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15 Best USB Microphone For Rapping In 2021 (Review With Buying Guides)

Hello… Indeed, it is a mic check! Being a rapper, you know how important it is to get the best USB microphone for rapping. Your microphone is a tool for showcasing your magical art of playing with rhythm and words. Unlike others, you are not playing any instruments.

All your magic and talent are dependent on the way how you let your words flow while rapping and how you make your audience understands and hear your vocals.


Comparison Table Of The  Best USB Microphone For Rapping On The Market (Check Price & Availability)

Blue Yeti USB Mic
Blue Snowball
HyperX QuadCast
Samson Go Mic
Shure SM58-X2U
CAD Audio U37
Razer Seiren Elite
Samson G-Track Pro
Shure MV5 Digital
Apogee MiC
Shure PGA27

Hence, for you, the best companion is your microphones. But we know the best ally can become the deadliest enemy, and if that happens, the whole game will end.

So, if you don’t want your microphones to ruin the show, you need to purchase a good USB microphone.

Yes, in the current market, which is full of specialization, it is hard to pick one right product quickly. But with a good amount of research, we made your task easier.

Just follow this article and grab the microphone for rapping without worrying about the quality of the product.

Top 15 Best USB Microphone For Rapping Review In 2021


01. Blue Yeti USB Microphone For Recording and Streaming



 Top Features

  • Supports streaming and recording on Mac and Windows
  • Tri capsule array for the perfect recording
  • Suitable for most versions of mac and windows OS.
  • Premium look

Do you want to be heard by everyone with a crisp, clear, and loud voice? We know the answer is Yes from any of the rappers.

The fantastic USB microphone by Blue Yeti offers all the things you are expecting from a great mic. It will help you to amplify your voice loud and clear.


Generally, you need multiple microphones to make your voice heard clearly while steaming.

But with the four modes available in this device makes your task easier with just a single device.

The Cardioid Mode, Omni Mode, Bidirectional Mode, and Stereo Mode provides you more options for the great outcome.

Professional Quality 

The excellent sound quality of Blue’s Yeti makes your life easy.

The three capsule array helps to create a bright and loud broadcast quality sound, which is optimum for rapping, singing, game streaming podcasting, and YouTube.


  • Perfect sound control options
  • Unique and classy looking design
  • Plug and play facility to instantly commencing recording on Mac and Windows


  • Terrible customer service

02. Blue Snowball iCE Premium and Custome Condenser USB Mic



Top Features

  • Compatible with Mac and Windows OS.
  • Discord and Skype Certified mic.
  • Attractive Design
  • Plug and Play connection type

I am sure many at least once or twice you are screaming on your mouthpiece on Skype meetings and calls, but your counterpart unable to hear anything. Sounds familiar, right?

That too, if you are working from home and network also starts working weirdly, then the irritation is unbearable.

Isn’t it? But if you need a solution for this problem permanently, you can opt for Blue Snowball iCE USB mic.

Certified by Skype

If you want to get rid of the irritation and frustration of low voice even after you are screaming with your full potential, then without a second thought, buy this one.

It is verified and certified by Skype and Discord. It gives you a loud and clear voice, so you no need to startle your neighbors while you are in skype calls!

Create your studio

With the help of Ringer Shock mount and Compass -Broadcast boom creates your little desktop into a fantastic studio for yourself. Compass premium broadcast boom arm available with studio design.

It has aluminum construction, internal springs, and hidden internal wires that don’t make it look messy. Instead, it looks classy, and you would love to speak or sing using that.


  • Crystal clear loud sound
  • No setup required: just plug and play using your system
  • The stand is made with sturdy stainless steel material. Overall great build quality


  • The advantage of picking a low voice also causes some trouble since it catches the background noise. However, if you alter the sensitivity, you can get rid of this issue.

03. USB QuadCast Mic from HyperX -Fantastic Twitch Mic



Top Features

  • Mount with anti-vibration shock technology
  • LED indicator for mute and unmute with sensor
  • Designed to PC, Mac, PS4
  • Four polar patterns to select from

Are you looking for the best USB microphone for rapping and want to use that for other purposes? Then you can grab the nice-looking HyperX Quad cast micro USB.

Well, it is the best USB microphone for gaming, but it suits perfectly for rapping as well.

In short, you can use this mic for gaming, rapping, podcasts, Twitch, Discord, Skype, YouTube.

This is the black beauty with red LED lights, so you can imagine how pretty it would look in your hands.

