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15 Best Planar Magnetic Headphones Review In 2021

Attention music lovers! Do you have a set of the best planar magnetic headphones to innovate your art of listening? If not, it is time to tune up your music with planar magnetic headphones. As a result, you have an immersive listening experience.

In addition to that, the planar magnetic headphones give you the sensation of ‘being there’ at the setting of the auditory event.

The headphones industry in the recent past has remarkably been crowded. There are hundreds of different models to choose from.


A Top View Of The Best Planar Magnetic Headphones On The Market (Check Availability)

Monolith M1060
Oppo PM-3
Audeze LCD-2
Dekoni Audio
Hifiman HE-560
Audeze SINE
Audeze LCD-2

It has become very tedious and overwhelming to purchase the best headphone. This is because they have similar features hard to differentiate the superlative of them. So after long research, here we come up with a list of the best Planar Magnetic headphones in the market.

15 Best Planar Magnetic Headphones Review 2021

01.Hifiman HE-400I Open-Back Earpads



Highlighted Specification

  • Highly sensitive
  • Single-sided driver
  • Medium length cord
  • Lightweight
  • Medium impedance
  • Standard frequency response

Are you in love with music? Hifiman Company just produced its latest headphones design. This newer version is phone driven to the audible volume at maximum.

Other than this, this newer version has hefty improvements. Mostly acclaimed its sound quality.

Quality Sound

Concerning that these headphones are phone driven, they are highly efficient.

Low frequencies:

In my opinion, I could not be wrong when I say the bass of Hifiman He-400 is extended well. Meaning, it contains some sub-base.

This is because its bass can be described as punchy, tight & intimate. Compared to other headphones, its base doesn’t lead to the mid frequencies.

High frequencies:

Much fan begins at this level with these headphones. The music sound is very clear, natural, and live-sounding. However, if you are coming dark-sounding headphones, it becomes sibilant.

Build Quality

The build quality of HIFIMAN HE-400 is mixed plastic and metal. It feels flimsy and it looks off when sagging at the headphone hanger.

However, it doesn’t cause pain on the neck because it is generally light. It feels comfortable to travel with it anywhere. Be it when running, reading, camping, and other activities.

Quality Bass

These headphones are well extended. In addition to that, they have incredible texture. As a result, their bass is not an exemption. It is rendered in a quick, tight, accurate, and detailed manner.

You can catch every detail of the message passed on, even during the high base.


  • Comfortable and excellent sound quality
  • Transparent mids
  • Quick bass
  • Portable/lightweight
  • Smooth and sparkly tremble


  • Vicious clamp
  • Sound seal

 02. Monolith M1060 Over-Ear Studio Headphones



Highlighted specifications

  • Flat membrane planar drivers – produces sounds with lower distortion
  • Open back design – enhance the listening experience
  • Large ear-pads made of faux leather – for comfort

Another brilliant set of headphones is Monolith M1060. They have a detachable cable. This cable has a 3.5 mm plug at the jack and 2.5mm solo channel terminations for the headphones.

Its supplied pads are easy and angled and made of synthetic leather.

Build and Design

The Monolith M1060 is mostly made of metal and wood. They are very heavy and are usually named as a beast set of headphones.

To support the massive headphones, it has deep, soft ear pads. However, the design of the thin pad band is very effective although it does not reduce the headphone mass.

According to my research, it is not very comfortable to wear headphones for long periods.

Connectivity and Power

Monolith M1060 has a 3.5mm cable with a plug to connect with your phone, amplifier, or whatever.

Also, it has a 2.5mm single-channel jack on the base of each ear cup. This usually performs as the backup cable should anything happen.

As far as powering of the headphones is concerned, the wireless Monolith M1060 can be charged with any smartphone charger.

They usually do not take a long time until they are fully charged. For the others, it only needs the gadget you are connecting with to have power.

Sound Quality

Holy hell! In my experience with audio equipment, I have never heard a set of headphones this clear. Without any doubt, they are one of the best headphones with the highest sound quality.

However, they have a bit mid bump. The studio sound deviations are under 10dB. Though the issue is more of an observation.


