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Blackweb Wireless Headphones review of 2021 – Waterproof & Wireless Earbuds

Do you want to groove on your favorite tracks? Do you want to keep yourself motivated during workouts? On that purpose, we come here with a complete Blackweb wireless headphones review.

And why pay more for better quality when you can get it at unbelievably low prices. Gone are those days when technology was expensive.


Blackweb Wireless Headphones review & Buying Guide

Blackweb headphones have ergonomic styles with customizable sizes of accessories to ensure a comfortable experience even if you are doing the most intense workouts.

This headphone is well padded and does not cause pain even if worn for long. They fit-in well and don’t come out in case of jerks or sweat.

The trendy designs and quirky colors make them all-the-way more attractive for the younger generations. Their supreme models deliver crystal-clear performance.

Their CVC noise cancellation technology is best-in-class at such cheap rates, unlike other brands. The CSR chip and boosted bass ensure high fidelity sounds.

Compatible with high-end products from distributors of Apple, Huawei, Samsung, and more, Blackweb Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds have well equipped and updated technology.

Here are some of its products from the premium range, delivering excellent quality at affordable prices.

If you are contemplating which Blackweb wireless headphones to get, go through our review of the best Blackweb wireless headphones.

Premium Products Of Blackweb Wireless Headphones:

This list is a comparative study of its best models of all designs and their specifications and costs to figure out the best model accommodating all your needs.

01.Blackweb BWA18AA003:



Our top choice for Blackweb wireless headphones review is Blackweb BWA18AA003.

Why settle bored when you have the option to play all your preferred tunes at any time, and anywhere you’d like with these Blackweb Wireless Neckband Earbuds?

These in-ear buds from Blackweb are compatible with all ios, android, and windows platforms which let you enjoy music even when you’re on the go.

The in-built mic ensures that you never miss calls, allows an intermittent usage, and serves your go-to needs perfectly well.


Battery: 10-12 hours

Dimensions: 9x7x1 inches

Weight: 7.6 ounces

Connectivity: Bluetooth (Wireless)

This Bluetooth neckband-headset provides an average quality of bass with maximum stability, standard battery and good-airflow, apt for workout sessions, and so.

The design fits the earbuds, which implies that you won’t experience much exhaustion considerably in the wake of utilizing it for longer sessions.

The frequency response consistency is around 20-20kHz, which is suitable for the cost and also provides medium imaging. The harmonic distortion has a scope for improvement.

In conclusion, the headset has a standard presentation concerning noise cancellation and microphone quality.


  • Battery life span
  • Design and durability


  • Not perfect for noise cancellation

Cost Consideration:

They are relatively cheap and would cost you not much higher. These Blackweb headphones are competitively priced and provide standard quality following it. However, you could brand-down to look for better noise cancellation options if you like.

02. Blackweb 7.1 SS:



 This Blackweb wired headset intended towards intense and prolonged gaming sessions contains adequate padding to assist the user for the same and provide a comfortable and painless gaming experience.

Moreover, the headband contains an auto-adjustable strap that fits every head size and doesn’t slip. Additionally, the vibrant LED side lights enhance the flair for gaming in bright red coloring.

Furthermore, the 7.1 inches cord connectivity and Surround-Sound technology ensure a much better sound quality to fulfill every gamer’s needs. The connectivity is through USB ports suitable for almost all kinds of gadgets.

The headset even produces a bright and synchronized sound without any further delay. There is no interference, standard frequency response consistency, medium type treble, and excellent noise isolation.


Battery: N.A.

Dimensions: 12x8x4 Inches

Weight: 1.2 pounds

Connectivity: Wired

It handles noise leakage to a great extent and offers a unique playing experience due to Surround Sound technology.

By and large, it’s a convenient headset for gamers at a low cost but not for everyday use.


  • Excellent noise cancellation system
  • Extensive Gaming experience


  • Not suitable for non-gamers

Cost Consideration:

The headset makes an offer at low cost compared with other brands, which is a quite minimal price range, considering the extensive gaming experience it provides. But it isn’t beneficial for other customers whose first preference is not gaming.

03. Blackweb Rhythamatic:



Moreover, this option is among its cost-effective products and offers standard quality for ordinary usage. Adjustable headband made to deliver a comfortable contemporary listening experience fits perfectly around the neck.

The right ear cuff has on/off, play/pause, volume buttons but doesn’t have track selection controls which makes it less-handy. It pairs and streams from all platforms such as Windows, iOS, and Android.


