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10 Best Midi Foot Controller Review In 2021 -Top Rated Professional MIDI Foot Controller

Are you looking for the best midi foot controller to take your music instrument play to the next level? Then you’re landing in the right place. Because I’ve just done some unimaginable search about this functional music instrument.

A first, I thought the MIDI controller is built explicitly for professional musicians. But turns out, there are so many products available on the market. And at first, I was hesitant as to which one I got to buy.

In order to help you avoid such an occurrence, I decided to write reviews about some of the best products that I found. So let’s get into it.


Comparison Table Of Midi Foot Controller (Expert Recommendation)

Behringer FCB1010
MeloAudio Portable MIDI Controller
Roland FC-300
MeloAudio USB Foot Controller
Studiologic MP-113
12 Step Chromatic Basss Pedal
Hammond XPK100
Fishman TriplePlay FC-1
Voodoo Lab
Yamaha MFC10

Top 10 Best Midi Foot Controller Review In 2021

MIDI controller is a must-have device for any music performer. This is a powerful and versatile device that can take your music to a whole different level.

Therefore, choosing the best MIDI foot controller that can cover your musical need is essential. So, here they are.

01. Behringer FCB1010 Ultra-Flexible MIDI Foot Controller


Key features:

  • 10 banks preset that is fully editable
  • Highly customizable global setup
  • Only 13.2 pounds in weight
  • Available in silver and black

Who wouldn’t love having a device with ultra-flexible design? Does the word flexible in a MIDI controller excite you? Then you definitely need to consider buying Behringer FCB101.

This is a MIDI controller that many guitarists, studio engineer, and keyboard players are using.

Long Last Guitarist Friendly Device

FCB1010 is enclosed in an ultra-rugged. Make it robust and reliable to carry anywhere you go. But the appearance is not the only upper hand that it’s got.

You will also appreciate its musician-friendly features. The two programmable analogs switches will make it easy for you to select channels. Furthermore, it will give you absolute control regarding the amplifier as well as sound effects.

Easy to configure

At first, you probably think that it will be complicated to program this FCB1010. But once you find the right information, you will realize that it’s effortless and straightforward to configure.

Of course, there will be some learning curve you overcome. But once you began to get the hang of it, all the effort will worth the result.


  • Options to select channels with analog switches
  • A broad range of applications
  • A simplistic design and high-quality components


  • Software limitation makes it hard to freely program the device

02. MeloAudio MIDI Commander Guitar Floor Multi-Effects


Key Features:

  • Good for MIDI control and USB- MIDI control
  • Easy to use Host configuration
  • Two expression pedals with 8 host preset
  • Wide compatibility device

MIDI Commander has an appealing metal housing and compact design. Makes it convenient to carry when you go on stage. Of course, the design is not everything.

But it surely gives some plus point. Furthermore, the pedals are very well-built and feel nice. Now let’s talk about the features that it has to offer.

Distinctive Control device   

As a guitarist, you can easily switch and control the music tone by using MIDI Commander. So you can alter the rack equipment and software effect for your performance.

There is a pedal input to control the volume. It will make the creative process becomes effortless and allow the elasticity of playing.

Easy to Connect MIDI Controller

MIDI connector is very reliable with a 5-pin cable that is connected to the device. It is very easy to connect this device.

You don’t have to worry about what driver to use. Because you can directly connect the USB cable to Windows/Mac without installing an additional driver.


  • Advanced foot controller with two control
  • Rock-solid metal construction
  • Excellent customer service response
  • Support wide compatibility device


  • A little trouble when powering up the device

03. Roland FC-300 Twin Expression MIDI Foot Controller


Key Features:

  • Two-way direction MIDI data flow
  • Expression pedals with nine-foot switches
  • Three ways of power supply
  • Solid metal construction with 100 MIDI setups
  • Only 14.05 pounds in weight

As one of the leading manufacturers in musical instruments, Roland comes with modern innovation. The FC-300 is a MIDI foot controller that is built with high standards of quality and versatility.

Do you want an advanced guitar system with high performance? Then you might want to consider having an FC-300.

Advanced Control Station

With FC-300, Roland offers more than just a standard MIDI connection. There are many features related to the two-way directional data flow.