  • Overall good sound
  • Low-end response
  • Basic connections
  • Low power requirements


  • No isolation
  • Sound leaks
  • Very heavy

03. Oppo PM – 3 Closed-Back Magnetic Headphones



Highlighted specifications

  • Nominal impedance
  • Relative sensitivity
  • Ear Coupling Circumaural
  • 3m detachable cables
  • Relative weight without cable
  • Stereo jack

The Oppo PM-3 is a set of truly stunning headphones. They represent a benchmark in the industry of sound quality. They are simply regarded as special and miraculous headphones.

This is because they use magnetic drivers. Another thing is that, they have a closed-back compact design.

Build quality

The build quality of the Oppo PM-3 is impeccable and excellent. They are made up of faux leather which is very comfy.

When you wear one, the outside world is usually blocked out not to mention there is no clamping. Furthermore, they are built to withstand direct contact with rain or snow.

Clear and detailed Mids

The mids on the Oppo PM-3 are extremely vibrant and meticulous. In noisy backgrounds, the only thing that hurts the mid is the sound stage. Compared to other headphones, it produces the clearest sounds.


  • Impeccable and stunning sound quality from the planar magnetic drivers
  • Very attractive design
  • Great isolation
  • Best in class


  • Non-replaceable earpads
  • Subdued bass

04. Audeze LCD – 2 Classic Over-Ear Headphones



Highlighted Specifications

  • The lower end is heavy and solid
  • The upper mid-range is slightly withdrawn
  • Classic audiophile
  • Ultra-thin diaphragm

The LCD-2 are ultra-thin, super-strong, and flexible headphones.  They attract those who share a passion for headphones as their audio devices.

Unlike other headphones diaphragms that are made up of conical drivers, the LCD -2 are made from a thin sheet of metal. Therefore, they produce clear, excellent, and accurate sound.

Package box

The package is usually wrapped with a hard-shell travel case that provides substantial protection to the LCD-2 headphones.

Along with the package, other products are in-hand with the headphones. They include the dual 4-pin mini XLR cable and user guide.

Design and build quality

The headphones are built from the mix of plastic and metal. They are very classic. Their design is built like a tank.

Quality sound

The sound of the LCD-2 is extremely extended. Moreover, it is very clean and has a great impact. In the bass-range, it measures low distortion.

The bass response especially in genres like hip-hop and rock is fantastic and awesome.


  • Great Bass response
  • Low impedance
  • Easy to drive
  • Improved comfort
  • Low distortion during frequency response


  • Slightly heavier

05. Hifiman Deva Magnetic Headphones With Bluetooth Receiver



Highlighted specifications

  • High sensitivity
  • Slightly heavier
  • Frequency response range between 20-20,000Hz
  • High Impedance

This is another brilliant set of Hifiman headphones. This type of headphone is very unique compared to other magnetic planar headphones.

It can be connected directly with a cable with Android. However, it can be turned to become a wireless headphone.

This is done by its Bluetooth module called Bluemini which is supplied along with the headphone during purchase.

Excellent Bass

Compared to other planar magnetic headphones, the Deva sets itself apart. It has a deep, quick, and articulate bass. Also as other Hifiman headphone brands, its speed is very quick.


The Hifiman Deva comes covered with a cardboard box. The inside of the box is covered with cloth that holds it tightly. Along with it is the Bluemini module.

Design and Build quality

This headphone is certainly eye-pleasing. It has a silver brownish color scheme that makes it very attractive. In addition to that, its construction quality is very impressive. It is made up of a mix of aluminum and faux leather.

Bluemini module

This little device is a good damn one. It is very loud that it can be heard one meter away. Its connection stability is very strong and has a super-strong battery.


  • Low-end performance
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Unique configuration item


  • Lack of natural extension in the bass

06. Hifiman HE400S Over-Ear Full-size Planar Magnetic Headphones



Highlighted specifications

  • Low Impedance
  • Frequency response range between 20-35,000 Hz
  • Long cable
  • Slightly heavier
  • Open black design

Hifiman Company has different brands of magnetic planar headphones. Hifiman HE400S is another set from them. The Company is globally being recognized for its fantastic products.

Wide and precise soundstage

The soundstage of the headphone is wide and very detailed. With the exception of, it has plenty of room for anyone or anything. As a result, the sound is very clear. The message is communicated perfectly.


If laid back, the tremble of these headphones is very good. It is just about perfect. Though it varies from recording to recording, in my experience with the headphones, I can describe the tremble as smooth.

Excellent sounding

When you start listening, you will keep coming back for more listening. You become addicted to listening to music with headphones.

