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Keith Urban Acoustic Guitar Review In 2021 (Everything You Need to Know)

Ever heard of Keith Urban guitars but don’t know what they’re all about? Well, this article is a Keith Urban acoustic guitar review for you to learn more.

In the acoustic-guitar market, few brands are as new as Keith Urban. With the name of one of the most successful country singers in the world, the brand manages to deliver pretty decent products.

But it is crucial to notice that most of these guitars are limited edition. So they’re supposed to be somewhat better than regular models you can find on a music store.

That’s why we decided to review some of the best Keith Urban guitars and bring them to you. You’ll learn everything about them and decide whether they’re worth your money or not.

Are you ready to find out more? Then take a look below!

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Keith Urban Acoustic Guitar Review: What To Know About Keith Urban Player Guitar Set

The Keith Urban guitar collection is a unique limited series with tons of models to pick from. But only a few were truly worth considering.

Here, we’re going over the two with the most popularity and quality of features. Below, you’ll find more about each:

01. Keith Urban Rich Black Flame RIPCORD Acoustic-Electric Guitar



Top 3 Features:

  • Piezo with 4-band EQ
  • 10W amplifier
  • Mahogany back & neck

The first model in our list is the RIPCORD guitar. It is an acoustic-electric model, perfect for people who want a combination of acoustic beauty with an electrifying performance.

Gorgeous Design

At first sight, you’ll notice the beautiful design it offers. You get a Mahoney back, completely black that stands out besides any other guitar thanks to its ripcord World Tour artwork.

Yet, it is the stylish front with a spruce top and Eastern Mahogany neck that stands out the most. It looks amazingly enticing and complements its sound well enough.

Top-notch Sound Quality

Because it is both acoustic and electric at the same time, it obviously comes with an onboard pickup. You can smoothly go from acoustic to electric in a simple move. And even then, the sound won’t disappoint in either.

But if there’s something you will genuinely love is the 4-band EQ. You can adjust the Midrange, Treble, Presence, and Bass however you prefer. That’s enough to put it up there as a super-practical choice.

Unbeatable Accessories

A combination of a 10W amplifier and a 9-feet guitar cable makes it possible to push the guitar sound exponentially.

And when you add the ability to hook up a headphone to the guitar so you can practice more quietly, then it will quickly surpass your expectations.

Let’s not forget you can also enjoy a Keith Urban strap, a black polishing cloth, a padded carrying bag, a Signature metal capo, and 5 Keith Urban nylon picks. You will get the whole package of items you will ever need.

Complete Learning Set

The last but most crucial part of this package is the excellent learning items you get. And all of that comes with the Player learning set that can teach you 30 Keith Urban’s songs in only 30 days.

That’s a fantastic set of DVDs that you can put on any moment and start rocking to Keith Urban song – from your own playing. That’s something you shouldn’t overlook.


  • The black tone looks pristine
  • Allows easy sound adjustments
  • A fantastic array of accessories
  • Practical carrying case


  • The amplifier may distort at high volume

02. Keith Urban Brazilian Burst Junior Guitar



Top 3 Features:

  • Small 36-inch length
  • All-wood construction
  • 30 DVD learning course

The second model is the Brazilian Burst Junior acoustic guitar. It is the smallest model from Keith Urban guitars, but one completely worth considering.

Good-Looking & Durable

The all-wood body on this guitar boasts a Brazilian Burst design, a sort of typical wooden look that makes any guitar player delight.

But it is not the wooden color, but the silver-gray look of mother pearl inlay that truly stands out. The edges will look amazing.

And when you add the brown bridge and the quality headstock, you can ensure not only a beautiful piece but also a durable one.

Ideal for Beginners

At only 36 inches of length, 13.25 inches of width, and 3.5 inches of depth, this guitar is one of the smallest from the Keith Urban collection.

This makes it an amazingly comfortable choice for practicing and learning how to play the guitar if you’re a beginner.

On top of that, it has excellent sound. No need to be an expert to get the most out of it. Admittedly, this guitar was made with quality as a goal.

Every Necessary Accessory

Despite its small design, the guitar still comes with a practical array of accessories. Some of them include the padded guitar case in brown, stylish, and useful for carrying it around.

Then you get a 6-string set and 8 nylon-textured picks – enough to restring when needed and replace the pick for months.

Other items include the Allen key for adjustments, a Capo, a polishing cloth, and a set of backpack straps. Whether it is portability or keeping it neat – you’ll find everything on this guitar set.

Excellent Learning Course

Finally, you get the 30-day DVD learning course by Keith Urban. That’s what makes this guitar such an excellent choice.

Learning how to play the guitar from one of the most famous players in the world is no small thing. This DVD includes a Player chord poster and 30 DVDs for tons of hours of learning.


  • Perfectly made for learning
  • Excellent sound for its size
  • Outstandingly handy accessories
  • Gorgeous design and case


  • Lacks an amplifier

What to Look For in a Keith Urban Guitar

So, did you learn something with our Keith Urban acoustic guitar review list? Well, even if you did, there’s still a lot more you may want to learn.

