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Top 10 Best Thin Body Acoustic Guitar In 2021 ( Reviews & Buying Guide)

When you’re looking for maximum comfort, the best thin body acoustic guitar comes like the perfect instrument. A thin-body guitar is probably the best option for people who want extra portability, ease of use, and an ultra-comfy experience while playing the instrument.

You won’t get the same depth of sound as a thick guitar. But with the right model, you can still enjoy next-level sound that surpasses expectations. Here, we want to help you pick precisely that guitar.


Comparison Table Of The Best Thin Body Acoustic Guitar (Check Availability)

Jameson with Gig Bag
Ashthorpe Premium Tonewoods
Yamaha APX600 BL
ADM Premium Cutaway
Epiphone Hummingbird PRO
Fender CD-140SCE
Yamaha APXT2 3/4 Thinline
PRS Paul Reed A50E
Johnson JG-650-TN
Fender Redondo Player

That’s why we brought some of the highest-quality thin-body acoustic models and a brief guide on how to pick the right one. If you’re interested in one of these, then this article will help you enormously.

10 Best Thin Body Acoustic Guitars Reviews

After browsing through hundreds of thin-body acoustic guitars, only a few were worthy of our money. We decided to review them profoundly and come up with their best features as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Below is everything you need to know about them:

01. Jameson Guitars Thinline Acoustic-Electric Guitar



Highlighted Features:

  • 3-inch body thickness
  • Spruce top & Maple neck
  • Available in 6 colors

If there’s a brand you should never overlook, then that’s R.W. Jameson. And with the Thinline Full-Size model, this brand delivers the best thin body acoustic guitar in the entire list.

Maximum Comfort

At first sight, it looks just like any other guitar. But it’s not. With a 41-inch body length and only 3 inches of thickness, it is one of the most straightforward models to use.

You’ll feel utterly comfortable when playing even the trickiest of songs.

Ultra-Durable Build

Apart from its body, you can also find it amazingly well-made. The Spruce top makes it durable, especially with the gloss finish that adds up to its already gorgeous wood.

And in the neck, you will find Maple wood, adding the lightness and resilience for the fretboard to work wonders.

Exquisite Sound

As for the sound, you won’t be disappointed either. It boasts a built-in EQ pickup as well as die-cast tuners for easy tweaking.

You won’t have any issue making it sound however you prefer. Pair this up with the steel strings, and you’ll get one of the softest-sounding guitars out there.

Gorgeous Design

Let’s not forget this guitar also comes in 6 different colors and in multi-hand designs for right-handed and left-handed people. So you won’t have a single reason to ignore it.


  • Super-comfy for extra playability
  • Smooth & beautiful design
  • Offers multi-handed designs
  • Resilient and well-sounding build


  • Strings sit too high on the body

02.  Ashthorpe Cutaway Thinline Acoustic-Electric Guitar



Highlighted Features:

  • Full-accessory kit
  • Spruce Wood & Basswood build
  • 4-band pickup electronics

If you’re looking for a cheap yet highly practical guitar, then you will love the Thinline Cutaway model from Ashthorpe.

Long-lasting & Good-Looking

It all starts with a high-quality tonewood, including Spruce wood on the top and Basswood on the back and sides.

This makes it possible for the thin design at 3 inches to deliver exceptional sound quality. And even then, the guitar also stands out for its durability and good looks.

Comfy & Easy to Tweak

At 41-inch of total length and with a marine-grade Okoume neck material, it also becomes a pretty easy-to-use guitar. You can enjoy its sound and smooth operation for a thin model.

All of that works like a charm with the 4-band pickup. You can hook this guitar with an amplifier and enjoy outstanding sound tweaking.

From the treble and presence to the mid-range and bass – it allows easy modification for all that.

Practical Accessories

Last but not least, the guitar also comes with the whole playing equipment. You get a soft case for bringing it around, a shoulder strap for comfy carrying, 3 picks for playing, a guitar cable, and even a set of extra strings.

It comes with everything you could need.


  • Amazingly pretty design in 6 colors
  • An ultra-handy array of extras
  • Decently easy to use and tweak
  • Exceptional sound for its price


  • May produce a little buzz

03. Yamaha APX600 BL Thin Body Acoustic-Electric Guitar



Highlighted Features:

  • ART pickup system
  • 65A preamp
  • APX Soundhole design

Considering its body construction, exceptional sound, and unique design, the APX600 is the best slim acoustic guitar you’ll find. And because it comes from Yamaha, the APX600 guitar is the perfect example of a quality guitar to pick.

