there, but it is also hard to find quality models worth of your money and time. That’s why we decided to bring your options down and only show you the highest-quality lighted keyboard pianos out there. Here are 11 to consider:

01.  Casio LK-265 61-Key Portable Touch Sensitive Keyboard



Top 3 Features:

  • Dance Music Mode
  • 400 tones & 150 Rhythms
  • 61 lighted keys

We had to bring the LK-265 from Casio as the best lighted keyboard piano on the list. And it all comes down to how well-made, quality-oriented, and durable it is.

Quality Sounds & Keys

There are tons of features to enjoy from it as well. One would be the 400-tone system and the 150 Rhythms you can play with. And with 61 keys to play with, beginners and experts can get the most out of it.

Excellent Modes

There’s a unique Dance Music Mode on the system so you can create your own music. This mode includes sound effects like beats to basslines, flangers, gates, rolls, low-fi, and more – enough to play complete an entire song.

Every sound the keyboard makes goes out through the built-in speakers. And with the chance to connect headphones if necessary, it becomes a super-quiet option to pick.

Ideal for Beginners

If you’re a complete beginner, you can use the Step-Up lesson system. Along with lighted keys, you can learn how to play the piano in no time.

And if you’re feeling a little creative, then you can enjoy the Chordana Play app for iOS & Android that will teach you how to play your favorite songs on-demand.


  • Perfect app & features for learning
  • Lets you create electronic music
  • Built-in speakers make it extra useful
  • Soft but accurate keys


  • The LCD panel is not backlit

02. Yamaha EZ-220 61-Key Portable Keyboard with Headphones



Top 3 Features:

  • 61 touch-sensitive keys
  • 392 instrument sounds & 100 styles
  • Over 100 built-in songs

If there’s a brand you can’t dismiss, then that’s Yamaha. EZ-220 is the perfect example of the quality it offers.

Super-Responsive Keys

You get a total of 61 keys, making it an ideal choice for beginners and experts alike. Yet, it is the touch-sensitive, design, and the light function that makes these keys so perfect.

To make it even better, the keyboard boasts a Fingering Guide, it will help you achieve next-level skills by getting the most out of its lighting system and everything else.

Tons of Features

First off, you get 392 high-quality instrument sounds as well as 100 additional styles to make your keyboard-playing experience a lot better.

You can pair these with the YES feature. It will work like a charm for beginners who want to learn how to play their favorite songs.

Top-Notch Accessories

There’s a lot more to enjoy from this keyboard. One of these things is the HP30 closed-up headphones. It offers decent sound quality so you can play quietly at any time. To make it even better, you get SXKS Standard Keyboard Stand. It will help you place the piano wherever you want.

And if all that wasn’t enough, you can still enjoy the Page Turner app from your phone, the Yamaha Education Suite, and the World Tour PA130 power supply.


  • Ultra-responsive keys for smooth playing
  • Delivers a piano-like experience
  • Fantastic learning & practicing features
  • Comes with super-handy accessories


  • The added stand is a bit flimsy

03. Casio LK-190 61-Key Portable Keyboard



Top 3 Features:

  • 400 tines & 150 Rhythms
  • Dance Music Mode
  • 60 built-in songs

Casio is always a quality brand to consider. And the LK-190 portable keyboard makes it clear why. From its sound quality to the vast array of unique features – it takes digital piano playing to another level.

Magnificent Portability

With only 61 keys, this piano is a top-notch choice for people who want to learn from the beginning or get better in a short time.

But it is not the number of keys that sets it apart. It is the rugged yet super-small design that makes it such an excellent choice. You can enjoy its light build and take it anywhere, especially with the AC adapter that hooks up anywhere for instant playing.

Tons of Functions

Wherever you are, you can enjoy the 400 built-in tones and the 150 creativity-pushing Rhythms. You will have enough to push your piano-playing skills to the max.

There’s a Dance Music Mode that lets you create music. You can use the synth, flanger, gate, drum beats, bass lines, filter, low-fi, and many other effects to create your own.

Perfect for Learning

Consider its size and top-notch sound features, there’s no doubt this is an excellent keyboard to learn with. And it gets even better when you consider the lighted keys to add visibility & guide. This matches well with the Step-Up lessons function, which makes it easy to learn over 60 songs.