Inbuilt anti-vibration shock mount

This feature is vital when it comes to microphones. It helps to avoid vibration moving up the microphone stand from getting to the diagram of the microphone.

Some of the mics are prone to this type of problem. Hence having an anti-vibration mount works as a boon.

The other vital thing is if you are going to purchase the anti-vibration shock mount separately, you must shell out more money. If it comes with the mic, it will be cheaper.

So, in this microphone, you will get that advantage as well.

Discord and TeamSpeak Certified mic

For anything, be it streaming, rapping, singing, your voice needs to be amplified with loud and clear sound. And this microphone does the same job.

Do you want proof? Well, it is certified by Discord as well as TeamSpeak about Quad Cast.

They endorsed by stating that the Quad Cast is the perfect microphone for loud and clear broadcasting.

Mute control

One of the things we liked about this microphone is the easy control to mute and unmute. You just need to tap to mute and unmute.

The nice-looking LED indicator lets you know whether the mic is on or not. If the light is off, then it is off; otherwise, it is on!


  • Intuitive system for mute and unmute.
  • Natural sound effect.
  • You can get the option of choosing any polar patterns according to your needs.
  • Robust build quality, yet its weight is less.


  • Inaccurate gain control printing

04. Samson Go Condenser Microphone -Great on Budget Mics for Speech



Top Features

  • Portable and compact design
  • Compatible with most of the Windows and Mac-based software
  • Compatible with mobile phones
  • Ideal for multiple things

Recording in the studio is a luxury for many people. The reason is one, they can’t afford to make studio set up, and another is in some scenarios you need to travel to record and complete the work.

In both cases, the Samson Go Mic will help you.

It is the best USB microphone for travelers. The microphone is lightweight, but it is a durable product. Since it is lightweight and compact, you can easily carry wherever you go.

Smartphones compatible

The most liked thing about the Samson Go mic is you can connect this device to Mac and Windows. Nah. This feature is available in almost all significant microphones.

The best feature is you can connect to your smartphones. You can connect to android phones and as well as iOS devices within a few minutes.

Unique Design

The design also confirms that it is made for the people who are on the run. That doesn’t mean you can’t use indoors.

The unique foldable design allows the users to fold the product and insert it in the laptop bag, or even you can put inside your pocket and go!

Hence it makes the professional recordings feasible anywhere you go.


  • Three modes of sound quality
  • You can directly connect to the laptop
  • Portable and unique design
  • Switchable patterns ( cardioid and omnidirectional)


  • The lower parts are made with plastic, and hence build quality is a concern.

05. Shure SM58-X2U- Perfect For Live Performance



Top Features

  • Advanced pneumatic shock mount
  • Steel mesh to prevent wear and tear
  • Vintage design
  • Break-resistant stand adapter

nowadays, every USB microphone is available with advanced technology. As a result, it captures the lowest voices clears and amplifies the same.

But the great features sometimes become a curse because it captures the background noise along with the vocals. But Shure mic made to save you from those situations.

Minimizing background noise

All of us know how irritating to hear the background noises in just regular calls.

I don’t want to make you remember the frustration it brings whenever you are in important meetings or whenever you hear a podcast or a speech.

If you’re going to ensure this situation never occurs for your audience, then Shure mic is a sure choice.

It comes with a uniform cardioid polar pattern. It assists you to minimize the background noise.

Adding to this, the internal pneumatic shock mount prevents and reduces the handling noises.

Overall, you can get a loud and clear voice, but not sounds!


  • Supreme build quality which handles the rugged uses and abuses while you are using in stage or studios
  • Zero-latency monitoring that improves the real-time playback experience
  • Great product to minimize the background noise


  • Not for those who want a stylish and modern look

06. Audio-Technica AT2020USB+  -Boom Microphone For Home Studio



Top Features

  • A 16-bit AD converter for high-quality audio
  • Intuitive mix and volume control
  • Bundled with good quality accessories

AT2020USB+ is the best USB microphone for singing. The microphone comes with a high-quality A/D converter of 16bit and with a sampling rate of 44.1/48 kHz. It gives you a digital recording output.

You can take complete control of your mic with the help of intuitive volume and mix controls.

The volume control is available in the headphone jack and with its help, you can monitor the mic signal without any delays.

And the mix controls allow you to mix your microphone signal and pre-record with digital output.