They are very musical. They have been regarded as one of the headphones with great values.

Good coherent and clarity

It has a very smooth and slightly warm sound signature. Compared with other planar magnetic headphones, it has a better sense of engagement. Its midrange is transparent, shiny with excellent imaging.


  • Easy to drive. Like other planar magnetic headphones, it is very efficient. It is very lightweight and on your phone, it can be taken anywhere.
  • Clear and inoffensive sound. These headphones are very special. They have a smooth sound. Can be effective when relaxing, meditation among others.
  • It is very spacious. Gives room for everyone and everything.
  • The large balanced sound signature


  • Stiff cable though irreplaceable
  • The bass extension is low and slam

07. RHA CL2  In-ear Hi-Fi Planar Wireless Neckband



Highlighted specifications

  • Have a fold carrying case
  • Copper and silver-coated cables
  • Detachable ceramic housing
  • Planar magnetic driver
  • Double dense ear tips

Among the best planar headphones out there is the RHA CL2. They have stunning tuneful audio that is rich in detail. That what makes them be regarded as special.

Other than, they are compact wireless packed in planar magnetic drivers. The planar drivers make them offer incredible audio details.

Incredible and impeccable performance

The planar magnetic drivers in the RHA CL2 headphones are behind the interesting performance. As of sound quality, it is genuinely indescribable.

One can only say that the quality of the sound is tuneful. Besides, the magnet in the drivers delivers harmony and sharpness across frequencies to catch every detail in the audio.

Manageable Bass

The bass tuning of the RHA CL2 is very manageable. It is not like many other sophisticated tunings of other headphones. Apart from, its bass is very fast. Following that, it can be able to handle congested recordings.

Proportioned soundstage

The soundstage of the CL2 is not expensive. Thus, it has been well-proportioned to become spacious. The imaging of the CL2 is therefore solid.

However, it suffers from artificial timbre though it offers space to keep anything at the stage at any moment.

Quality Accessories

The CL2 package opens into three sections organized well to boot. The left section of the container is a 3.5mm copper cable.

This cable has a single end. On the upper section, is the 2.5mm balanced silver cable. The lower section carries a 7 silicone tip card.


  • Comfortable fit and design
  • Quality accessories
  • Plenty of different style/size tips
  • Smooth and incredible sound


  • Slightly Light bass

08. Isine LX in-Ear Semi-Open Planar Magnetic Headphones



Highlighted specifications

  • In-ear open-back style
  • Fazors phase management
  • Ultra-thin diaphragm
  • Frequency response range between 10Hz – 50Hz
  • Low impedance
  • High sensitivity
  • Lightweight

What are your ultimate gaming or streaming headphones? If you don’t have one, get ISINE LX right away. They have a super lightweight design.  They have been produced by Audeze Company, which lately is releasing flawed products.

Quality sound- crystal clear

The ISINE LX has a full range of transparent sound. You can catchword by word of the message being passed. However, they have are not louder.

Staging and imaging

The staging of the headphones is exceptionally large. The semi-open design contributes to the experience of the stage to feel large and open. Additionally, the 30mm drivers contribute to the potential of the tremble to be brighter.

Tremble dynamics experience

With ISINE LX, you will have the most fun and positive experiences. They have a physical impact, slam, and good kick tremble that happens to be fun. The tremble of the headphones is easily manageable.


  • Crystal clear/transparent sound
  • Good packaging
  • Ergonomics could be enhanced


  • No sub-bass performance

09. Dekoni Audiophile Hifi Planar magnetic Headphones



Highlighted specifications

  • The frequency range between 20-2000kHz
  • High impedance
  • Planar magnetic driver technology
  • Overhead Band style
  • Over-ear earpiece style

Dekoni Audiophile came from the merger of Dekoni Audio and Fostex. Thus, they utilized magnetic planar drivers.

These drivers make the new version less fatigue and smooth with extended bass response. This  headphones also come with elite ear pads that use the finest slow rebound.

Usability and Build

After the merger, the new headphones took a mid-blue color scheme that has a modern design. The outside (both sides) of the headphones is adorned by the sound wave.

As well as, their appearance is more stylish and contemporary.

Inside the box, the products were well arranged and compacted. When it comes to getting the products out of the box, there is no hassle. In that, I give them thumbs up.

This is because I usually use scissors or knives to get out of the product from the container.