  • Small & practical design
  • Allows music creation & production
  • Ideal for beginners to learn
  • Decently responsive lighted keys


  • The battery runs out fast

04. The ONE Smart 61-Key Electric Piano Keyboard



Top 3 Features:

  • Magical LED-lighted keys
  • MIDI oSimple Appearance
  • 128 built-in instruments

When it comes to playing in style, you won’t find any keyboard like the Smart Electric Piano from The One. The appearance and the features you get make it a must-have option for sure.

Gorgeous & Practical

Available in Black, Sakura Pink, and Golden with White color options, this piano boasts one of the most enticing designs you can expect. This matches with a Magical LED Lighted key system – lighting up 61 keys – adding a gorgeous look.

But the true advantage comes from the Simple Appearance Design, that capacity to look neat without adding complex features. And with the MIDI oSimple Apperance Design, it simplifies the operation of the keyboard even more – making it easy to use and attractive.

Quality Educational Features

While the appearance and ease-of-use are superb, nothing matches the educational advantages. You get the free APP that lets you browse through tons of crash courses and thousands of music sheets.

For those who are learning, it boasts a virtual instruction with 100 video lessons, and tons of melodies to learn via games. It will teach you via the lighted keys – making it super-practical.

Next-Level Add-Ons

Despite its good looks and educational advantages, you can still enjoy over 128 built-in instrument songs that you can learn to play directly. And when you add the headphone socket and the MIDI feature, there’s no limit to what you can do with it.


  • Exquisite design in different colors
  • Fantastic features for learning
  • Excellent APP for extra functions
  • Top connectivity & compatibility


  • May need to pay for built-in songs

05. Joy KL-91MKIT 61-Key Keyboard



Top 3 Features:

  • 255 timbres & 255 Rhythms
  • MP3 Music Player feature
  • 61 piano-simulation keys

If you’re looking for a complete keyboard piano kit with the whole pack of accessories, then look no further. The KL-91MKIT from Joy is one of those quality keyboards that take results to another level.

Outstanding Keys & Sounds

With 61 lighted keys, you can enjoy a decently smooth playing experience. But there’s something about these keys that will surprise you. They come with a piano-simulation system that sounds almost exactly like a typical piano would. Sure enough, the keyboard also looks a lot more stylish.

You can pair the unique piano keys with the luminous function for easy use, and over 255 rhythms and timbres, as well as 50 demonstration songs. You can learn how to play tons of different songs without any problem.

Fantastic Extra Features

One of the most enticing parts of this keyboard is the LCD screen. It lets you operate the instrument more easily, and enjoy its features to the max (especially the learning ones). Apart from that, you can enjoy the patterns and functions, like the sync, fill-in, metronome, single-Chord, Chord timbre, and more.

You also get an MP3 player, a record & playback function, and even a Rhythm programming feature. That’s enough for any purpose.

Amazing Accessories

No need to buy accessories separately, this keyboard comes with everything you need. The DC adapter, a tool, the stand, and even a headphone – they pair up with the U-disk, MIC, Phone, USB, and Output Jack for extra functionality.


  • Excellent music-playing features
  • Tons of built-in sounds & songs
  • A practical array of outputs & inputs
  • Ultra-handy accessories for easy use


  • Way too loud at the lowest volume

06. Vangoa VGK4900 49-Lighted Key Electronic Keyboard Piano



Top 3 Features:

  • LCD screen
  • Recording & Playback
  • Over 400 timbres & rhythms

Probably the smallest keyboard in the list, yet one of the best lighted electronic keyboards to learn to play the piano with – the VGK4900 from Vangoa is a piano you don’t want to dismiss.

Smooth & Easy to Use Keys

The first thing you’ll notice is the array of 49 keys. These keys are all lighted, with a LED that increases the fun and makes it easy to practice.

One advantage you get from these keys is the ability to play in almost any scenario. Whether in a room with lights off or in a dark studio – it makes it all easy. And thanks to the full-size design of the keys, inexperienced users won’t have an issue finding and pressing the right ones.

