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Top 10 Loudest Marine Speakers Reviews in 2021

What are the Loudest Marine  Speakers to anchor your marine drives? The idea of sailing through the sea has always excited me. The thought of floating on the ocean, spending days, surrounded by nature, I just love it all.

And the one thing that can make my journey on the blue even more perfect is the presence of the loudest marine speaker.

If you’re like me and currently in the search for the exceptional marine speaker to rock your boat, then read on.


The Loudest Marine Speakers Top Picks (Expert Recommendation)

Kenwood KFC
Polk Audio DB652
Skar Audio SK65M
Pyle PLMR60B
Pioneer TS-MR1640
JBL MS6510
BOSS Audio Systems
Dual Electronics DMS369
BOSS Audio Systems

Because in this post, I want to share 10 loudest marine speakers for you to choose. If you go through each review carefully, by the end, you will no longer be confused about which speaker you should buy.

Loudest Marine Speakers Review With Buyer’s Guides

There are tons of marine speakers available on the market today. So I can understand if it’s not easy to choose which speaker to install on your boat. But don’t worry, because I’m here to help you decide.

I’ve handpicked 10 Marine Speakers with exceptional sound. These speakers fall into three categories.

In this review, you can find 6.5 Marine Speakers, 6X9 Marine Speakers, and Wakeboard Tower Speakers. So, here we go:

Loudest 6.5 Marine Speakers

01. Kenwood KFC-1653MRW 6.5″ 2-Way Marine Speakers



Key features:

  •  6. 5-inch water-resistant polypropylene woofer
  • 1-inch balanced dome tweeter
  • 4 Ohm impedance
  •  Corrosion proof mounting

Kenwood has been around for more than half a century. The fact that it’s been in the industry for long can tell you a lot about the quality of their products.

Kenwood KFC-1653 is the kind of marine speaker that will give you a well-balanced sound while you’re out in the sea.

This is an excellent choice for anyone expecting to have a premium sound on their deck or cabin.

Considering the price and quality, Kenwood KFC-1653 is a terrific middle range marine speaker.

This pair of speaker responds to the 60Hz – 20,000Hz frequency range. Each of the speakers can handle up to 150 watts at 4 ohms.

So you can pair your KFC-1653 with most dash-mount receivers available out there.

If we talk about the component material, the woofer cone is water-resistant.

This means you can expect that KFC-1653 will produce an optimal performance under any weather, including the blazing sun and heavy rain.


  • Produces excellent sound
  • Affordable price for a quality product
  • Good sound range with an outstanding low-frequency


  •  Low bass response

02. Polk DB652 UltraMarine Dynamic Balance 6.5” Coaxial Speakers



Key features:

  • IP55 certified cone with waterproof surround
  •  Can handle up to 100W
  • 2- ways marine speaker
  •  Removable grilles are included

Polk DB652 UltraMarine comes at a higher price than Kenwood. But the quality shows that price difference is a jump worth taking.

This Polk speaker series shows a sterling performance. The silk down tweeter, along with polypropylene woofer cone, gives Polk its ability to produce a precise sound stage.

Meanwhile, the built-in quality contributes to the full range and precise sound delivery. Therefore, you can enjoy a definite high, mid, and low to an extreme.

Since Polk has a marine certification, it can withstand any elements. So don’t be afraid to take it with you along your sea journey.

Imagine being out on the sea and enjoying your favorite music with a clear and crisp sound quality. Moreover, the perfect details of high and mid-frequency will be complete with exceptional bass response.



  • Minimum distortion with laser-image design
  • High-performance speaker with a crisp sound quality
  • Clear treble sound
  • Excellent audio spectrum


  • Will take some effort to align the speaker mounts and factory holes

03. Skar Audio SK65M 6.5″ 2-Way  Full-Range Marine Grade Speakers



Key features:

  •  6.5-inch full range marine grade speaker
  • 80 watts RMS with 320 Watts peak power
  •  Woofer cone made of Premium microfiber
  • 4 Ohm impedance
  • 88 dB sensitivity

Another 6.5 Marine Speaker that gets on the list is Skar Audio SK65M. As for the color, Skar SK65M is available in both black and white colors.

This marine speaker is very reliable and well made. You’ll be blown away by its remarkable sound quality.  I would even go further and say that Skar is comparable to other speakers that are double the price.

The impressive 320-watt peak power of Skar speaker will deliver incredibly loud tunes, making it perfect for a mid-ocean boat party.

Skar is all you need to establish your presence in the ocean. Anyone floating on the blue will notice your arrival even from a distance.