Battery: 6-8 hours

Dimensions: 3×1.79×6.22 inches

Weight: 2.4 pounds

Connectivity: Wireless

The frequency response consistency of 20-20kHz is competent to the other similar products of established brands in competition. Noise control and sound spillage are just right.

However, it lacks in terms of soundstage and isolation of noise due to its sleek design like most products of BlackwebThe in-ear handset comes with an in-built microphone, so you never miss calls and enables hands-free calling.

Owing to its slim and compact structure, it is excellent for on-the-go use and is easily portable. The silicon wingtips and different ear-sizes buds add to its comfort and trendy look.


  • Light Weight
  • Suitable for ordinary usage


  • Distortion

Cost Consideration:

The headset would cost you on your budget, which is quite moderate. Still, there are better options available in other brands at the same price tag with more value to the money. The price tag just doesn’t do justice to the standard specifications of this BlackWeb Headset.

04. Blackweb OE Headphones:



Another best choice for Blackweb wireless headphones review which has extraordinary features is Blackweb OE Headphones.

The headband comes up with adequate cushioning, thus making the headset extremely comfortable for prolonged usage besides its excellent airflow.

The key feature of this BlackWeb Headset is the pro-active noise-cancellation and sound-spillage.

Blackweb headphone has a unique feature of smooth tap and touch panel for hands-free calling and intuitive media controls. The headset is compatible with all Android, Windows, and iOS devices.


Battery: 20 Hours

Dimensions: 8.74×7.75×4.64 Inches

Weight: 0.9 pounds

Connectivity: Wired| Wireless (Bluetooth| cord)

The headphone comes with a sleek and stylish black protective case. The case includes an audio cord with integrated controls for wired listening, a Micro-USB charging cable, and an airline headphone adaptor.

It comes with a wired cord which is useful in case you are running out of battery and cannot immediately charge the headset.


  • Noise cancellation
  • Battery charging quality


  • Soundstage

Cost Consideration:

The headsets provide extraordinary quality with a lower buying price. With top-class sound quality, solid bass, balanced midrange, medium frequency response, and average treble, it performs well.

However, In the case of the soundstage, there is some lacking bits and harmonic distortion. But with active noise cancellation in the given price tag, the headset proves to be an excellent option among other brands in competition.

05. Blackweb BWA17HO005:



Unlike the most over-ear headphones, these Blackweb Gaming headphones come padded with soft and durable earpads with stereo sound for prolonged usage and comfort.

The headset includes a 3.5mm audio microphone splitter for active noise-cancellation. The adjustable headband fits any head perfectly.


Battery: 9-10 hours

Dimensions: 13×3.5×10 inches

Weight: 1.1 pounds

Connectivity: Plug 3.5mm (Wired)

The funky intense-gaming headset is compatible with Play-Stations, Xbox 360, and all Android, IoS, and Windows platforms. The adequately cushioned earcups provide an amazing airflow that brings about relatively better breathability.

The frequency consistency is 20-40kHz, which is plausible enough considering the price tag. The cord terminates with a 3.5mm plug attached to a microphone suitable for playing multi-player games.

Due to being a wired headset, these BlackWeb headphones provide superior and top-notch quality even for non-gamers at a similar price range. Imaging is fair in general.

The features such as boosted bass, enhanced sounds, and best-in-class noise isolation add to its over-the-top performance.


  • Noise cancellation
  • Battery quality


  • Limited colors

Cost Consideration:

This headset is a power-packed gadget that delivers excellent performance and offers some great features in the given price tag of approximately under your budget.

The harmonic distortion is stunningly low and is ideal for all gamers and non-gamers. The Blackweb headset proves itself to be the perfect headset with value for the money.

06. Blackweb FG31F004M:



The headset offers a minimalistic design suitable for ordinary usage or using them while on-the-go. The headband is adjustable.

The earbuds come in trendy wingtips and hooks of various sizes with the package and fit all sizes of ear-cuffs, thus providing comfort and won’t let the headset slip.

Additionally, the ear cuffs contain the control panel, which allows you to skip the tracks and has control buttons for volume and power.

The ear tips material isn’t up to the mark, and the sound quality expected is relatively low. The harmonic distortion is high and frequency-consistency just average (20-20kHz).