  • Durable thanks to the build quality
  • Pristine clear recording
  • It won’t pick up background noise


  • The portability becomes harder with its heavyweight

07. Rode NT-USB Versatile Studio-Quality Mic- Amazing For Voice Over Artists



Top Features

  • Polar pattern – cardioid
  • Frequency range – 20Hz – 20 kHz
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows software

Everyone is unique and different. For this reason, maybe we have so many varieties of products in the market. Most people look for a specific need or theirs, and as per that, they purchase the mics.

But we have people who are looking for the perfect versatile microphones. If you belong to that category, then Rode NT- USB is for you. As the name says, it is truly versatile.

Excellent capturing of sounds

The Rode NT mic is a super-sensitive product when it comes to capturing the lowest voice.

If you have a little voice and tired of hearing, can you please speak a bit louder sentences, then buy this product. It captures the very faint sound even from 15 feet.

Adding to this, you can connect to all the significant systems, but in this microphone, you can connect to the iPod using Rode rec.

Overall it is a versatile mic that is perfect for recording, speaking, singing, rapping, and giving a musical performance.


  • Ideal for online streaming
  • Versatile microphone
  • No need for additional drivers, plug and play design


  • Insanely sensitive, as a result, need a quiet place.

08. CAD Audio U37 USB Studio Microphone- Awesome Entry Level Mic



Top Features

  • Versatile and simple design
  • Studio quality recording
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Bass reduction switch

CAD audio, the name is enough to imagine the quality of the product.  It is providing innovative and versatile audio devices for the past 85 long years.

It is the most trusted brand for decades and used by many performers and other people who are associated with the audio industry.

Ok, let’s look at the CAD Audio U37 product now. It comes with a large condenser; hence it provides warm and rich recordings it feels like made in studios.

Quality Recordings

If you record your vocals in CAD Audio U37, you will be amazed by the professional and studio-like quality. It is ideal for gaming, social media, and home studio sessions.

It comes with -10dbB overload protection. With its extended frequency response, smooth interpretation, and transient response make it ideal for speech, singing, rapping, and recordings.


  • Flexible mic placement with 10 foot USB cable
  • Minimizes the background noise and isolates the main vocals
  • Reduction of room noise with bass reduction switch
  • Simple and easy to install


  • Picks the smallest sounds hence not suitable for noisy places

09. USB Microphone with Studio Headphone Set 192kHz/24-bit MAONO



Top Features

  • 16mm condenser
  • Adjustable size
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Drivers diameter 50mm
  • Suitable for Mac and Windows OS

Where are the people who are looking for versatile USB microphones? Because I just got another one for you people. It is ideal for all types of activities that involve recording and producing sounds.

The 50 mm large-aperture drivers with accurate and deep bass make your ears happy.

It comes with the advanced active noise minimizing technology that ensures you to focus on the things you want to hear.

Professional Chipset

The bright and studio-quality sound recording is made possible with the professional sound chipset with 192 kHz /24bit.

The condenser mic is professionally designed with a superior quality chipset.

As a result, it allows the mic to hold a high-resolution sampling rate.

It ensures the exquisite quality of sound reproduction on the internet. So, you can use this for any kind of vocal focused things.


  • Foldable and flexible design makes it portable
  • Professional sound reproduction
  • Easy plug and play – no need of any additional drivers
  • Durable build quality


  • Unlikely to get immediate response from customer service

10. Razer Seiren Elite USB Microphone For Streaming



Top Features

  • Inbuilt high pass filter
  • Digital and analog vocal limiter
  • Zero-latency monitoring

If you are looking mainly for an excellent USB microphone for streaming purposes, then you can make Razer Seiren Elite USB Streaming Microphone yours.

It produces a warm and rich sound quality that is crystal clear and loud.

Streaming Microphone

This microphone is a streamer certified USB mic which suits for all your streaming purposes.

By using this microphone, your followers can hear your slightest of sighs. It has a pro-grade dynamic streaming microphone for the same purpose.

Adding to this, the professional level single dynamic capsule prevents unwanted electronic interference and thereby helps to produce more precise voice quality.

Yes, it captures the low-frequency sounds as well, but you can get rid of that by using High Pass Filter.


  • You can control and reduce the background noise
  • Best sound quality level to have audio at -12 DB
  • Easy to operate the mute button


  • You need third party software to use the microphone

11. USB Streaming Podcast PC Microphone, SUDOTACK Professional



Top Features

  • Professional 192 KHZ/24 Bit cardioid condenser
  • Plug and play device
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows OS

It is a perfect microphone for multiple uses. Just look at the design. It is fantastic. Even for non-singers, it appeals to go and scream their favorite track.