Top-Notch Build

The construction, for example, boasts a Spruce top for the extra resonance that adds clarity and depth. And with the Rosewood fingerboard, it responds well and adds extra lightness.

Add the X-type bracing for extra sound depth, making it sound like no other.

Next-Level Sound

This wood choice pairs well with the APX Soundhole. It delivers a loud sound, making sure you get no less than exceptional delivery every time.

But the real advantage comes from the 65A preamp and piezo pickup. You can amplify the tone of the guitar exponentially, so you can enjoy a wider array of sounds depending on what you’re looking for.

High-Grade Pickup

The ART pickup also stands out. It captures the sound from the guitar amazingly well, ensuring top-notch delivery when paired with an amplifier and speakers. So it becomes a go-to choice for stage players.

Exquisite Design

And lastly, you can enjoy its 4 gorgeous colors, including Vintage White and Old Violin Sunbursts, and an Abalone Rosette.


  • Unbeatable sound quality for the cost
  • Looks and feels amazing
  • Offers excellent playability & tweaking
  • Long-lasting build with Spruce & Rosewood


  • Small frets & markers

04. All Days Music ADM Premium Thin Body Electric Acoustic Guitar



Highlighted Features:

  • Sapele, Spruce & Rosewood build
  • B-band EQ electronics
  • Handy hard-shell case

Coming at a pretty decent cost, the ADM Premium Cutaway Acoustic Guitar from All Days Music will surely become a go-to choice for quality seekers on a budget.

Cute & Comfy

As soon as you set your eyes on it, you’ll realize how good-looking it is. Yet, it is the 40-inch long design with a think body that sets it apart.

You won’t have any problem fitting this guitar to your body and enjoy a more comfortable playing experience.

High-Quality Construction

Apart from its size, the wood quality doesn’t disappoint. It boasts a Spruce top and a Sapele back and sides, plus a light Rosewood fingerboard.

Together, these woods ensure maximum durability and sound richness, so you get nothing to complain about its build. Add the gloss finish for a gorgeous look.

Maximum Sound Tweaking

The construction is not everything, though. The guitar also comes with excellent B-band EQ, so you can enjoy superb sound tweaking whenever you want. And with the die-cast chrome tuners, it ensures maximum sound adjustments.

Handy & Affordable

With the addition of a hard-shell guitar case, you can bring it anywhere safely and comfortably. That’s enough to say it is a total steal for the cost.


  • Gorgeous classical guitar design
  • Easy to play and transport
  • Decently durable and comfortable
  • Magnificent sound delivery


  • Not as loud as expected

05. Epiphone Hummingbird PRO Acoustic/Electric Guitar



Highlighted Features:

  • Fishman Sonitone pickup
  • Grover Rotomatic tuners
  • Mahogany and Spruce build

When it comes to ensuring maximum sound quality, few brands do their job like Epiphone. That’s why we couldn’t leave the Hummingbird PRO outside this review list.

Unbeatable Construction

For a very reasonable price, the Hummingbird PRO ensures a quality build with a combination of Mahogany neck & body with a Solid Spruce top.

Together, you can be sure the guitar will last a long time while providing a uniquely attractive design.

Top-Notch Sound

There’s nothing about this guitar to hate when it comes to sound quality. You get a combination of a slim body with next-level tonewood.

Along with a SlimTaper D Profile Neck and Gibson Phosphor Bronze strings, it will quickly surpass your expectations.

Smooth Sound Tweaks

You won’t have to make a titanic effort to make the guitar sound however you prefer.

Thanks to the addition of Grover Rotomatic 18:1 ratio tuners plus a Fishman Sonitone pickup, it will make your guitar sound exactly how you need.

Add the Hummingbird pickup for even better sound results.

Exquisite Vintage Design

Considering the wood combination and the comfortable design, this guitar also manages to deliver a gorgeous vintage look that makes your eyes water.

The Hummingbird graphics on the top, including the good-looking yet straightforward Rosette and excellent choice of colors, make this guitar amazingly beautiful.


  • Delivers excellent playability & smooth tweaking
  • Uniquely beautiful pickguard graphics
  • Super-deep sound delivery with a slim body
  • Highly long-lasting and reliable build


  • A slightly deficient pickup system

06. Fender CD-140SCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar



Highlighted Features:

  • Easy-to-Play Neck
  • Available in Dreadnought & Parlor body
  • Fishman Presys pickup system

Only a few brands in the guitar market can offer the quality that Fender is capable of. That’s why the CD-140SCE made it into the list – we just couldn’t leave it out.