Comfortable headphone pads

Need to endure the longest multi-hour session with headphones on? Just get the Dekoni Audiophile headphones. They are very comfortable. This is because their foam has a high density which is very supportive.

Their clamping pressure is not heavier. These pads are made from three materials. The outside of the pad is made from ship skin, Velour makes the face of the pad, and lastly, the inside of the pad is made from sheepskin.

This is to smoothen the sound transition from the speaker to the ear.


  • Smooth and less fatigue bass response due to the addition of hybrid pads
  • Very comfortable pads made of sheepskin
  • A substantial amount of bass
  • Clear and smooth sound


  • Unappealing traditional design

10. Hifiman Ananda Open-Back Swapping Cable Studio Headphones



Highlighted specifications

  • Medium impedance
  • Slightly heavier
  • 5-meter cable
  • Planar magnetic drivers
  • Low sensitivity
  • Ultra-thin diaphragm

This is another brilliant set of headphones from the HIFIMAN Company. They are designed to look like egg-shaped cups or asymmetrical ear cups.

Special Design, build and comfort

The Ananda magnetic headphones have modern looks. Other Hifiman brands are circular. However, this type of brand is special because of its asymmetrical ear-cup shape.

The Ananda is made up of plastic extension pieces, mostly the sides of the headband. For this reason, the weight is kept down. It is one of the light magnetic planar headphones out there.

The Ananda is quite comfortable in the default position. However, the only complaint is that the cups do not contain swivels. Nonetheless, it fits well and one can wear them for long listening periods without issues.

Excellent Performance

The Ananda Hifiman headphones are implemented with an ultra-thin diaphragm. This means that it is made up of the thinnest materials. Therefore, it is very light. Hence, one can wear them for long sessions without any difficulties.

In addition, the Ananda has planar magnetic drives. These drives prevent technicalities in the headphone. As a result, they show technical performance.


Do you ever worry about the kind of planar bass your headphones have? Well, Ananda does not have the dry planar bass. However, it is not natural sounding as headphones with magnetic drivers could be.

Best frequency response

Though a little bit elevated in the sub-bass, the Ananda has the best frequency response ever. It is my favorite so far. Its frequency ranges from 20 to 200Hz.


  • Very thoughtful and attractive design
  • Comfortable with no head fatigues
  • Smooth and clear sound
  • Transparent and detailed tremble


  • Slightly heavier

11. Hifiman HE – 560 Full-Size Woodgrain Over-Ear Headphones



Highlighted specifications

  • Magnetic drivers – single-sided
  • Planar magnetic design – full size
  • Superior soundstage
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable due to beveled ear pads
  • High sensitivity
  • Frequency response range between 15-50 kHz
  • Medium impedance

Another brand of the Hifiman Company. It has single-ended drivers. it comes with a newly designed cable made up of crystalline copper and silver. It has the Beveled pads to increase comfortability.


The HE560 is the easiest of the Hifiman products to drive. Chord Mojo and Beefier amps are mostly used for driving.

They completely clean the edges to make listening with HE560 more enjoyable. The 6.35mm plug is used to connect with a smartphone.

Neutral-bright sound

The HE560 has a bright sound. Sometimes the sound can be harsh. In the lower tremble, it has a slight peak.

This can be a bit harsh for people with tremble sensitive ears. However, for me, the sound signature is good as it has slight dry recessed Mids.

Excellent bass response

The sub-bass response of the HE560 is nearly perfect. It has both rumble and texture. It represents a good example of what planar bass should be.

The lower Mids rewards you with transitions that are super clean and smooth.

The upper-mids give the headphones a lot of details and air. This is because they are slightly recessed.


  • Bright sound though not peaky. The HE560 is what is referred to as generally balanced headphones. They are average. That is they can be used by people with sensitive ears.
  • Lightweight for a headphone with planar drivers
  • Linear response bass
  • Extensive, detailed and texture in the bass


  • Unimpressive imaging. Especially for headphones that are open back.

 12. Audeze SINE On-Ear  Headphones For iPhone/iPod



Highlighted specifications

  • Lightning cable- for Apple users
  • Frequency response range between 10Hz to 50kHz
  • impedance of 20 ohms
  • High-level sound pressure
  • Lightweight

Are you an Apple user? If you are, the Audeze SINE headphone is designed for you. These headphones are the first planar magnetic on-ear headphones in the world.

If you want excellent bass, transients and low distortions, hurry and get one.