Besides, the housing is very solid. So you can rest assured that Skar can go through any marine environment. Correspondingly, the silk dome marine-grade tweeter will deliver a balanced and perfectly clear sound quality.


  • Great value with an astounding sound quality
  • Excellent bass sound
  • Ideal marine speaker with a dynamic and full-range sound
  • Robust housing to handle the marine environment


  • Does not fit in the factory hole

04. Pyle PLMR60B Dual Waterproof Outdoor Marine Speakers



Key features:

  • Complete waterproof material
  •  Produce a full-range stereo sound
  •  75 watts RMS with 150-watt peak power
  • 4 Ohm impedance

Pyle Hydra PLMR60B is another 6.5-inch marine component speaker that is sold in pairs. It is built to survive the marine environment.

You can sail through the heavy rain and unforgiving salt air with Pyle on your boat.

At 4 Ohm, you will get up to 150 watt RMS. It will provide great sound out on the blue.

Falls to the bass speaker category, Pyle Hydra is a perfect choice for those who like to get a noticeable bass touch on their music.

But even though it has a more substantial bass style, the mid-range and high-frequency still deliver a satisfactory clarity.

In terms of installation, Pyle Hydra wouldn’t cause you too much problem. The plug and play wiring make it an easy install. Furthermore, you can also connect it to an existing installation.

You can find all the hardware parts in the box along with full installation instructions.


  • Budget-friendly marine speaker
  • Bass speaker with decent mid and high-frequency
  • Low profile and enticing design
  • Weather-resistant stereo sound system


  • Lack of durability

05. Pioneer TS-MR1640 6.5-Inch 2-Way Marine Speakers



Key features:

  • Excellent mid-bass response
  • 30 Hz to 30 kHz sound frequency
  • Dazzling smooth high
  • Gold-plated tinsel wire

Pioneer has been established its position among music lovers since long ago. Whether it’s car audio or a home hi-fi, Pioneer always offers a top-notch product. And that’s just the kind of quality you can expect from TS-MR1640.

Featuring a high resolution, Pioneer TS-MR1640 will deliver a loud and dynamic sound. Pioneer also uses Polypropylene for the woofer’s cone.

Just like most of the marine speakers. Since the IMPP can handle internal damping, it makes an ideal material for a high-quality marine speaker.

Meanwhile, the magnetic fluid in the tweeter filters out distortion and allows the higher treble to provide more clarity on the sound stage.

All in all, TS-MR1640 is a dependable speaker to fight against the marine environment. Not to mention the vibrant sound that will slice through the sound of the wind, waves, and engine noise.


  • Water, corrosion, and heat resistant
  • High-quality audio system
  • Magnetic fluid and equalizer dome tweeter
  • High sensitivity to produce better upper volumes
  • High peak powered for a well-balanced sound


  • Not enough power for throwing a party

Loudest 6X9 Marine Speakers

06. JBL MS9520 300W Max Power 6″ x 9″ Marine Boat Waterproof Speakers



Key features:

  • 100 watt RMS with a 300-watt power peak
  • Waterproof woofer cones
  • 92 dB sensitivity
  • 50Hz – 20kHz frequency range

Now we move to different criteria in terms of size. JBL is a legend in the music gadget industry. It is known to deliver first-class audio gadgets.

Made of a one-piece cast-polymer basket and sealed magnet, JBL MS9520 is built to last. It is designed to handle the harsh nature element like moisture, salty water spray, and the blazing sun.

Plus, One™ polypropylene woofer cones produced a higher low-frequency. But at the same time, it also publishes a higher sensitivity output. In the end, it will give you an accurate soundstage result.

On the other hand, the balance dome tweeter generates a smooth high-frequency response. It is handling the mid and high in a beautiful way. As a result, JBL MS9520 capable of creating an authentic sound for every musical instrument and vocal range.


  • Top-grade construction
  • Water and UV resistant design
  • Non-magnetic frame made of carbon composite
  • High-clarity with a full-range driver


  • Not very long-lasting

07. BOSS Audio Systems MR690 350 Watt Full-Range Marine Speakers



Key features:

  • Polypropylene woofer cone
  • Between 60 Hz – 20 kHz frequency response
  • Weatherproof components

Another 6×9 marine speakers that can do wonder in rocking your boat is BOSS Audio Systems MR690. First of all, marine Boss MR690 has a sharp design.

This pair of speakers really stands out among other speakers at its price range. It is designed explicitly for watercraft purposes and can withstand dealing with the harsh elements.