High-Quality Construction

The first thing you’ll notice about this guitar is the quality of its wood. It boasts a Spruce top with X bracing for extra sturdiness. This matches well with the Rosewood back and sides for a cleaner look.

But it all comes down to the Dreadnought or Parlor body with cutaway design. This makes the sound brighter and sharper, so you can use the guitar for almost any playing style.

Comfortable & Handy

Considering the excellent body design it offers, you can also expect the guitar to be super-easy to play with.

Thanks to its Easy-to-Play neck, a tortoiseshell pickguard, and the rosewood headcap, playing this guitar is a total pleasure. It doesn’t matter what you want to play, this guitar makes it all possible.

Excellent Sound Tweaks

If you rely on sound tweaking to achieve the most precise and most vibrant sound possible, then you’ll love the addition of a Fishman Presys pickup.

This preamp matches with the Graph Tech Nut & Bridge Saddle, so you can achieve the sound you need while ensuring maximum tonal accuracy, every time.

Fantastic Extra Case

To make this guitar an even better option overall, you can enjoy a hard-shell case. You can transport your guitar comfortably and safely. And with the storage compartment, you can also add accessories and spare parts.


  • Fantastic playability & comfort
  • Gorgeous design in Natural or Sunburst
  • Next-level sound tweaking & electronics
  • Practical case for easy transport


  • A bit expensive

07. Yamaha APXT2 ¾ Thinline Acoustic-Electric Guitar



Highlighted Features:

  • ART pickup system
  • 3/4 body size
  • Rosewood and Spruce build

An affordable yet quality-oriented guitar never lets you down, especially when it comes from Yamaha. The APXT2 3/4 is an excellent choice if you’re low on budget but still want to enjoy maximum quality.

Gorgeous & Durable Build

You won’t be able to take your eyes off this acoustic-electric guitar. It boasts a high-end Spruce top that adds the smoothness and sound quality you need.

Paired up with the Meranti back and sides, it adds an extra touch of resilience. Add the Rosewood fretboard and bridge for exquisite looks.

Top-Notch Sound Tuning

Want to achieve a unique sound with the guitar? Then it’s totally possible. The APXT2 comes with an ART pickup that ensures smooth and effective tuning for any style you want to play.

It also boasts an EQ with a mid-boost system for a brighter sound that tailors to your needs.

Outstandingly Portable

One of the finest features of this guitar is the Thinline body with 3/4 less size. If you’re a busy musician who’s often tackling the road in search of new adventures, then you’ll love how compact and light it is.


  • Delivers unbeatable sound quality
  • Decently playable and tweakable
  • Small and super-comfy design
  • Beautiful design all around


  • The sound could be louder

08. PRS Guitars SE Angelus A50E Cutaway Acoustic/Electric Guitar



Highlighted Features:

  • Fishman GT1 pickup
  • Spruce and Maple build
  • PRS bird inlays

If we had to pick the best thin body acoustic electric guitar, we wouldn’t hesitate to choose the Paul Reed Smith SE Angelus A50E. It offers everything you could need on an acoustic guitar, and a little more.

Beautiful & Sturdy Body

Despite offering a seemingly regular design, this guitar actually comes with a gorgeous Spruce top. It boasts a PRS hybrid X bracing as well as a 3-dimensional character design.

This matches well with the Maple sides and back, the ebony bridge and fretboard, and a bone-nut saddle. It tops up with PRS bird inlays and high-quality headstock design.

Together, every single body feature makes it looks fantastic.

Maximum Comfort

But the real advantage of this guitar’s body is the Angelus Cutaway shape. It ensures maximum comfort and makes it easy to play.

Whether it is fingerstyle or picking, you’ll receive a highly versatile guitar overall. This pairs up well with the hard-shell case so you can take it anywhere effortlessly.

Amazing Sound Quality

The best about this guitar, on top of everything else, is the sound it offers. With the quality Maple and Spruce construction, plus the addition of Fishman GT1 electronics, you can expect no less than exceptional sound.

Pair this up with the under-saddle pickup, soundhole preamp, and easy-access controls so you can achieve exceptional sound at any time.