Supremacy sound

The Audeze Sine uses ultra-thin membranes to generate sound. As a result, the audio produced is more precise.

They are standard top-end headphones used at home, office, and camping. You can wallop up the volume without any distortion at any time and still, it conveys precise audio.

Lightning Cable

This cable boosts up the quality of sound and volume when used. For example, the volume can be turned down to notch and still appreciate a detailed message.

This cable enables you to listen to digital music before it is transformed into an analog signal. Other cables alter the signal to convert it analog.


  • Nicely balanced Mids. Excellent with genres like Jazz and classic rock
  • High quality and accurate audiophile sound. Due to Planar magnetic technology employed
  • Ultra-thin diaphragm. Reduces sound distortion
  • Lightweight


  • Slightly uncomfortable. They lie flat on top of the earlobes. In a few moments, it starts hurting.

13. Audeze LCD-2 Over-Ear Open Back Headphones



Highlighted specifications

  • Long transducer size
  • 15 watts max power handling
  • Frequency response range 10Hz – 50kHz
  • High impedance
  • High sensitivity

Another brilliant brand of Audeze. It has plush and soft leather on the open back for comfort. As it communicates well the power and nuance of the music is considered rich. This also offers a truly music listening experience.

Advanced planar magnetic technology

The magnetic drivers are engineered for articulate accuracy. They deliver a transparent and precise sound that is understandable.

Ultra-thin diaphragm

The materials used to make the diaphragm are thinner than human air. This to encourage fast frequency responses. It also consists of thin diaphragm membranes that reduce distortion and improve imaging.


The Open back LCD-2 has a spacious soundstage. Hence, it is more precise and multidimensional. The separation of the LCD-2 soundstage is superior.

It can be kept everything. That’s why you can be able to catch every detail easily.

Far-reaching Bass

The bass of the LCD-2 extends flawlessly. This is because it has no humps on the way. it is not sophisticated and can be controlled easily.

Even at large volumes, the LCD-2 bass is deep, controllable, and clear.


  • Minimum distortion. Their magnet is double-sided to deliver constant driving dynamism to the diaphragm.
  • Quality sound Audiophile
  • Tremendous Design to achieve high-level comfort
  • Customized travel case. For the protection of the headphones


  • Depressed upper mids and lower treble.
  • Terrible when playing games. They lack quality assurance

14. Hifiman HE 1000 V2 Over-Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones



Highlighted specifications

  • Nominal impedance
  • Slightly heavier
  • High-pressure efficiency
  • Magnetic circuit-advanced and asymmetrical

This is another model of the ever-evolving brands of Hifiman. It has a window shadow design.  This structure can prevent soundwaves from interferences.

This design prevents the headphones not to vibrate and evade unsolicited reflections.

Attractive carrying case

Even before the opening box, you are given the mentality of what to expect inside. The case design can hold the inside product’s compact.

This is to prevent the products from damage when accidentally dropped. The box is tight to prevent water drops or liquid substances inside the case.

Polyester materials

The leather used in Hifiman HE1000 is made up of polyester materials. These materials prevent itching sensation on the neck.

Mostly they are used to make their users more comfortable. In addition to that, these materials have audible improvements for transparency in the presentations.

Excellent and appealing performance

The performance of the HE1000 is extremely wonderful. With the deepest soundstage and transparent, airy highs, you fall in love with it.

On your head, it strikes you to feel more alive. The transparent, clear, and light sound that you catch each detail in the music.

Magnificent Bass

Among the HIFIMAN brands, the HE-100 is one of the brands that encapsulates splendid bass. It does so under a tight and exceedingly lucid sound signature.

The sub-bass is delivered inaccurate and precise ways for better performance.


  • Widow shade design to reduce sound reflection
  • Excellent comfort due to polyester materials
  • Incredible sound quality
  • Lightweight diaphragm


  • Low sound quality

15. Massdrop X Hifiman Edition XX Over-Ear Open-Back Headphones



Highlighted specifications

  • Planar magnetic drivers
  • Low impedance
  • Frequency response range between 8Hz-50kHz
  • Detachable cable with3.5mm plug
  • High adaptive sensitivity
  • Lightweight

This is another brilliant set of HIFIMAN headphones. HIFIMAN Edition xxx uses super Nano-drivers with a diaphragm that is 80% thicker than other designs.