The beautiful design itself makes you feel like you are inside a studio.

Accessories to eliminate noise

The common problem in most of the rapping microphones is it amplifies the background and handling noise. But you need to forget those problems if you get this mic.

The complete package of accessories helps to eliminate noise and focuses on the sound you want others to hear.

It comes with a microphone stand, table clamp, hock mount, USB a to b cable, anti-wind foam cap, and a pop filter.


  • Studio level excellent sound quality
  • USB plug and play. No need for additional drivers
  • Noise elimination
  • Can be connected to smartphones


  • Accessories build quality is not that great

12. Samson G-Track Pro USB Microphone For professional



Top Features

  • Professional all in one USB microphone
  • one inch dual condenser capsules
  • 24b Bit and 96KHZ resolution
  • Zero-latency monitoring

If you are doing multiple activities such as podcasting, YouTube, singing, game streaming, and attending meetings, then it is the best USB microphone to fulfill all your needs.

You can complete all your task from the beginning to end with this mic. You can able to record your voice, and at the same time, you can record the sounds of other instruments too.

All-round mic

This microphone is overall a great USB microphone, which will help you to perform a lot of things—the complete control of your device you can have at your fingers.

The fantastic clarity audio is made possible because of a dual one-inch condenser capsule (with three pickup patterns).

Along with this, you have the option to connect your guitar or other line-level devices. The best thing is the quality of material used to produce this masterpiece.

The massive mesh grill will help to withstand the heavy usages.


  • Plug and play design
  • Strong build quality
  • Three patterns to choose from
  • Perfect sensitivity to get clear sounds


  • Not suitable for many games

13. Shure MV5  Digital Condenser USB Microphone



Top Features

  • Compatible with any iOS-based device
  • Three different DSP preset modes
  • Auto adjustment of gain and compression
  • Available in two different colors

Shure microphones are always provided value to the customers. And surely it applies to this microphone as well. It is compatible with major Windows OS versions as well as Mac OS.

If you are a fan of Apple products, then you can easily able to connect to all your iOS-based devices without connecting through ay adapter or connection kits.

It is a product with the Apple MFi certificate. So, you know how well it will go with your Apple devices.

Set up your studio on the go

This product comes with a detachable desktop stand. As a result, you can connect this anywhere and start your professional-level recording.

The removable stand and easy plug and play operation mode make this product completely portable.

So, if you are going to record your video song or any other thing outside of the four walls, no need to worry, you can pick MV5 mic and go for recording in your desired location.


  • Portable device with removable stand
  • Easy to use
  • Supports iPad, iPhone, iPhone, and Widows and Mac OS.


  • The mic is made with plastic material in most of the parts, and it is prone to damage

14. Apogee MiC 96k USB Microphone For Professional



Top Features

  • Cardioid condenser microphone with studio-quality audio
  • Supports 96KHZ /24-bit recording
  • Compatible with Apple products
  • Pure digital connection

Enough of the wait. I know you are looking for an expensive microphone which is specially designed for Apple products. Now the wait is over, here is the exclusive USB microphone made for all Apple devices.

You can get pristine sound with Apogee Mic, and it is effortless to operate.

Own studio anywhere

If you become the owner of Apogee 96K mic then, you can create your own classy studio wherever you go. Use this product to record vocals, streaming, instruments recording such as piano, guitar, etc.

The biggest thing is you can easily use this microphone with your iOS devices.

It is a small product so you can port. But don’t underestimate this because the small product has a microphone, microphone preamp, and an AD converter.



  • Studio quality sound anywhere
  • Easy to use design
  • Portable and lightweight item


  • Not supports iOS 11 versions

15. Shure PGA27-LC USB Condenser Microphone- Incredible Studio Quality



Top Features

  • Shock Mount feature is available.
  • High-end filter to reduce the unwanted sounds.
  • Advanced industrial design for a visual treat.

The Shure PGA27 made possible a more comprehensive dynamic range of sound quality for clear high sound and strong lows with the large-diaphragm cartridge.

The cardioid pattern picks the music from the source. At the same time, it rejects the unwanted noise.

The shock mount provides better stability and assists in minimizing the noise generated from handling the microphone. To make your travels more comfortable, it comes with a carrying case as well.

