Host a house concert with David Massengill !

These days a house concert is one of the best ways for musicians to connect with their fans and listeners. It is also one of the few revenue generating opportunities for singer-songwriters left. 

We have hosted a few house concerts now and I can tell you it is a rewarding experience connecting one's favorite musicians with one's friends. 

There are many ways to host a house concert and there is much written you can find with a simple google search on how to do it. We simply invited a lot of our friends and asked them to donate $20 each to the artist. We chose to supply refreshments, but that is up to you-many people like to do pot luck.  I wrangled a PA system from one son's high school and folding chairs from my other son's school. We had 50 people for the show and everyone had a fabulous time. Feel free to contact me for advice if you'd like- Ed Percarpio

Here are some unsolicited comments after the show:

"Many thanks to you and Claire for last night , we really enjoyed it , great voice and neat tunes , excellent evening"  

"Thank you for a wonderful evening with Dave.  Di said it brought back lots of 'old memories ' of the club scene.  Just a much, much nicer venue !!!"

"Good food, good music, good people.  Good fun".

"I had a GREAT time. Thanks for the wonderful nite!"


Greetings from David

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