Its two control pedals and nine footswitches will be very helpful during the creative process. Therefore, it will make a perfect companion for any performance-based on the MIDI instrument.

Well-Built Device

FC-300 is built to last. The components are made from solid material. Not to mention this controller is very versatile. So, it can surely do wonderful things with the rack-mounted effect unit.


  • Provides high-performance output
  • Fast and easy to control
  • Ideal output for guitarists with digital out effects
  • Functional two-day direction data flow


  • Not suitable for the first-time user

04. MIDI Foot Controller, MeloAudio Guitar Floor Multi-Effects Portable USB MIDI Foot Controller


Key features:

  • Very light-weight and compact in nature
  • Offers two different commands
  • Up to 40 hours playing time
  • Only 1.98 lbs in weight

This is another foot controller from MeloAudio. Similar to the one that I reviewed before, it also comes with a robust metal housing and well-built construction. The extra is, you can buy an audio interface along with it.

Extraordinary Control

The great thing about Meloaudio Controller is that it will allow you to control both software and hardware. You can also switch channels, presets, and effects. Using MeloAudio will expand the scope of your music equipment.

As a full-featured MIDI controller, MeloAudio Guitar Floor gives you incredible flexibility and control. It’s also compatible with any MIDI controller devices.

So you can also connect it to an audio interface or guitar amp. But you need to make sure that the port is compatible.

Versatile MIDI Controller

Other than power and flexibility, MeloAudio Guitar Floor is also very convenient to use. You can either use it as a standard MIDI controller or as a USB MIDI controller.

This device can also help you connect two expression pedals at the same time. Don’t worry about programming an additional setting. Because you can use this MIDI controller effortlessly.


  • The ability to control any instrument
  • Freedom of control through the 10-foot switches
  • Two expression pedals for volume and effects control
  • Portable and compact design


  • Limitation in the MIDI program

05. Studiologic MP-113 Dynamic 13-Note MIDI Base Pedal Board for MIDI Keyboards


Key Features:

  • 13 pedals with sensitive velocity
  • Made of long-lasting components
  • Extensive control over MIDI keyboard
  • Exquisite design with full wood tips

Are you looking for something that can go beyond a regular tone shifter? Then you need to look into Studiologic MP-113. Studiologic will give you control over the MIDI keyboard and module.

You want to have control over the lightning or drive an arrange module? You can do it with MP-113, all through the step of your feet.

Versatile Software with Flexibility

A reliable MIDI controller must have control over programs, channels, and transposition. Fortunately, Studio Logic MP-113 has versatile software.

Whether you intend to use MP-113 in the studio or on stage, you will appreciate its flexibility in retrieving events.

Easy to Connect MIDI Keyboard

MP-113 is very easy to connect. First of all, connect the AC cable to the main input jack. Meanwhile, ensure that cable provides the correct voltage output. After that, connect MIDI cables to the MIDI input on your sound panel. And at last, connect the DC feeding cable to the pedalboard of the MIDI foot controller. And voila, your MIDI keyboard is ready to use.


  • Super easy to play with analog organ pedals
  • Elegant wood construction
  • Great sound modules and keyboards
  • Easy to operate


  • Quite large in size

06. 12 Step Chromatic Keyboard Foot Controller


Key Features:

  • Expressive MIDI controller with velocity sensitivity
  • Easy to carry a portable device
  • Polyphonic sound output with 5 note chord
  • Made of carbon fiber composites material

12 steps Chromatic is a compact MIDI foot controller with a backlit. Furthermore, it has the capability of sending continuous messages when reacting to the pressure.

12 steps also had some reliable features like clips, backing tracks, control parameters, and 5 notes chords.

Extreme Portability

If you’re a performer, then you definitely need a MIDI controller that you can conveniently carry. The 12 Steps Chromatic is only 1 lb.

Therefore, it can easily fit into your gig bag. This device is designed with portability, light-weight. So it’s obvious that 12 Steps is a foot controller that can accompany your gig.

There’s only one thing you need to be aware of. The small size can be advantageous as well as disadvantageous. Small design means it’s easy to carry. But since the size is small, it can be a bit hard to step on.

Built to Last Foot Controller

Other than its simplistic design, 12 Steps Chromatic is also ahead of the game when it comes to durability. It can survive many unfortunate events.