Classic Look

Whenever people use the term mic, for many of the people, only one image comes into their mind. And for the vocalist who is using the same model for many years won’t able to adapt to modern designs.

If you belong to that category, then you can surely opt for the Shure PGA27 mic.

The good thing is this design gives the feel of old mics but, it has an updated industrial design and available with a metallic finish and grille. That means it can withstand heavy usage without any issues.


  • pristine clear audio quality
  • reduced background noise
  • padded zipper case to prevent damages


  • Due to high sensitivity, it picks the background noise.

How To Buy USB Rapping Mics: Buying Guides

Buy as per your frequent usage

While purchasing the best USB microphone for rapping, you must pay attention to your usage.

Because every microphone comes with at least a slight advantage for one or other usages, if you are a YouTuber, choose the microphones which are suitable for streaming.

And the same way of you is a rapper look for the best USB mic, which amplifies your voice loud and clear. So, don’t buy if anyone recommends the product because of its low price or great discounts.

You can look at the list of the best 15 USB microphones provided above and decide which one suits you.

Choose according to your instruments

If you are recording acoustic musical instruments or performing live, the small diaphragm condensers will fulfill the needs of yours. Are you an all-rounder and do multiple tasks?

Then don’t worry, look for the extended diaphragm condensers polar pattern. Furthermore, several microphones come with various pattern polar patterns.

Buying these kinds of mics will allow you to change the model as per the condition and environment.

Consider your recording environment

Even if you buy the costliest microphone on the earth, sometimes it will disappoint you. I think some of you already experienced this issue. The reason is you need to think about your recording ambiance.

Room selection

If you are recording from an unfavorable room, you are then choosing a mic that minimizes the effects of the worst sounding scenarios.

In case you are working from a peaceful place, then buying sensitive microphones enhances the quality of recordings.

But if you choose the same microphone in noisy places, then remember you are going to suffer more.

In those scenarios, you need to opt for the amplifiers that effectively reduce the background noise and focuses on the source of the voice, which needs to be amplified.

You can get both types of microphones. However, if you are recording in different recording environments, then go with the USB microphone,

which has an excellent pickup sensitivity and comes with all the essential features to reduce the background noise. You can able to control and change the settings in some of the mics as per your needs.

Buy as per your singing style

There are several types of microphones for meeting the needs of every aspect. Hence, you need to buy microphones as per your singing style.

But unfortunately, we can’t be able to recommend the mics as each one will have different types of voice. So, in this scenario, you are on your own. Hence you need to try multiple mics before choosing the right one.

Build Quality

The microphones are made with different materials. You can see metal made mics and completely plastic made microphones. And there are several mics which are partly plastic and partially metal.

So, you need to choose as per your usage.

If you are a rock singer and prefer lifting the mic and moving all around the stage, the metal made mics will help you. Because they are well equipped to handle the abuse and wear and tear.

If you are recording in a fixed place and there is the tiniest movement of the mics, then no need to worry much about the materials used.


most of the microphones support significant platforms such as Mac and Windows OS.  But there are some mics which will not suit your OS.

And some of the mics are not compatible with specific versions of operating systems. So, get the complete details about the mic before giving your money.

Adding to this, some of the USB microphones can relate to smartphones. But here also you need to understand for which kind of OS it supports, do you need an adaptor or connecting kits and other details.

And if you are Apple product users, you can find the mics which exclusively designed for iOS systems. So, consider all these details before buying the microphone for you.


The needs of everyone is unique and different. Some people record everything between the four walls every time, and there are some people whose work nature is to travel around and to record inside and outside places.

So, if you belong to the latter category, then looking for the portable microphones makes more sense.

The device must be less weight and should be small. Of course, sometimes, you must sacrifice some luxuries to fit into your needs because you can’t be able to get all the features in one microphone.


You might not believe that some people prefer the classic style mics. They state that comfort and connection is not possible if they switch to different designs.

Once they hold their favorite type of mic, then only the music and words come out of their mouth!

You can get plenty of design when it comes to modern-day microphones. We can see some of the designs are specifically made to save the space and to carry wherever you go.

For facilitating the portability, many mics come with folding designs, with those kinds of designs, you can easily fold and put it inside the bag or even inside your pocket.


It doesn’t matter what product you are looking for. The brand plays a significant role.

Purchasing the mic from the top brands will cost you more. But it comes with added advantages.

You can get the right quality products, and most importantly, they are likely to have an excellent team of customer support to assist you in case you need any clarification or replacement.