Here’s a guide of all the most important factors to think about when looking for a guitar from Keith Urban:

Construction & Design

The first thing you’ll have to consider is the quality of the guitar overall. And that stands from the wood it is made with.

Luckily, more Keith Urban guitars come with a hand-crafted design using high-quality wood. It doesn’t matter what model you pick, it will probably be a lot more durable than you expect.

But it is not only the quality of the wood but also the colors. You often get Mahogany wood all around, enticing enough to make even the most demanding users fall for it.

This matches well with the top-wood finishes, such as the Rich Black or Brazilian Burst. In the back, it usually comes with a silver-gray inlay or graphic.

Often, you’ll find a Keith Urban that makes the guitar even more enticing.

And sure enough, most Keith Urban guitars come with an Eastern Mahogany neck. This is a quality material you should always look for. Otherwise, it is probably a rip-off.

Sound & Amplifier

Just like most guitars, you will probably need to set up and tune a Keith Urban’s model. But even then, we recommend looking for those with an extra set of strings.

Why? Because most of the default strings Keith Urban guitars come with are usually not resilient enough (they will probably wear out in weeks).

Despite that, you’re likely to enjoy a decent sound from the guitar. Just be sure it comes with an amplifier if you want to take its performance to the next level.

While the amplifier that comes with Keith Urban guitar is not necessarily the best, it is more than enough for beginners to learn with.

Guitar Pick

If you’re looking to have a decent experience with the guitar, then you should strive for the best possible pick. When it comes to Keith Urban guitars, nothing compares to a nylon pick (custom-designed if possible).

But even then, we recommend going for kits that offer at least 3 picks to use. The advantage of having so many picks is that you won’t have to buy a new one when the one you’re using starts to wear out (which happens fast).

Case & Protection

Everyone wants to keep their guitar safe while bringing around or when stored. And for that, nothing works better than a carrying case or bag.

That’s why we recommend going for a Keith Urban guitar package with the softest possible case. Most models come with one, luckily, so you may not have to worry about this.

Still, be sure the case comes with a comfortable strap, enough padding for protection, and a nice color that combines with the guitar.

Size & Ease of Use

So you want a Keith Urban guitar to learn how to play it? Well, be sure it is the right size, weight, and hand position for your needs.

First, most Keith Urban guitars are for right-handed people. Second, the size is usually between 35 and 41 inches long by 13.5 to 15.75 inches wide and only 4.75 inches thick.

And third, a standard Keith Urban guitar without accessories weighs about 4.5 pounds, probably going as low as 3.5 pounds.

If these factors match your demands, then you’re likely to have an excellent experience with the instrument. Otherwise, we recommend looking somewhere else.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

After going through our Keith Urban guitar reviews and learning more about them with our buying guide, it is time to relieve any doubts you may have. This section comes with tons of questions you may want an answer for:

Who makes Keith Urban guitars?

Let’s start with one of the most popular questions: who makes these guitars in the first place?

Well, this is something only Keith Urban has the answer to. You will be surprised how well these guitars sound and look, but still, manage to be different from other brands in the market.

It’s like Keith Urban makes them himself. And that wouldn’t be something crazy to say. There’s evidence that Keith supervises the manufacturing process,

so there’s a lot of his taste on these guitars. Even then, there’s no clue as to what company may be manufacturing them for him.

So, who makes these Keith Urban guitars? There’s no definitive answer – but it’s clear that whoever it is, knows what he/she is doing.

Are Keith Urban guitars worth it?

It depends. These acoustic guitars are excellent. They offer decent sound with little buzzing. And even the electric models have a fantastic sound.

But they’re not designed for stage-level performances. As you know, these guitars are sold with a 30-day DVD course, hinting the fact that they’re mostly designed for beginners.

So, if you’re an experienced guitarist who needs high-end quality in every aspect, then you may find Keith Urban guitars lacking on the performance side.

Still, they’re totally worth it if you’re either a collector or a beginner who wants to learn.

Who are Keith Urban guitars for?

If you’re a fan of Keith Urban, love some of his songs, and are completely interesting in learning how to play them – then no other type of guitar will help you like a Keith Urban model.

From the strings super-close to the fretboard to the small design of some models – it is clear they’re made for people who want to learn. Sure enough, this collection is ideal for beginners.

Do Keith Urban guitar lessons work?

Yes. From complete beginners who are touching a guitar for the first time, to more experienced people who have a few months or years playing, these lessons are pretty effective at teaching people how to play.


If you’re in search of a quality guitar for learning, then read our Keith Urban acoustic guitar review, and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

There’s almost nothing about this guitar collection to hate. You can play sweetly, add to your guitar collection, or simply gift to anyone you know who wants to learn. It is the perfect collection for any fan Keith Urban fan as well.

Want a quality guitar? Then don’t hesitate and pick one of these.

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