Starting from liquid spills to a 2-story fall. It has also been tested for enduring a run over by a Van. So you can take it anywhere with you without any worry.


  • Light-weight and portable
  • Perfectly compatible with Windows
  • 12 step is easy to play by foot baseline
  • 13 keys chromatic keyboard layout


  • Can be challenging to play due to small size

07. Hammond XPK100 MIDI Pedal Board for XK-2


Key Features:

  • Only 24.3 pounds in weight
  • Program numbers and control switches features
  • 13 note pedalboard with a fixed velocity
  • 7 segments and 3 characters LED display

Hammond XPK100 MIDI Pedal Board is specially designed for sound modules with a variety of keyboards. This pedalboard can increase real-time performance.

Best of all, it’s also straightforward to use. You can immediately use XKP100 once it’s plugged since it has no power switch.

Full Control with Elasticity

This Midi foot controller gives the best controls and elasticity to guitarist in a very effective way. XPK100 is consists of a universal language.

So it will allow electronic devices to communicate with one another in a very professional style.


  • Well-constructed pedalboard
  • 13-note pedalboard with bright LED display
  • Provides MIDI merge technology
  • Highly compatible with digital pianos


  • Not widely available in the market.

08. Fishman TriplePlay FC-1 Controller and MIDI Interface


Key Features:

  • Large graphic LED display with proper patch numbers
  • Triple play battery with an indicator
  • Easy to connect a USB cable
  • Only 2-pound weight with an elegant black color

Fisherman Triple play is a great device.  It can help you compose, perform, and record your music play. There’s also a graphic interface you can rely on.

And this controller is perfectly compatible with the Windows operating system. Meanwhile, the hardware patches are stored on the MIDI controllers.

Those patches can efficiently be executed with the Triple Play software. You can directly plug Triple Play into the external sound module.

Another way is to connect it to a keyboard without an attached computer.

Easy to Connect Controller

Like I said before, this device is very easy to connect. You can plug the Triple Play USB receiver to your FC-1. The pairing button will be accessible when the USB is fully inserted.

There are a few other ways to connect the device. One of them is by connecting to your sound module. Once connected, you can edit the Triple Play controller using the patch manager in the application.


  • User-friendly graphic display
  • Easy to use
  • Light-weight and portable
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac


  • Software is not easy to install

09. Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro MIDI Foot Controller


Key Features:

  • 8 access switches
  • Expression pedals through MIDI controller messages
  • 8 MIDI control device
  • Only 9.75 pounds in weight

Lab Ground Controller is a reliable recording device for musicians. It can control 8 MIDI devices on their respective channel. Furthermore, users can access the 8 buttons simultaneously.

Accessible MIDI Controller

Do you want to have the flexibility to reconfigure your entire gig? Even better, it can be done at the touch of a single button. You can make it possible with Voodoo Lab Ground Control.

Because once you have this device in hand, it will give you beyond just MIDI processors. You will be able to control up to 8 MIDI devices. Also, you can control all your stompboxes as well as rack effects.


  • Reconfigurable MIDI controller
  • Can control up to 8 MIDI devices
  • Different modes tailored to guitar players
  • Real-time control via MIDI controller


  • Complex manual instruction

10. Yamaha MFC10 MIDI Foot Controller


Key features:

  • 4 additional pedal input of any type
  • 12 footswitches that can be programmed
  • MIDI I/O and a WX-IN Jack featured
  • Easy to program control pedal

I usually would put enough confidence in a branded product. And that’s one of the reasons I put MCF10 t the list. MFC10 has a great switching system and very flexible.

Flexible programming and reliability are just amazing. And if we talk about the design, it is very well-made and sturdy.

Flexible Programming

You will enjoy a robust, ergonomic design MIDI controller. The display has excellent visibility. Makes it easy to read, even in the dark.

You can program all there is to program with MFC10. Controlling tap tempo and play notes is just as effortless. It is also possible to trigger a drum machine using MFC10. Above all, the pedals work fantastically.


  • Good visibility display
  • Simple to operate
  • Very user-friendly
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac


  • Lack of programming instruction

Buying Consideration Of  Top Rated MIDI Foot Controller

If you want to buy the best midi foot controller, then you need to read this buying consideration. That is because there are some determining factors you need to consider before making the purchase.