Yes, of course, the selection of the right USB microphone as per your need is not easy as it looks.

It needs your considerable amount of time to do research and opt for the right one.

But I am sure the points listed above will make your job easier. Having all these points in mind, you can go to the shop and buy the one you think is more suitable for you.

FAQ’s About USB Rapping Microphones

01.  What are the advantages of using USB Microphones?

There are plenty of advantages to using USB microphones. It is handy for recording songs, streaming, or musical instruments recording professionally.

The significant advantage is they don’t need any external power supply. You need to plug it into a computer or laptop; it uses your system’s power and starts working.

This feature helps to record even if you are in remote places where power supply is absent.

The sound quality is better than the regular inbuilt mic of the computer. You can quickly connect the microphones to the computer within a few minutes.

02. What is the polar pattern?

To put it in simple words, it is the sensitivity of noise being picked up by the microphones from different directions surrounding the mic.

In short, it is the listening area of receivers. Each microphone built with varying levels of polar patterns.

Because of this reason, we can see the difference in picking up the sound in different devices.

So, understanding the polar pattern of the microphone will help to buy suitable mics as per your needs and your recording environment.

03. Is USB microphones being a better option for recording vocals?

The simple answer is yes. Having said that, like all other types of microphones, USB microphones also available in a variety of formats and models.

Hence different models and brands of mics are suitable for different kinds of tasks. For example, handheld mics are preferable for interviews and recording vocals.

In the same way, desktop models are ideal for podcasting and acoustic. Some of the USB microphones have the option of using stands. It will make it suitable for recording in studio style.

04. Is high sensitivity in microphone is right for me?

The exact answer to this question depends on the environment you are going to record. If you are working in a room where there is no external sound and disturbance, then yes, it is an excellent feature to have.

It picks even the slightest sounds and makes it loud and clear.

Having said that. If you are recording in a noisy place and your neighbors are making a lot of noise, then your recording might become a headache.

But you can get the accessories and additional features that control the background noise and make your vocal clearer.

05. What is the significant difference between a condenser and a dynamic microphone?

The difference between these two types of microphone lies in the way they work. Condensers work on the principle of variable capacitance.

To make things clear, it works just like a battery. On the other hand, a dynamic microphone works like a speaker but in reverse. They convert the sound waves into a voltage with the help of magnets.

06. I need to use a microphone outdoors most of the time, which type of microphone I need to buy?

Many microphones are in the current market, which provides the studio with quality recordings, even in the outdoors.  So, while purchasing the mic, especially for outdoor use, you need to consider three main points.

The build quality – Since you are using the mic for outdoor use, it is prone to more abuses. It is not possible to handle gently in all situations. Hence opt for the microphones which can handle rough handling.

Background noise minimizing – Outdoor situations are always out of your control. Hence you can’t make everything around you still and silent.

So, you need to look for the microphones which reduce all other noise and focuses on the primary source of the voice.

Portability – you need to, and record outside, that means your microphone should be handy in size and come with portable design. The lesser the weight better it is for carrying with you.

07. Can I use USB microphones for recording musical instruments?

Yes, the recording of musical instruments using the USB microphones is a better idea since it gives more clarity than regular mics.

There are several types of microphones, opting for the right sensitivity mic will enable you to pick low sound of instruments and make it loud and clear.

08. Which is the best USB microphone for rapping?

Considering all the requirements of a rapper, Blue Yeti USB microphone suits the rappers’ style, and it helps to amplify the vocals of a rapper with pristine clear sound.

09. Do I need to buy different Microphones for streaming and recording songs?

No, if you will get the USB microphones with the multiple features. Hence, you can use them for both singing and streaming. Also, you can use them for gaming, podcasting, recording musical instruments, etc.

10. When mic not in use, how should I keep it?

 If you are not using the mic, it is highly recommended to keep in a cool and dry place. You need to keep moisture-absorbing crystal near the capsules in a plastic bag.


Rapping is a magical way to make your audience glued to you. Your role is a major one while doing the rapping. But the same level of importance should go to the microphones.

This device can make your show hit or flop. But don’t worry, it is in your hands!

Because the complete list of top fourteen best USB microphone for rapping will help you to shorten the list. And we hope that the buying guide will make your pursuit for the best USB microphone easier.

So, why wait? Now grab the suitable microphone and make your rap rocking more than ever!

Hi, I am Sadekul Islam, music enthusiastic. Music is my language & the lyrics are my stories.

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