All of the grilles and frames are made of polymer composite material. Meanwhile, the coating gives the protection it needs in fighting against UV rays.

If you’re looking for an upgraded speaker for your boat that you can get at a reasonable price, then look no further. Boss MR690 will deliver great sound for your sailing pleasure.

With excellent quality and minimum distortion, the MR690 will accompany you and make the trip more enjoyable.

There’s no wonder it gains massive compliments as a marine speaker. Since the material quality to sound delivery goes beyond the economical price tag.


  • Water and corrosion-resistant material
  • A two-way speaker with the maximum sound result
  • Full range response speaker with high quality of sound
  • Budget-friendly with an excellent quality


  • Lack of bass response at a louder volume


08. Dual DMS369 Two 6 x 9 inch Peak Power Marine Speakers



Key features:

  • Weather-resistant basket with a unique design
  • 50 watts RMS with 200-watt peak performance
  • 4-ohm impedance with 89 sensitivity
  • Polypropylene woofer cones with UV resistant coating
  • 2 dome tweeter for optimum vocal clarity

Want to take your ocean audio experience to the next level? Then you need to install Dual Electronic DMS369 on your boat. This 3-way marine speaker ready to boost the quality of music on your deck.

You will be fascinated by the sound quality Dual DMS369 can produce at sea. Both of the 58 mm and 18 mm work flawlessly in delivering excellent sound quality.

Once you have the 3-way DMS369 marine speaker, you wouldn’t think of having any other speaker. The simplistic design will be a good fit for your boat trip. Meanwhile, the wire terminals and screw holes will line up perfectly.

With 200 peak power, DMS369 provides a loud and optimal sound quality. And just like how a marine speaker should be, all the exposed parts can handle rough nature uncertainty.


  • The 200 peak power produce sound superiority
  • Built to last in an uncertain marine environment
  • A 3-way marine speaker that enhances sound clarity delivery
  • Stainless steel mounting to prevent corrosion


  • Low bass response

Loudest Wakeboard Tower Speakers

09. BOSS Audio Systems MRWT40 Marine Waketower Speaker System



Key features:

  • Weatherproof and durable material
  • Butyl rubber surround protection
  • 4 Ohm with 94 dB sensitivity
  • 130 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response

Now let’s move to the loudest wakeboard tower speaker system. My first recommendation in this category falls to Boss Audio System MRWT40.

As a leading manufacture in the music instrument industry, Boss has a long history of producing product of top-notch quality. And they put precisely the same effort in crafting the MRWT40.

Each of the 4-inch speakers has dome shape tweeter and polyurethane woofer cone. Both provide a remarkable sounding speaker that will last for many years to come.

Also, MRWT40 features synthetic rubber surrounds. So you can be at ease since MRWT40 can absorb impacts. The rubber surround will also protect the internal part of the speaking, keeping them dry and safe.


  • Equipped with corrosion tolerant aluminum voice coil
  • Weatherproof material for a lasting use
  • The dome shape tweeter gives a more massive sweet spot sound waves
  • A reliable wakeboard tower speaker that can withstand the salty environment


  • Doesn’t really produce a full-range response


10. NOAM N4 – Pair of 4″ 2-Way Wakeboard Mountable Speakers



Key features:

  • Waterproof marine grade construction
  • High-quality polypropylene woofer cone
  • Outstanding wakeboard construction
  • 100 watt RMS with 200-watt peak power

NOAM N4 is an all in one Wakeboard marine speaker. The amplifier channel will serenade your ocean journey with a loud and clear sound. You can find a complete audio sound system in a pair of N4 speakers.

NOAM N4 also comes with butyl rubber sounds while the cone made of high-quality poly injection.

To put it simply, this wakeboard marine speaker will keep everyone on the boat awake with its loud and resonant sound.

Once you install NOAM N4 on your boat, you can enjoy an incredible sound quality out in the sea.

If you’re you prefer to listen to music in a heavy bass touch, you can purchase a bass tube, and get an upgrade for the bass quality.

However, you need to be aware that this is a part of the NUTV4 sound system. So, to use the speaker, you need to purchase the NUT4 full kit along while buying this speaker.

Or else, you can also look for a suitable controller and amplifier that you can use with this speaker.



  • IPX6  certified wakeboard speaker
  • Flexible control of Bluetooth device
  • Deliver super loud and vibrant sound
  • Easy installation


  • The plugin on the back of the speaker isn’t sturdy enough

Buying Consideration For The Best Loudest Marine Speakers

Do you want to have the loudest marine speaker in your boat? Then there are some crucial factors that you need to consider.