Perfect to Learn With

Considering the fantastic LED-lighting feature, it is safe to say any child or adult can learn with this keyboard easily. But it truly gets better when you add the different types of courses available, like Single, Sync, and Concert Course modes.

These courses offer over 200 timbres, more than 200 rhythms, up to 50 demo songs, and 5 percussion sounds. And if that wasn’t enough, the machine still allows a microphone, recording, and even composing. Learning will be a total pleasure with this keyboard.

Small & Good-Looking

To make this digital piano to a whole new level, you can also enjoy the super-small design. It is an ideal choice for children who want a comfy and easy-to-use piece. Even then, the fancy Snow White color makes it outstandingly pleasant to play with.


  • Soft and practical LED keys
  • Tons of learning modes
  • Excellent sounds & songs to use
  • Amazingly affordable for its quality


  • Not many inputs or outputs to enjoy

07. Joy KL-92UT-KIT 61-Key Lighted Touch Sensitive Keyboard



Top 3 Features:

  • 61 Sensitive Touch keys
  • 460 timbres & 260 Rhythms
  • Smartphone compatible

Joy keyboards are among the most practical and easy-to-use in the market. And when it comes to the KL-92UT-KIT – you get everything a quality digital piano should offer.

Next-Level Key Features

The wide array of exceptional features from this keyboard starts with its 61-key system. It is not the quantity of the keys, but the quality you get.

With a Sensitive Touch function, you can enjoy a keyboard that changes sound intensity depending on how firmly you press its keys. This pairs up with the lighting system, illuminating each chord to help with learning, guiding, and overall visibility in dark places.

Superb for Learning

There’s nothing more helpful in a keyboard than an easy-to-use design. That’s what you get with this excellent instrument.

But the real advantage comes from the intelligent lightning function along with the MIDI interface. When paired up, it offers the chance to connect with a PC or smartphone and get piano-training apps to help in the learning process.

Extra Handy Accessories

For a keyboard to be worth having, it should have enough practice accessories. And sure enough, this Joy keyboard does.

You get a keyboard stand, a stool, a headphone, a power supply, and an adapter. Pair all this up with the easy-to-use controls and the LCD screen, and you can enjoy next-level settings, perfect for making the keyboard work however you prefer.


  • Wide & easy-to-use lighted keys
  • High-quality connectivity
  • Handy LCD screen with learning functions
  • Comes with tons of accessories


  • Not ideal for recording & production

08. Best Choice Products SKY3160 61-Key Beginners Electronic Piano



Top 3 Features:

  • 3 teaching modes
  • 255 timbres & rhythms
  • Built-in speakers & music player

For a pretty decent cost, the SKY3160 beginner’s keyboard from Best Choice Products is one option not to overlook. It offers everything a quality digital piano should offer – and a lot more.

Quality Sound System

You get 61 keys with the keyboard, along with 255 rhythms and timbres, over 50 demo songs, and 8 types of percussion – enough to become a band from the keyboard itself.

But it is not only the keys and its features that set it apart but the extra functionality. From the headphone and built-in speakers to the rhythm programmer, the music player, and the ability to record and playback as needed. You get the whole pack of quality features to have.

Totally Beginner-Friendly

The keys on this keyboard have an exciting part – they’re lighted. That’s an appealing feature for beginners and children.

These keys pair up with the One-Key, Ensemble, and the Follow learning modes. These will help even the most inexperienced user learn fast and effectively. Add the AUX and USB ports, and you’ll have the chance to hook up external instruments as well.

Ultra-Handy Accessories

If you’re a comfort-seeker, then you’ll love the extra accessories that come with the piano. You get everything from an H-style stand to a padded stool, and music stands for sheets, a headphone, and more. No need to buy anything with this kit – it comes with the whole package.


  • Excellent array of sounds and timbres
  • Quality connectors & ports
  • A handy set of accessories
  • Decently affordable for the quality


  • Some keys may feel flimsy

09. Casio LK-175 PPK 61-Key Premium Keyboard Piano



Top 3 Features:

  • Sound EFX sampler
  • Step-Up lessons system
  • 110 built-in songs

Those who want maximum quality in every way possible won’t hesitate to consider Casio as their go-to brand. The LK-175 PPK is the perfect example of why this brand is so sought-after.