Moreover, when compared with human air, they are 50 times thinner. The soundstage is airy, detailed, and spacious to catch every word passed through the music.

Super tremble

Immediately after connecting with your smartphone, the audio sounds glossy. Massdrop xxx strikes you immediately with its tremble.

In certain genres like hip hop and rock music, these headphones generate nightmares in your ears.

Fabric built materials

The manufacturer has used fabric synthetic leather in the construction of the HIFIMAN edition. These materials are used for comfortability, especially long-hour sessions. In addition, these materials make the headphone to light in weight.


  • Robust bass
  • Attractive design
  • Spacious presentations in the lower end
  • Crystal clear vocals


  • Somehow very hard to drive

 Buying Consideration Of planar Magnetic Headphones

Are you a fan of music, podcast, or games? If you are, do you have a pair of headphones? This is because a set of headphones transforms a personal listening experience.

However, there are lots of different types of headphones in the market. As a result, it becomes a challenge to choose the best that fits you. All of them offer slightly different something.

So before considering buying a pair of headphones, you should familiarize yourself with different features found in these headphones.

They are much similar but with mini-differences, that means a lot. For starters, you should know the overall form-factors. For example, are the headphones in-ear, on-ear, or over-ear?

Therefore, here are things to consider before purchasing a headphone.

Sound quality

Whether you use the headphones for music, games, podcast, or speaking to goggle, the quality of the sound is of supreme importance.

This applies to both wired and wireless headphones. For example, wireless headphones use Bluetooth to connect with android.

Bluetooth was never meant to transmit audio with high quality. It compresses the audio which sometimes can sound worse. So before buying a wireless headphone, you should know whether they are equipped with aptX technology.

Nothing irritates than hearing the sound of the bus when you have your headphones on. Especially when the volume is at full blast.

This the ability of the headphone to hinder outside noise and preserve the music in. your headphones should be able to isolate the sound and draw out the background noise.

In addition, you should consider whether the headphones are open or closed back. Open headphones are loud. They have natural undistorted sound.

Closed headphones’ isolation of noise is super.  Most people like these closed headphones due to their flourishing bass sound.


Most people prefer to wear headphones for long hours. Especially mountain climbers, runners among others. As a result, these headphones should be comfortable and convenient. When purchasing a headphone, identify whether it fits your ears well.


Huge and bulky headphones are mostly preferred for DJs. They are awesome looking. They can isolate the sound and make the users feel as if the music is inside their heads.

Small size headphones are not as good as huge headphones. They cannot be able to isolate the sound well. When they are on, you can be able to catch the sounds in your environment.

There are three forms of headphones; in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear.

The in-ear headphones are mostly known for great portability. So if you want to buy headphones to wear for long hours, these are the best to consider.

As the name proposes, they rest inside the ears. As a result, they are ideal headphones for sports.

Most people prefer on-ear headphones because they are comfortable. However, they are not preferred for long time usage. In addition to that, they have poor sound isolation.

People around your surrounding hear the audio very well.

Over the ear headphones are the most comfortable ones. However, they are the least portable in all of them.

These heavyweight headphones generally use in a home As the name sounds, they cover all the ears. As a result, they sound better as they are spacious for large drives.

Frequency response

Before purchasing a headphone, you should know the sound range the product can produce. The sound range is measured in Heartz.

If you look at the container with the product, you should be able to identify numbers like; 20Hz- 20,000Hz.

This number shows the frequency response range of the audio product.

The first number is the lowest frequency of the product while the second number is the highest frequency range.

The frequency range varies according to the different types of products.

Humans can only be able to sustain a frequency range between 20Hz-20,000Hz. That’s the reason why many audio products have this frequency range.

So, when buying headphones, try to check the frequency level. However, some point out that products with these frequencies are meaningless.

Unless if you are a bat, you should consider this unnecessarily.  Conversely, the frequency range of this item is from 15Hz- 25,000Hz.

We can choose this frequency options. This is for people who need products with high frequencies.

They usually give room to breathe. That is, you can be able to perceive the sound slightly. However, you will not able to catch the message passed. The sound is not clear or transparent.


You need to check the impedance of the product on the container. 150hms resistance is an example of impedance. More impedance uses more power.

Headphones with low impedance require low power to drive them. Mostly, low-impedance headphones are used with devices with weak amplification.

Headphones with high impedance require devices with high amplification to drive them. If you purchase one, I recommend these.