I’ve elaborated on some determining factors that you can read below. Hopefully, it can help you make a more precise purchasing decision.

Software compatibility

While you are using a MIDI controller, the performance of your music depends on the quality of the software. High-end products usually allow programming options.

Programming your device will let you get the most out of your music. Therefore, you need to check if the device is compatible with popular software.

To be able to really expand the quality of your music equipment, you will need reliable software. Some of the most popular software among professional musicians are BIAS FX and AmpliTube.

Choosing a MIDI foot controller that is compatible with high-quality software is imperative. So check your software compatibility for your device.

Therefore, you can expect all the devices to have a smooth interaction.

There is also other popular software available. Many professional musicians are also using Prime and Ableton. Thus, make sure you check your preferred product’s compatibility with this software.

There is also a fairly great number of popular presets and MIDI change command. So if you want to smooth performance using the MIDI controller, check the device’s compatibility with popular software.


Another factor you need to consider when buying a MIDI foot controller is the ease of use and configuration. If you’re a professional musician who often held a live performance, then you need a reliable and trustworthy MIDI Commander.

Every performer wants to shine on stage. And every musician wants to record their best performance in the studio. So having an easy to use controller can save you from a lot of trouble.

Ease of use

Some MIDI controllers are made to cater to the need of a broader level of musician. Therefore, they are usually easy to use and configure.

Now, let’s talk about the ease of use. For this, you would want a controller that is more than just loaded with many features. What’s more important is how easy it is to use all those features.

And when we talk about ease of use, it usually has something to do with flexibility. For example, how easy it is to switch the channel or effect.

You will also want a controller that has a compact design. So you can conveniently give your music richer sound through the comfort of your step.

High-end products usually give more flexibility and freedom. Therefore, you can concentrate on performing your music flawlessly.

You can also buy a controller at a lower range of prices. But you may have to pay more attention to the device. Otherwise, your music may not play as enjoyable as you wish it to be.

Device Connectivity

Some MIDI controllers allow the device to connect to other devices. Therefore, it’s essential to decide the right connection that is suitable for the rig you have in mind.

A regular MIDI controller can connect with guitar pedals through jacks. This product usually comes with an array of connectivity options. In fact, connectivity is the backbone of any interface. When we talk about the MIDI controller, this is even more significant.

There are various connectivity options for the MIDI controller. Most of the controller came with cable connectivity to the computer.

This connectivity provides immense freedom to users. However, you don’t always need to connect to computers. This is because some MIDI controllers also allow connection to smartphones or iPads.

Some devices also offer more flexible options. Features like signal routing and transfer of midi control via USB will allow more effortless connectivity.

Correspondingly, the software of the product also plays a role in determining the ease of connectivity. Take care of this vital aspect of connectivity while choosing the right product for you.

Product Application

Now let’s talk about the most crucial factor in determining buying decisions. Your needs. How do you plan to use the device? MIDI controller offers a variety of functions.

It is a fantastic product that helps users to control the rig and shifting between complicated settings.

I would say that the MIDI controller is a boon to the music industry. It can do wonder in the creative process of making fantastic music. So when it comes to recording, MIDI has become an integral part of any music studio.

Performance With Electronic Devices:

And yes, MIDI can connect many different electronic instruments. However, you still need to understand your purpose for having a MIDI foot controller.

Most MIDI controllers can cover some essential sound enhancement. But the application of this device can vary from one musician to another.

Advanced Features For Professionals:

Let’s say you’re a professional guitarist. Then you may want a MIDI controller with more advanced features. A device that will allow you to switch between guitar amp channels.

Meanwhile, a beginner may feel satisfied to have a device that can alter the tones of their music.

In contrast, some other more advanced users will appreciate a MIDI controller with precise control over the stage. Some devices can control beyond your music instrument.

For example, you can also control the lighting. So before you choose which MIDI controller to but, make sure you know how you’re going to use it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Midi Controller

01. What does a MIDI controller do?

MIDI stands for Music Instrument Digital Interface. This powerful tool is unable to generate sound on its own. However, it has some kind of interface that you can either touch, press, or strike.

When you press the device, it will generate MIDI data in the form of notes.

MIDI sends digital messages between devices. It carries information like the patch of notes. So basically, the MIDI controller will trigger musical sound while you play your musical instrument.