Easy to Use & Learn With

There’s nothing like a 61-key digital piano with lighted keys to learning how to play. When you pair the lighting system with the Step-Up Lesson feature – learning how to play the keyboard becomes a no-brainer.

Even then, it’s only possible with the quality of its software, especially with the LCD screen for extra-easy operation. You can change sounds, pick different lessons, and more. Along with practical buttons all around, using this keyboard will be a total pleasure.

Fantastic Sound Functions

One of the most exciting features of this keyboard is the Sound EFX Sampler. You get the chance to record, play, and customize any song you want. And with the 110 built-in melodies, 150 rhythms, and 400 tones – you can create any music you want with maximum control.

Pair that with the AUX connectors, the USB-MIDI port, and the internal MIC to get even better results and connect with your favorite devices.

Helpful Extras

If there’s something you can’t ever dismiss about this keyboard, it is the vast array of accessories it boasts. You get a set of closed-up headphones, an X-style keyboard stand, a power supply, and more. They will increase your comfort exponentially.


  • Extra-handy LCD screen
  • Tons of buttons & settings
  • High-quality accessories
  • Fantastic sound & songs


  • Ultra-bright LED lights may be annoying

10. Casio LK-S250 61-Key Premium Keyboard



Top 3 Features:

  • 61 touch-sensitive keys
  • 400 tones & 77 Rhythms
  • Dance Music Mode

When it comes to brilliant quality for a decent cost, no other keyboard will feel like such an excellent choice. The LK-S250 from Casio will easily surpass all your expectations without breaking your wallet.

Practical & Easy to Use

As soon as you start using the keyboard, you’ll know there’s a lot about it to love. It all begins with the 61-key design, with a touch-sensitive system so you can calculate sound quality accordingly.

This pairs up with the 400 tones, 77 Rhythms, and 60 built-in songs. Together, they will help you put your skills to the test, and have tons of fun. For an even better experience, you can enjoy the Step-Up lesson system – ideal for learning as a beginner.

Creates Music

Want to produce your own electronic music? This keyboard makes it possible. You get a Dance Music Mode that lets you use the keys for sounds like bass lines, transitions, synth parts, drum loops, and 10 types of reverb, plus much more.

Pair this up with the built-in speakers, and you can enjoy the quietest and most efficient music-creation system.

Tons of Features & Accessories

Not only you get a fantastic array of practicing & creation features, but you can also enjoy the Chordana Play application for smartphones. This will help you learn how to play the keyboard even faster.

When you pair that with the USB-MIDI connection, the USB port for easy device connectivity, and the audio and MIC inputs – it allows maximum creativity and convenience.


  • Long-lasting 8-hour batteries
  • Practical ports & connections
  • Ideal for beginners
  • A superb set of accessories


  • Keys are a bit stiff

11. The ONE 88-Key Smart Piano Keyboard Pro



Top 3 Features:

  • 88 piano-like keys
  • 128 instrument sounds
  • 100 learning videos

The last model in our list comes from The ONE. We saved it for last because it is the largest and most sound-rich model on the list.

Exquisite Design & Feel

You’ll notice how gorgeously-designed this keyboard is at first sight. It boasts one of the most alluring designs you could hope for. And you can get it in either black or white colors – perfect to match any style.

You can pair this with the 88 premium full-sized keys. They offer a hammer-action system for maximum feel and realistic sounds. And with the synced LEDs, you can enjoy an even more practical experience, making it a go-to choice for people who want to learn.

Next-Level Acoustics

It is not the design that sets it apart, though. The real advantage comes from the superb 128 sounds from different instruments, and the 10 layers of acoustic samples.

Pair it up with the 16 bits of sampling accuracy and polyphony capacity to get an award-winning acoustic performance. Whether you want to enjoy maximum sound-creation results or push up your skills to the max – this digital piano makes it possible.

Top-Notch Extra Features

Apart from being exquisitely good-looking and boasting outstanding sound quality, this keyboard also comes with 100 videos for learning, a crash-course system for beginners, sheets of music for practicing, and even games to enjoy the piano to the max. Add the iPad integration for extra convenience.