  • Exquisite design all around
  • Outstanding sound quality & tweaking
  • Ultra-comfortable and playable design
  • Amazingly durable and resilient build


  • Very expensive

09. Johnson JG-650-TN Thin Body Acoustic Guitar



Highlighted Features:

  • Rosewood and Spruce build
  • Passive EQ pickup
  • Glossy finish & Celtic Rosette

Coming up with another affordable model, we now find the JG-650-TN from Johnson. It is a thin-body guitar for people who want excellent quality without emptying their wallets.

Super-Comfy & Practical

The thin body design stands out for its super-light build. You won’t have to make too much of an effort to play it. This matches well with the comfy construction, so you can play it in different styles, as well as standing or sitting with little strain.

High-Quality Construction

Everything about this guitar comes from its high-end construction. The top is made of Spruce, so you can expect exceptional sound delivery.

Then you find Rosewood fingerboard and bridge, making it more attractive. And sure enough, it boasts Nato back and sides, so you can receive an even more durable piece.

Good-Looking Design

On top of quality construction, it also comes with a glossy finish and Celtic Rosette, for a fantastic look. Add the die-cast tuners on the headstock, perfect for adding the extra shiny touch to the whole guitar.

Wide-Sounding Capacity

Following an exceptional build and design, the guitar manages to offer top-notch sound. It boasts an EQ pickup as well as several controls for Tone and Volume. If you like experimenting a bit, then this guitar won’t let you down.


  • Durable and ultra-resilient build
  • Simple design looks amazing
  • Amazing sound-tweaking features
  • Exceptional price for the quality it offers


  • Scratches easily

10. Fender Redondo Player California Series Acoustic Guitar



Highlighted Features:

  • Available in 5 colors
  • Unique Redondo body shape
  • Ultra-thin design

The Redondo California Series is the best sounding thin body acoustic guitar in the entire list. And it comes directly from Fender – the most reliable and quality-oriented brand in the market.

Unique Body for Playability

The Redondo body shape is one of the most comfortable you can hope for. It looks like an electric guitar, which includes a C-shaped neck and a Strat-style body.

If you feel more comfortable with an electric guitar but want to play an acoustic one, then you’ll love this slim and comfy model.

Quality Wood for Resilience

Want to enjoy a highly long-lasting guitar? Then you’ll love the Spruce top, Mahogany neck, back, sides, and a Walnut bridge and fingerboard.

This build increases the durability of the piece while ensuring a good-looking product, available in 4 uniquely gorgeous colors.

Fantastic Sound Delivery

Love tweaking your sound to the max? Then you’ll appreciate the Fishman pickup and tuner on this model. Everything is on-board, so you can amplify the guitar sound however you prefer, ensuring a broader and richer sound delivery.

Superb Learning App

If everything about this Fender guitar wasn’t enough, then you can always enjoy its Fender Play app. It will help you learn from popular songs and customized lessons, making this guitar a go-to choice for beginners.


  • Gorgeous electric-guitar design
  • Offers extra playability & comfort
  • Delivers fantastic sound quality
  • Fishman pickup system makes it to tweak


  • Produces a little bit of buzz at high volumes

How to Pick the Best Thin Body Acoustic Guitar

Looking for the highest-quality thin body acoustic electric guitar? Then you’ll want to learn precisely how to pick the right one.

Below, you’ll find the most vital factors to think about when buying. After learning about them, choosing the ideal model for your needs will be a piece of cake. Want to learn more about the guitar? Then take a look:

  • Wood Type

The first thing to consider will be the material that makes the guitar. You will find several kinds of wood to consider going from Spruce to Rosewood.

But each type of wood offers a specific advantage, depending on where it is used. Here’s a better explanation:

Sitka Spruce

The first material you’ll notice is Spruce or Sitka. It combines rigidity with lightness, so it lasts a long time while making the guitar light enough.

In terms of sound, Spruce stands out for clarity and dynamic capacity, delivering a more extensive range of sounds sufficiently loud. It is often used on the guitar top.


Then you’ll find Cedar. This is also popular like Spruce. It offers a softer composition, so it also delivers a smoother sound.

Cedar is also lighter than Spruce but compresses sound differently, which ensures a more profound resonance. If you’re looking for a warmer guitar sound, then Cedar won’t let you down.


Usually found on the sides and back on the back and sides of guitars, Mahogany is a slightly more dense and heavy material than the first two.

But this density delivers a louder sound, making the bass more noticeable. For people who want high-end definition and richness, Mahogany comes like a charm.


Richness and punch, Maple makes it possible for thin guitars to sound more like standard models. Yet, the wood tends to be somewhat dense build that damps the sound perfectly.