I can understand if you still feel a bit confuse about choosing your marine speaker. To help you get more clarity, I will sum everything up for you.

Below, you can find some determining factors that make a reliable marine speaker.

High-Quality Construction

The marine speaker is different from the regular speaker. For a sound device on the boat, sound quality is not the only thing that matters.

You should also make sure that your speaker can handle the harsh elements of nature.

That’s why it’s essential to install a speaker that’s built with a marine-grade construction. So you need to make sure that your speaker has a waterproof feature.

Otherwise, it will perish by the unforgiving salt air and other severe conditions.

An excellent marine speaker is designed to fight against all kinds of elements in nature. Therefore, it will be able to accompany your watery escapade for many years to come.

Speaker Sensitivity

Speaker sensitivity measures in decibels (dB). It defines how effective your marine speaker can convert power from the amplifier to create energy. The energy will then translate to the audible waves.

The higher decibels your speaker has, the lower power that it needs. The average home theater speaker usually has around 82 dB rating.

When the number goes up to above 86, you can identify the speaker as a high-quality model.

Meanwhile, for a marine speaker, the number should go to no lower than 80 dB. If you can get a speaker with at 90 dB rating or above, it will work highly efficiently in converting power into full and resonant sound waves.

Frequency Response

Frequency response measures in hertz (Hz) and refers to the range of frequency a speaker can produce. As we age, the maximum auditory range we can hear will decrease. But under normal conditions, human hearing is ranging between 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

Lower frequencies represent bass sound, while higher frequency will produce treble sound. The bass sound falls in the range of 15 to 30 Hz, while the treble sound is part of the audio above 2,000 Hz.

To be able to represent an excellent sound quality, your speaker should cover the above frequency range.

Almost all marine speaker features a 2-way system. As you can read in the reviews above, a marine speaker usually consists of a woofer and tweeter.

Each of these drivers handles a dedicated range of frequencies. The woofer is the one handling the lower end of the spectrum, while the tweeter works on the higher frequency.

There are also 3-way speakers on the market, and I’ve reviewed one of them earlier. For the 3-way speaker, there’s an additional mid-range driver other than a woofer and a tweeter.

If you expect to get a comprehensive sounding out of your marine speaker, then you better go for a speaker offering a full-range frequency response.

Power Handling

One of the things that make an excellent marine speaker is its ability to handle power. In order to produce a loud and vibrant sound, your speaker should be able to handle at least the same amount of energy that the amplifier can deliver.

It is important to note that impedance and power handling are a critical factor in choosing the loudest marine speaker. Actually, if we talk about marine speaker power, things can get a bit complex.

It is quite technical and can be confusing for some people. But I’ll try to simplify it a bit. So at least you can get an idea of why this is important.

The first thing you need to know is, power measurement can vary from one manufacture to another. Let’s say you’re using a typical stereo head unit, which is rated at 200 watts of peak power.

But your speaker may not necessarily need to handle 200 watts power. In case the head unit has 4 channels, the number will be divided by 4. So what your speaker needs to handle is 50-watt power.

Now let’s go a bit further. You might have noticed from the above reviews that there are 2 kinds of power, the peak watt, and RMS or continuous watt. The RMS value is always lower than the peak power value.

When choosing a marine speaker, you should focus on the peak wattage value than the RMS. The reason being is because RMS represents the continuous power your speaker can handle.

Meanwhile, peak power is the maximum power a speaker can handle before resulting in distortion or failure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – About Marine Speakers

01. Are Marine Speakers waterproof?

The marine speaker is different than the regular speaker. It is specifically designed to handle the harsh marine environment. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to do the job well and most likely will perish during your first trip to the sea.

However, being waterproof and being water-resistant are two different things. Water-resistant means the speaker can handle water exposure.

The term water-resistant is commonly used to describe a product that can resist water penetration. Meanwhile, a waterproof speaker is impervious to water.

So I would say that all marine speakers all water-resistant. But it may or may not be waterproof.

You need to check the features of each product carefully to figure out which speakers are waterproof and which are merely water-resistant.

Though you wouldn’t dive carrying your speaker, it’s still better to go for a waterproof speaker whenever possible. That is because a waterproof speaker can better endure water pressure.

For example, during heavy rain, a waterproof speaker has a better chance to survive than the water-resistant one.

02. Can marine grade speakers be submerged?

Marine-grade typically has IP certification. It means the unit is waterproof and can handle water pressure and heavy water exposure.

Some manufacturers even claim that you can dunk their product, and nothing bad will happen to the speaker.