  • Gorgeous & easy to use
  • High-quality sound features
  • Ideal for producing music
  • Excellent connectivity


  • Very expensive

How to Buy the Right Lighted Keyboard Piano – Buying Guide

Looking to learn how to play the piano? Want to boost up your keyboard-playing skills? Or just need to give an exciting gift to a musical child? Either way, you need to know what to get before making the last pick.

Below, you’ll find all the critical factors to think about before choosing an illuminated keyboard piano:

Action & Lights

The key action refers to how the keyboard responds to when you push a key down. Depending on the action you have, you will receive either a firm or a soft experience.

We usually recommend soft or smooth keys for a better experience as an experienced player. But if you want to have an easier time as a beginner, we recommend weighted or heavy keys. These will make it harder for you to make a mistake while playing.

At the same time, don’t hesitate to go for keyboard pianos that have a lighting feature. It will help you see what keys you’re touching or should touch.

For the best experience, go for touch-sensitive keys that play as loud as you press the keys. Along with the lighted feature, you can gain excellent skills in no time.

Size & Number of Keys

Even if the keys are perfect for your demands, it is crucial to know how large it will be – and whether it meets your needs.

Some keyboards are small, others are medium size, and some of them are large. The size will affect the number of features and keys you can enjoy.

For example, small electronic keyboards come with 61 or 66 keys. That’s enough for even the most inexperienced user to start playing right away.

If you are somewhat more experience or want a few more notes, then you can go for a 72-key model. This is a medium-sized keyboard and comes with tons of other features to enjoy.

And if you want a large full-size keyboard for semi or professional use, then you should strive for no less than 88 keys. These have the same amount as a traditional piano, so they’re ideal if you want to play one.

Connectivity & Compatibility

It is not enough to have an ideal size and the right keys. You also want a keyboard that can handle all kinds of uses and work well with as many accessories as possible.

That’s why we often recommend models with enough inputs and outputs. The most important ones would be MIDI and AUX. But if you want to use the keyboard for music production, then be sure it also has USB and even a MIC input.

The higher the compatibility and the more connectivity options the keyboard offers, the more practical it will be. You will have the chance to connect with other instruments, enjoy maximum computer editing, and sometimes even create additional sounds that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

So don’t hesitate to pick a keyboard with high connectivity and compatibility.

Storage & Recording

On top of having an excellent array of inputs, outputs, and a compatible system – you should try to get a keyboard that records and stores songs.

That’s why MIDI compatibility is so important. With this type of feature, you can record all kinds of songs you play on the piano and then send them directly to the computer to either edit or add sounds too.

At the same time, it should come with a good-enough software system so you can save up sounds directly. For example, if the keyboard comes with built-in sounds, you may want to replace them later on. With a recording & storage feature, you will be able to do that.

Built-In Tones & Sounds

Having quality software to record and store your sounds is not enough. You also want to have built-in songs, sounds, tones, timbres, and/or Rhythms. The more of these you can find on the keyboard, the more practical it will be.

If you want to produce music, for example, built-in sounds like synthesizers, accordions, drum beats, bass lines, and similar ones will help you enormously. Similarly, you want to go for digital pianos with effects like reverb, echo, and other digital ones that will improve production exponentially.

And if you want an even better keyboard, be sure you can play instrumental backgrounds when necessary. That should be enough to handle any musical project or interest.

Sound Quality & Settings

To enjoy the keyboard to the max, you need to be sure it sounds neat. And for that, nothing works better than its overall sound quality.

Knowing this, however, can be difficult. That’s why we recommend picking digital pianos with polyphony and multitimbrality. Polyphony refers to the capacity to play several sounds at once. Multitimbrality means the keyboard can play a wide array of sounds from other instruments.

These two features are a must-have if you want a decent-enough keyboard. Pair them up with other sound-related settings like volume, an equalizer, etc. to get a high-quality keyboard experience.

Learning Features

If you are a beginner or you’re getting the best lighted keyboard piano for an inexperienced person, then be sure it also comes with learning tools.

These features include lighting schemes to follow, songs with their own music sheets, a display with chords to press, and much more.

Other features like a built-in metronome can help improve overall rhythm while playing. And if it comes with software features like an application for phones or computers, then that will make it even better.