It will give a more vibrant tone to your instrument play.

The MIDI controller will transmit notes from your electronic instrument to the sound-processing equipment. With the MIDI controller, you can have control over a sophisticated setting.

02. How does the MIDI controller work?

MIDI controller can do many things related to taking your music performance to a whole new level. MIDI doesn’t transmit audio data.

Instead, it’s sending control information between instruments and devices. So when you play your musical instrument, it will play the notes at particular velocities. Therefore, giving a richer sound to your music play.

Other than that, MIDI can also transmit control commands. For example, the MIDI foot controller is storing audio in their programs. So when you’re using the programs, your music play will reflect some effects and settings.

03. Do I need a MIDI controller with expression pedals?

Whether or not you need a MIDI controller depends on your musical need. So I would say the decision is totally yours. Most MIDI controllers come with inbuilt expression pedals.

Meanwhile, other models have provision for expression pedal compatibility. Expression pedals can control your music instrument output level. This means it will be a versatile tool for a professional in the field of music.

The expression pedal is convenient to control one or many of the parameters. Furthermore, it will help in enhancing the quality of your performance. So if you are a professional, go better for it.

04. How important is a display in the MIDI controller?

While performing, you need to pay close attention to your musical instrument. Therefore, it is important to have an excellent display on your device.

It can save you from a lot of troubles at a later time. Besides, a bright display on your MIDI controller will be an excellent help for programming the device.

There are products with a complicated interface. But some do not have intricate features. For these models, a display may not be necessary. Therefore, whether or not you need a display would depend on the intended use of the product.

05. What are the important features to look for in a MIDI controller?

Since you’re going to connect the MIDI controller to your instrument, then connectivity is a significant factor to consider. Choosing a MIDI controller that offers a USB connection will be a great help.

Another important factor when choosing is high-end product is the display. Make sure that your MIDI controller has a bright display with excellent visibility.

Therefore, there will be no problem when you want to read what’s on screen.

06. Is the MIDI controller only for professional musicians?

Not really. Though professional musicians all over the world are indeed using a MIDI controller. However, the application is not restricted to only live musical performance.

In fact, this device has also become inevitable in any studio setup. Moreover, the MIDI controller is a versatile device. So, either a professional or an amateur musician can make good use of a MIDI controller.

So when you choose a MIDI controller, pick one according to your level of expertise. If you’re a complete beginner, you may need to learn a bit.

But the process of configuring and programming the device is not much different from the process of learning your music instrument. All it takes is time and effort.

07. What is the best software to use with a MIDI controller?

MIDI controller can take your music performance to the next level. But for it to work smoothly, it needs excellent software. Particular MIDI controllers come with preloaded software.

Unfortunately, it usually has restricted functionalities. But most of the high-end products give more flexibility when it comes to software compatibility.

Some of the most popular and fantastic audio software are BIAS FC and AmpliTube. Both of them can enhance the performance of your MIDI controller.

You can also try Prime and Ableton Live. These two can also be syncs easily with most of the MIDI controller available on the market today.

08. What is the best MIDI foot controller?

There are numerous MIDI controllers available on the market. So I understand that it can be difficult to choose one among so many.

That’s why I carefully handpicked 10 of the best MIDI foot controller to narrow down your options.

I personally would recommend MIDI Commander. Many professionals are using this in their music creation process.

It is also suitable for beginners due to the ease of use and configuration. It is also compatible with Windows and Mac.

Other than MIDI Commander, the other 9 products are also made of high quality.

Most of them have a portable and compact design. So you can easily carry your MIDI controller during a tour or on-stage performance. They also work amazingly for studio recording.

Not to mention, they come with solid construction and bright visibility display. And of course, it also offers the flexibility of control that every musician is looking for.


Whenever you’re ready to give you music more soul, you definitely will need the best MIDI foot controller. I’ve presented reviews of ten of the best product available in the market today.

In the end, the purchasing decision belongs to you.

I personally really like the MIDI commander due to all the features it has to offer. But as always, my advice will be, choose something that perfectly suits your need.

There’s only one more thing I’d like to say. If you want to carry a trustworthy and reliable midi controller on a gig, you better be willing to stretch your budget.

Hi, I am Sadekul Islam, music enthusiastic. Music is my language & the lyrics are my stories.

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