Their performance is impeccable. In addition, they are less vulnerable to blowouts because they can withstand high amplification.

So, if you want to purchase a headphone, look at the box and identify the impedance. The impedance of less than 150hms is low. It is very easy to drive.

However, the impedance of over 500hms is very high. They require high amplification to drive them. However, they offer the best results.


Finally, having gone through all other things you need for your headphone, consider the budget. Your budget determines what you get

As like most things in life, premium headphones come at a premium price.

Avoid headphones at a cheap price. However, if you are looking for headphones for listening to simple music, cheap will just be fine.

Do you need headphones with sound-isolation, advanced features? Well, expect to spend a lot. Outstanding quality does not come at a cheap price. For something decent, you must spend more.

These headphones are manufactured with high-quality materials. They are long-lasting. It has Bluetooth chips like Qualcomm. They require high-density batteries and many others.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Headphones(FAQ)

01. which are the best headphones to buy?

There are many manufacturers of headphones. The market is highly competitive. So every manufacturer produces unique-feature products from the others though similar.

So consider the brand and model of the headphone before getting one.

The headphone should have planar magnetic drives, high sensitivity, and favorable impedance. In addition, they should have a clear, transparent, and detailed soundstage.

This is not enough for the best headphone.

You must consider what you are buying them for. If you are a DJ, you must collect huge and bulky headphones.

They can isolate the music and you feel as if the music is inside your head.

However, if you want headphones for sports, light and comfortable headphones are the best. So, for comfy, the build materials should be leather-like faux. Those made with plastic usually burn after some hours.

02. Between closed-back and open-back headphones, which are the favorites to use?

To determine between these two, you should know your purpose. Open-back headphones tend to produce a natural sound. The sound of the music is less confined.

You can be able to hear sounds from your surroundings. So these are best when you are alone because you would like to hear someone or something approaching.

For noisy environments, closed-back headphones are best. You feel as if the music is inside you. People around you can’t hear your music. They have deep bass and most people like them.

For example, in a studio recording music, the sound from the microphone can be heard. You can choose closed-back headphones because they block outside voices completely.

So, between these two types of headphones, the best will depend on their usage.

03. How do I pair a wireless headphone with my smartphone?

Pairing the headphone with a mobile device is very easy. First, turn on the headphone Bluetooth. Most headphones usually have a button to do so.

Next, to put the headphones into the pairing mode, press the button for about 5 seconds.

The headphone usually has a voice prompt to notify you that it is ready to connect. Open your mobile Bluetooth and they will automatically connect.

04. Can I connect my Bluetooth headphone with my Android TV?

Yes, you can. However, the two devices must be compatible. To identify whether the two devices can pair, check the specifications of the devices. The model support page specifies its identification.

If it is, check the model compatible list available. For example, Android TVs, Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth soundbars, and others. If your model is available, you can be able to connect the two.

05. What should I do if I don’t hear any sound from my headphones?

If there is no sound after connecting to the source, you need to follow the various steps. For example, check whether the volume of your device is on and up.

Identify whether your device is powered. Lastly, check the connection of your headphones.

For wireless headphones, make sure you correctly select the headphone for your device. Pair your devices again.

In addition, you can turn your headphones on and off. Try to connect it to another device when you do not hear the sound.

06. My wireless headphone is not charging, what should I do?

Well, if your headphone is not accepting the charge, the battery must be experiencing technicalities. As a result, the battery needs to be replaced or checked for a loose connection.

However, if that not the case, you should try the following guidelines to troubleshoot the issue.

  • Make sure you are using the supplied cable of the device to charge.
  • connect the charging cable firmly.
  • Don’t use an indirect charging connection. For example, the USB hub.
  • Make sure your source device power is on.

If the troubleshooting does not work, the headphone may require services.

07. What is the maximum connection range for my Bluetooth headphones?

Range connectivity varies with different headphones.  The maximum range for the best headphones is 10 meters. However, this range varies with surrounding obstacles. For example, metal, person, wall among others.


Indeed, headphones are changing the listening experience for music lovers. However, before falling for one, vivid research is necessary.

In addition, before getting one, you should consider the primary use of the headphone. For example, there are those recommended for sports while others are not.

We highly recommend planar magnetic technology. They have features necessary for every headphone. For example, clear and detailed soundstage, deep bass, comfortability, and many others.

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