From the recording On the Road to Fairfield County


O once I loved an outlaw
He came and stole my heart O how I count the hours Since we were torn apart On the road to fairfax county I spied a highwayman He wanted all my money My heart beat like a drum I gave him all my money And sweet he smiled at me His beauty eye took pity Beneath the old oak tree We kissed but for an hour The sun was newly warm The clouds were as the flowers That bloom but for a morn He gave back all my money And bowed most gallantly He promised for to meet me That night beneath the tree We’d flee to some far island And there we would be wed And freely we would live there With no price upon his head That night I went to meet him With my inheritance He kissed me ’neath the half moon And joyful we did dance O love betrays all secrets It whispers in the breeze The sheriff he did follow With all his deputies Like hounds rushing to slaughter The fox whose luck is run And he stood erect and cursed them God damn you every one They seized him in a fury And heeding not my plea They hung him from the oak tree Where he made love to me