Apart from all the performance-related features, you also want a practical keyboard. And for that, you’ll have to look for accessories like these:

  • Piano or keyboard stands
  • Stools or benches
  • Covers, bags or cases
  • Sheet or tablet holder
  • Cables & connectors
  • Amplifiers or speakers
  • A power supply

All these features are super helpful. So the more of these you can get, the more convenient the product will be overall.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Even after reading our best lighted keyboard piano reviews and learning about them with our buying guide – you may still have some doubts. Our focus on this section is to help you get rid of them.

Below, you’ll find some of the most common and exciting questions users have, with their corresponding answers. Want to learn more and possibly relieve some of your doubts? Then take a look:

What is a lighted-key keyboard?

To put it in simple words, a lighted-key keyboard refers to any digital piano that has built-in lights on the keys. These pianos are ideal for learning, improving skills, and having more visibility in dark places.

Should I get a 61 or 88 key piano?

It depends on your needs, really. If you’re a beginner or just trying to gain some keyboard skills, then we recommend 61-key digital pianos. But if you want to take your skills to another level and want to sound as close as possible to a true piano, then an 88-key model will be your best bet.

What keyboard is almost like a piano?

The best keyboard like a piano you can find is the one with touch-sensitive keys. This feature increases the sound of a piano depending on how much you press the keys. The harder you press the keys on the piano, the louder it will sound.

Why buy a keyboard over a traditional piano?

There are many advantages a keyboard offers over a traditional piano. Here are some of them:

  • A keyboard is way smaller and portable (you can take it almost anywhere)
  • Most keyboards can connect with other devices (computer or smartphone)
  • A quality keyboard not only helps to produce sounds but also records & plays them
  • Keyboards are easy to learn with, especially with features like lighted keys & apps
  • A keyboard is usually super affordable and requires little space to use

These are all advantages that you get with a keyboard that you don’t get with a traditional piano. So they’re enough to say a keyboard can be your best option.

Which piano keyboard is best for beginners?

The best lighted keyboard for beginners is the one that combines a decently small design with tons of learning lessons, and options to practice.  In that case, we think The ONE Smart 61-Key Electric Piano Keyboard is the keyboard piano for starters you can pick.

How many hours does it take to learn the piano?

Even if you have the best light-up keyboard piano, learning to play well enough requires no less than 12 weeks of constant practice. But overall, 30 hours of training should be enough to gain a sufficient amount of skill and play at least one or two songs. It is vital to practice every day without fault.

What is a good cheap keyboard piano?

Want the cheapest lighted keyboard piano? Then you should go for the Vangoa VGK4900 49-Lighted Key Electronic Keyboard Piano. It offers everything you could need, going from the lighted keys to the learning lessons, tons of sound features, and superb design for smooth operation.

How many piano keys do I need on a keyboard?

There’s no limit or a minimum number of keys to have on a keyboard. But if you want it to resemble a piano, you’ll need to go for no less than 66-76 keys. Most pianos have 88 keys to play with, so that’s over 20 extra notes that most 61-key keyboards don’t have.

Even then, it all comes down to your personal needs. If you have small hands or are just learning how to play the keyboard, we recommend 61-key models. In some cases, a 48-key digital piano could be your best bet.

What is a digital piano?

You could say a digital piano is like an acoustic one, but smaller and more affordable. But this size changes how it sounds, starting from the fact that it doesn’t use the same type of strings and internal mechanism (the sounds are mostly digital).

So, a digital piano is a more practical alternative to a traditional piano, but without the sound quality and keyboard feel.

Is digital piano better than a keyboard?

The main difference between a digital piano and a keyboard is the number of keys. Most keyboards stay within the 48 to 61 keys. A digital piano, in contrast, tends to offer up to 88 keys (similarly to a real piano). Another feature is the weighted or touch-sensitivity keys and the addition of built-in speakers.

Overall, however, digital pianos and keyboards are almost the same things. If you want portability, a keyboard is your best option. But if you need to get as closer to a traditional piano as possible, then go for a digital piano.


Getting a new keyboard or digital piano with lights on its keys won’t be much of a problem when you know what to look for.

So, don’t overlook our best lighted keyboard piano reviews and our buying guide. Take your time and focus on getting the best model for your needs – you won’t regret it.

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