This means Maple bottoms and sides make the guitar sound super-clear and rich, but not as loud as you may expect.


Lastly, you will find Rosewood. This is the perfect choice for people who want a wider sound delivery that tackles the whole range. You get bright mid-range tones while improving highs as well. It reduces the bass to increase richness and clarity. You will find Rosewood on the back and sides of guitars.

  •  Neck & Fretboard

Once you have the body material figured out, then you can hop on to consider the length, build, and comfort of the guitar’s neck.

Here, we usually recommend necks of 12 fret or 14 frets. This number of fret refers to how many are available in the neck.

So, sure enough, the more frets on the fingerboard, the longer the neck will be. And with a large neck, using the guitar is a little more complicated, yet it offers extra notes.

Once you’ve considered the neck length, you should focus on the headstock. This is where the tuners are located and where the strings end. The right tuners can help you achieve precise pitch, so the guitar will sound better.

We recommend quality tuners made of metal. And the nut that holds the string should be made of plastic or graphite.

  •  Pickups & Electronics

Another feature related to the sound is the pickup and the electronics. When you pick an acoustic guitar, you’ll have to consider the quality of the piece that connects it to amplifiers and other equipment.

Here, the quality of pickups mostly falls into the different controls available. For example, a pickup that lets you tweak the treble, mid-range notes, and the bass is an excellent addition.

If you want an even better experience, then consider pickups with special effects and extra tuning controls.

  • Strings

Lastly, be sure you’re getting a guitar with a quality set of strings. While you can replace them at any time, getting a quality set directly from the factory is fantastic.

Here, however, you will need to pick between steel and strings. They both offer different results, so you’ll have to choose accordingly.


A set of nylon strings is mellow. You will get a softer sound that works amazingly well if you’re looking for increased tonality and richness. Nylon strings are ideal for classical and country music.


These strings offer a broader sound capacity, meaning they can reach the lowest lows and higher highs, focusing on louder tones. Steel is recommended for rock and pop music that relies on sound tweaking.

  • Body Shape

There are hundreds of body shapes to go from. But you’re still likely to find some of the most common ones, like:


It’s probably the most popular. Dreadnoughts offer high bass and make it easy t achieve high notes without stroking the guitar too much. Most singers and songwriters love a Dreadnought shape for their full sound delivery.


If you want a small guitar, then you’ll go for a Parlor model. It offers a lighter and more comfortable experience while still providing a balanced sound quality. Players who love fingerpicking will find Parlor designs ideal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now that you’ve learned how to pick the best thin body acoustic guitar, you’re probably left with a few doubts. In this section, we want to solve them:

What’s the difference between a thin vs thick body acoustic guitar?

Even though they look almost the same at first sight, they’re not. The thing that sets them apart is the thickness of the body.

This affects the sound, where thick-body models usually have a deep tone but feel bulky. In contrast, a slimmer design offers a brighter sound and is more comfortable to use.

What are the benefits of a thin body acoustic guitar?

There are many reasons why someone would prefer a thin-body acoustic guitar over a regular one. Here are some of them:

  • Brighter and more natural tone
  • Light construction adds portability
  • More playability and ease of use
  • Ideal for fingerpicking and less common playing styles
  • Tons of comfort that thick models don’t offer

In short, you can say a thin-body guitar offers more versatility than a thick one.

Are used thin body guitars worth it?

Thin-body guitars tend to be limited, so they gain value over time. And if you’re a beginner, then a comfortable thin-body model will make it easy to learn. Lastly, they’re super affordable. So yes, most thin body guitars are entirely worth your money.

Can I install my own electronics in a thin body guitar?

Yes, if the guitar you’re getting doesn’t come with a preamp or pickup, you can always install your own. In some cases, the guitar may offer replaceable electronics, so you can remove them and install your own.

We usually recommend taking the guitar to a technician shop to get the job done.

Is a thin body acoustic guitar easier to play?

Typically, yes. A thin-body acoustic guitar offers small-handed people and beginners to have an easier grab of the guitar. Thick-body guitars are often bulkier and harder to maintain stability.

On top of that, they make it easier for fingerpicking and similar playing styles.


After reading our reviews, learning with our buying guide, and relieving your doubts with our FAQ section – you should be ready to make a final pick.

Just remember, the best thin body acoustic guitar is the one that meets your demands on top of everything else. So don’t hesitate and pick the one you feel fits your standards. You won’t regret it this way.


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