From the recording Rider on an Orphan Train


Once I rode an orphan train,And my brother did the same.They split us up in Missouri.James was five and I was three.He got taken by some pair,But for me they did not care.We were brave and did not cryWhen they made us say goodbye.That was the last I saw of himBefore some family took me in,But I swore I'd run awayAnd find my brother James some day.I went back when I was grownTo see how old the Children's Home (sic),And I asked for to see my fileOf when I was an orphan child.It's sad, they say, there's been a flood.File washed away in Missouri mud.Sometimes life is a stone wall.You either climb or else you fall.In every time on every street,All the faces that I meet,And I wonder could one beMy brother James come back to me?Though I don't know where he's gone,I have searched my whole life long.Now I roam from town to townBut there's no orphan lost-and-found.Sometimes I dream a pleasant sight:My brother James and I unite.Remembering our last goodbye,No longer brave, we start to cry.I hope he lives a life of ease,All his days a soft warm breeze.May he sit upon a throne,And may he never sleep alone.(Repeat first verse.)