However, I’ve never tried it myself or see anyone demonstrate it. But yeah, it’s theoretically possible to do that. Though I don’t think there’s any reason for you to actually do that.

Unlike a phone or iPod that you can take while swimming, the marine speaker is something that you install on the boat.

But if you’re just curious about how well it is in dealing with the water exposure, then you can refer to the above explanation.

03. Can I use marine speakers in my car?

The short answer is yes. In fact, many people very satisfied with their car audio system after installing marine speakers on their cars.

The biggest difference between a marine speaker and a car speaker lies in the protection against the harsh environment.

Since marine speakers built to survive the marine environment, it can handle moisture, dust, water exposure, and corrosion.

I would say that installing a marine speaker in your car will be an upgrade. Especially when we talk about the volume. Since marine speakers designed for ocean use, you will hear a loud volume when using it in a car.

Not to mention, its built-in protection features make it more durable compare to the regular car audio system.

However, there are a few things you to know before using a marine speaker for your car. First, you need to check their compatibility.

Try to find a marine speaker that suitable for car temperature. Other than that, since the component may vary, be sure to check your car’s compatibility level with the marine speaker.

After checking the compatibility, the next thing you need to pay attention to is the size of the speaker. Fortunately, marine speakers come in many different sizes.

So you need to find the one that can fit in your car. Also, remember that a car has far less space than a boat.

04. Which marine speakers are the best?

An excellent marine speaker must fulfill several factors. The most obvious one is to have a reliable waterproof feature. But other than that, sensitivity and power handling also play a critical role.

Speaker sensitivity will result in how loud the music will play out on the ocean. As for power, it determines how clear and free of distortion the sound will be.

05. How to install marine speakers?

Basically, it’s not hard to install a marine speaker on your boat. But there are some useful tips to achieve optimum sound quality and avoid short-lived speakers.

After buying a marine speaker, you need to prepare some tools and supplies. Here are some basic guidelines you can follow

06. Do I need a marine speaker?

If you own a boat and you like to enjoy your favorite music serenade your ocean venture, then you definitely need a marine speaker.

Some people think of using a car speaker on their boat instead of a marine speaker. Though it’s possible to do that, the speaker may not last long since it’s not built to handle harsh elements.

07. What is the difference between a marine speaker and a car speaker?

The major difference between marine speakers and car speaker is their ability to survive the tough environment. The marine speaker specifically built to endure the harsh marine condition.

They will handle heavy moisture, salty air, hot sun, and other harsh elements. They’re also made to produce a clear and loud sound that can resonate throughout the open water environment.

08. What are the loudest marine speakers?

Some popular brands in the market produce top-notch quality, marine speakers. We’ve carefully selected ten of the loudest marine speaker and write the review above.

So you can choose which one you think can suit your sailing trip best. Remember that the higher the sensitivity rating, the louder your speaker will sound.

09. How durable is a marine speaker?

Since marine speakers build with heavy-duty components, they aren’t going to wear out so quickly. The woofers are usually made of polypropylene known for its resistance against aggressive chemicals, including salt.

So if you buy a high-quality marine speaker, you can ensure that it will accompany many of your water escapades.

Marine Speaker basic installation guideline:

  1. Choose where you want to install your speaker. While choosing the spot, make sure the speakers are facing the ears of the listener. Otherwise, you may not get an optimum sound result.
  2. Drill new holes for the speaker. To cut the new hole, you can start by making a template of the hole. This step is only necessary when you’re installing a new marine speaker. If you are replacing an old speaker to a new one with the same type, then you can skip this step.
  3. Choose the ideal wire type for the speaker. Then you can begin to connect the speakers. After that, connect each speaker to the mounting spot and stereo unit wire one by one. It’s better not to use aluminum or steel speaker wires to avoid corrosion.
  4. The last step is mounting the marine speaker. First, you need to make sure the entire connected device is working. After you’ve tested all the wired connection, you can begin mounting the marine speaker into its permanent location.

For a smooth installation process, make sure you already have the tools to do the work. You can find a complete list of the tools and supplies on this page, along with some useful tips.


If you’re serious about taking your ocean venture to the next pleasurable level, then you seriously need a loud and reliable marine speaker.

Remember that when you choose a marine speaker, there are some critical factors you must take into consideration.

Other than the waterproof feature, you also need to pay attention to the sensitivity, power handling, and frequency response. Just read the reviews we provide earlier carefully.

Also, don’t forget to check the buying consideration and FAQ provided above.

So… Are you ready to float while listening to enjoyable music on the boat?

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