Battery: 8-10 hours

Dimension: 10x10x1 inches

Weight: 0.38 pounds

Connectivity: Wireless

The headset is appropriate for normal usage and for the customers who do not wish to invest in headphones. They are lightweight and useful for the customers who are rash in handling headsets.


  • Lightweight
  • Battery life span
  • Low cost


  • Only one shade available

Cost Consideration:

These headsets are under a lower budget. Owing to its imperfect noise cancellation and isolation, overall, you can get better options than this earphone in the market for the same price tag. It is advisable to surf websites for better options from other brands at cheaper rates.

Blackweb Wireless Headphones Buying Guide

Extraordinary Sound Quality:

No matter how loud or how soothing your music taste is, Blackweb wireless headphones enhance every bass sound. You can clearly distinguish between high and low volumes with active noise cancellation.

Blackweb Headphones cater to all your needs. Blackweb brings you a pocket-friendly range of headphones with high fidelity sound system.

The relatively broad frequency response range (as compared to other established brands) inside the headphone speakers makes the sound clear, bright, and smooth. Additionally, they are best known for headphones with balanced quality and emphasized bass.


The material quality is top-class and ensures the comfort of the customers. As the range is short, the diversity in products is comparatively lesser than most brands.

Water Resistant:

Internal nano-coating guards the sleek designs from water, rains, sweat which might hamper the device while doing physical activities.

Easy Operational System:

Wireless Blackweb is lightweight, durable, technologically up-to-date with quite reliable Bluetooth connectivity.it contains operational buttons, high power battery, trendy and comfortable designs, replaceable buds, and stunning quality.

With fast, user-friendly operations, Blackweb Headphones let you maneuver everywhere

Long Playtime:

This Blackweb wireless consists of a Built-in polymer lithium battery. After charging 2 hours it will provide you up to 8 hours long audio play or talk time. They have a similar battery back-up as compared to AirPods

Stable and Comfortable to Use:

As compared to their counterparts, they offer a slightly narrower range of products suiting different kinds of budgets and designs. But the premium range is more than sufficient to cater to all the needs of customers.

Its lightweight on-ear designs are better than the bulky ones. The wireless Bluetooth technology and stylish coloring is competent with these well-established brands

FAQs Of Blackweb Wireless Headphones

01. How do you charge these headsets? 

Ans: The headsets come with a USB charging cable. The USB port beside the control panel allows the cable to insert and thus gets charged.

02. Are they waterproof?

Ans: It depends on the model entirely, but it is advisable to avoid contact with water.

03. How do I connect them for the first time?

Ans: Turn on your headsets. The Bluetooth device will be discoverable on your PC/computer. Pair them and then connect.

04. Do I need to connect them every time I switch on the headset?

Ans: You will mostly have to connect them every time you restart the device. Although pairing will not be required.

05. How to know if they have fully charged?

Ans: While charging the light is red when fully charged, it turns blue. You may also find the charging percentage in the connected phone (Bluetooth>Device).

06. How good are Blackweb wireless headphones?

Ans: Yes, Blackweb wireless Bluetooth headphones are very good considering your budget. It comes with excellent sound quality. But the battery can not hold charges for a long time.

07. How do I reset my Blackweb Bluetooth headphones?

Ans: Firstly, you need to press and hold the power button about 10-15 seconds. When you release it the LEDs will blink red before white. When the LED stops to flashing the reset are complete.

08. How do you pair Blackweb wireless headphones?

 Ans: According to settings turn on Bluetooth. When your Bluetooth screen shows click, ‘pair new device’ it is shown that Blackweb headphones come up your existing list. Tap it for a second after that it will be paired with your phone.

09. How long does it take to charge Blackweb headphones?

Ans: It will take approximately 4 hours to be fully charged.When it becomes fully charged the red indicator goes off automatically.


Use these Blackweb wireless headphones review, as mentioned earlier, has a shorter range of products. These products are, by far, among the best products ever produced by the brand.

The brand is competent with the majority of the established brands. However, there is a lot more scope for improvement in terms of sound quality and designs.

The noise cancellation is quite standard, and the frequency response consistency is above-average. The designs of most of its models are very basic, and there is nonetheless little uniqueness to attract customers.

Blackweb Gaming headsets have achieved better quality than ordinary ones. The expensive headsets are highly competent, unlike the cheaper ones that are, in fact, very fragile.

In conclusion, we are anticipating for more value to the money through the coming models of BlackWeb Wireless Headsets.

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